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Day Hike, Tuscarora Trail, Eagle Rock,
Star Tannery, VA

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This 6.4 mile (3.2 miles up, 3.2 miles back) linear day hike happened on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. It was sponsored by

Shenandoah Take A Hike Group

and was led by Michele House.

Charlie Johnson and I arrived about an hour early for this hike. We met at a place called Corners Pool Hall in Star Tannery, VA. There were 20 hikers

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today. At around 9:30 AM we car pooled to a trailhead parking lot on VA609 very close to the VA/WV state line. We took a group image and started the hike around 10:00 AM.

According to the web site

Hiking Upward

This section of of trail was completed in 2015. I concur since when Charlie Johnson and I backpacked the section just north of this one in 2009, the trail came off of the mountain just past the Pinnacle, followed Loman Branch, went around Hawk Recreation Area and then came out to US48/VA55 just below the peak of the mountain on the WV side. It now continued along the peak, went over Eagle Rock, descended to Dry Gap, then ascended and crossed US48/VA55 right at the peak.

We ascended about 450 feet the first mile and made it to Eagle Rock. The views were fantastic! We then started out heading northbound on the TT. The trail was very rocky. It would get close the the peak, then pull away at times. There was only one difficult down. We took a lunch break at around the two mile mark. I was hurting at this point. My ankles were burning due to stepping over and on various rocks on the trail. I also forgot my lunch. One of the other hikers shared his lunch with me. I was grateful.

I thought about stopping and waiting for the group to return. But I trudged on. Michele's husband, who was also named Charlie, was the sweep on this hike. I spent a lot of time hiking with him for most of the trip from this point on. He was very patient when I wanted to take a break. We made it to the power line right of way around 12:30 PM. We took a short break, then started the return trip.

I was still feeling lousy on the return trip. At one point one of the other hikers, a lady whose name that I forgot, offered me something called a Voke Super Food tablet. I was hesitant to take it as I wasn't sure what was in it. She and Charlie assured me that it was safe. So I took it. We took a break where we ate lunch earlier. We set off again. Between here and Eagle Rock I suddenly got a burst of energy. When We got to Eagle Rock I felt great! I

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felt so good that I hiked with the hike leader the last mile between Eagle Rock and the parking area on VA609.

We were done and back at the meeting place at Corners Pool Hall at around 3:00 PM. I was home in Manassas, VA at around 4:30 PM. This was a tough hike for me. The elevation change at the beginning and the rocky trail made it challenging. But the group that I hiked with was a pleasure to be with. And my hat is off to the hike leader Michele.

Mike C

View from Eagle Rock on TT
   View from Eagle Rock on TT.
   By Mike Calabrese

Group pic, start of hike
   Group pic, start of hike.
   By Charlie Johnson

Tuscarora Trail
   Tuscarora Trail.
   By Charlie Johnson

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Hikers on Eagle Rock    Hikers on Eagle Rock.
   By Mike Calabrese

Charlie & Mike    Charlie & Mike.
   By Mike Calabrese

Lunch break    Lunch break.
   By Mike Calabrese

Made it to powerline!    Made it to powerline!
   By Charlie Johnson

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