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Opinion Polls Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ

This FAQ or list of Frequently Asked Questions will hopefully answer most questions about Opinion Polls.

What are Opinion Polls?
Opinion Polls are a series of questions about various topics that users get to vote on. The votes are tabulated and then given out on
the results screen. This isn't a serious, scientfic poll. It's just a way to see what people think about a particular aspect of life.

Can I vote more than once in these opinion polls?
No. When you initially vote, your IP Address is stored in a file pertaining to a particular poll. If you try to vote more than once, your IP Address is found in this file. You will then get an error message stating that you have already voted in this poll.

I never voted in a particular poll but I still got an error message saying that I had already voted.
If you are in an office or home environment where many computers are networked, it is possible that all of the computers in that environment are configured such that they appear to be coming from the same IP Address. If this happens, try voting on another computer on a different network or try voting on your smart phone (Just be sure to turn off Wi-Fi or you may end up on the same network).

Why do you close certain opinion polls after a period of time?
We close opinion polls after a certain period of time (usually after about 4-8 weeks) in order to have new, fresh questions for users, to guard against the poll being spammed or 'run up' by users as well as for general security reasons.

How does the comments area of this poll app work?
Users can add comments when voting on polls. You can either clarify a yes/no poll vote, add an option that would be under the other/no opinion area or comment on the poll itself. You can only add a comment while voting and not after the fact. You are limited to 140 characters. And please keep it clean or else you will be prevented from voting. Accumulated comments will show up on the voting results screen. You do not have to add a comment when voting in a particular poll.

What do I do once I have voted in a poll? At the bottom of each screen
there are a number of navigation links that you can use. The <<Home link takes you back to the home page of this web site where you can look at other areas. On the voting results and see results screens there is a < Back link that takes you back to the previous voting screen. There are a series of <Previous and Next> links that will take you to the next or previous voting screens and show results screens. The <Previous and Next> links on the voting results screen will take you to the previous and next voting results screens. The FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions link will open up in a new window and display various FAQ's. The Poll Admin Tool link is only accessible by the site administrator as it is passworded,

Can I suggest poll questions for this application?
Yes. Please use the Contact Form

What happens if I encounter an unexplained error or 'bug' in this application?
Please use the Contact Form

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