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Poll number 34 will close on 02-01-2021:
This poll is for the POPUMC Hiking Group: What was your favorite POPUMC Hiking Group hike of 2020?
01-01-2020 Neabsco Creek Boardwalk Loop, 2.5 miles. 100 %
01-04-2020 South Run/Lake Mercer 4.5 Loop, 4.5 miles. 0 %
02-01-2020 Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve Loop, 2.5 miles 0 %
03-07-2020 Blue Ridge CES Loop, 3.5 miles. 0 %
No Opinion / Other / Please list one of the 5 additional trails below if they were your favorite. 0 %
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Posted by: MC on: 11-26-2020
They were all good but I think that Neabsco Boardwalk was best!

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