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WV Star VIPP Cacapon, Berkeley Springs State Parks, WV

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About a year and a half after I received my yellow star WV VIPP participation card I decided to make another run at visiting 20 West Virginia State Parks. So on Thursday, December 1, 2022 I recreated my original trip from Manassas, VA to Berkley Springs, WV that I took back on Friday, November 6, 2015. It was a cool but sunny day. Again I took I66 to VA37 to US522 to get to the first of two parks. I left around 10:00 AM.

I arrived at Cacapon State Park at around 12 noon. When I entered the lodge to get my card stamped it looked a lot different. The state had remodeled the entire lodge and it looked fantastic! The lady behind the counter stamped my

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Here is the trip log for the last time that I visited these parks in November, 2015.

card, I thanked her and then proceeded to the town of Berkeley Springs, WV. I was upset that I had forgotten my cell phone so sorry, no images today.

So I got back on US522 and entered the town of Berkeley Springs. It looked like they were building a bypass around the town. I think it is needed as traffic is always slow and heavy in that town. I'm sure that the locals may not share that opinion. I made it to Berkeley Springs State Park and, like before, the parking was limited and tight. But I found a space and proceeded to go to the small yellow building close to where I parked to get my card stamped since that was were I went seven years ago.

But the building was closed up tight and appeared to not be used for a long time. So I started walking around the very small park and came across a newer building that had some activity going on within it. As I approached this building I saw one of the familiar VIPP boxes that I had encountered on my previous trips hanging next to the entrance of the building. I first entered the building and told the ladies at the front desk that I was a VIPP and was going to stamp my card outside. They said thank you and go right ahead. So I went outside and stamped my card. The rubber stamp pad needed

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ink but you could read what I had stamped. It was 12:20 PM when I left this park.

So I had accomplished my goal of getting the first two of twenty West virginia State Parks stamped on my VIPP card. Only 18 more to go. I want to get this project completed in five years or less this time as opposed to 6.5 the last time.

The thermometer in my vehicle read 39 degrees as I was leaving this park. And I realized that I was hungary. So I stopped at the McDonalds in town and got a McRib sandwich. It hit the spot. Then, on the ride home I had to use the facilities. So I stopped at the Dunkin Donuts in Front Royal, VA. While there I succombed to temptation and got a half dozen donuts. Oh well, I'll diet tomorrow. I got home around 2:30 PM and had the rest of the day free. This time around I plan to visit two or three WV State parks that I haven't been to yet. But the majority will be parks that I visited on the last run. I look forward to this upcoming adventure.

Mike C

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