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Poll number 5 will close on 06-30-2018:
With controversial tweets on Twitter in the news lately, what do you think about Twitter and do you use it?
I have a Twitter account, I use it and I think that Twitter is a great communications tool. 0 %
I have a Twitter account, I use it but I don t agree with the recent controversial tweets. 0 %
I don t use Twitter but I think that it is a form of free speech and I condone it. 100 %
I don t use Twitter, I don t like it and I would rather see Twitter go away. 0 %
Other / No Opinion / Please Comment Below. 0 %
Note: computed values are rounded and may not total 100%.

Posted by: MC on: 05-30-2018
You should never post anything on social media that you would not say to your mother.

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