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RV Camping Between 01/15/2020 & Present

RV Camping
The Breeze II

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Here are some trip logs and pictures of places that I have RV camped between 01/15/2020 and present:

01/15/2020, Prince William Forest RV Campground, Dumfries, VA. Visited one of my basecamps today. The weather was great for January. The Breeze performed flawlessly as usual. The only issue was that the park WiFi did not work very well. It was super slow and I didn't get that much done computerwise. I think that this campground needs some infrastructure work. But it was great to be camping in The Breeze again! Sorry but I forgot to take some images on this trip. -MBC

04/28/2020, Mike Calabrese' Driveway, Manassas, VA. I had not been able to RV camp since January, 2020 and was going stir crazy. I had reservations at two campgrounds that I had kept pushing forward in hopes that this COVID-19 lockdown would end. I had enough! So I decided to RV camp in my driveway!

Around mid day I drove the RV around the block to keep everything mechanical in working order. We call our RV 'The Breeze'. Then I set up and, after dinner, I went out to the RV to enjoy the rest of the evening. I am lucky that I can park my RV next to the house. Julie opted to sleep in a nice comfy bed that night.

I had all the conveniences of home: Heat, water, electricity, internet and 42 over-the-air TV stations. All that I lacked was a sewer hookup. But that was easilly overcome by either running into the house, using the woods or using a 'pee bottle'.

Later on I watched some TV, 'geeked' a bit on the computer, read a bit, listened to my NOAA weather radio, then went to sleep. I kept the insde RV temperature around 60 degrees. It got down to 47 degrees around 4AM.

The next morning I got up at 6:00 AM, went inside and started my daily routine. It was nice to do something different during this COVID-19 lockdown but still stay at home. I can't wait to go to a real campground and camp again. Hopefully, that will be this year. -MBC

'The Breeze' in our driveway
'The Breeze' in our driveway.
View from the RV
View from the RV.
Me at RV entrance
Me at RV entrance
By Julie Rominger
Me 'geeking'
Me 'geeking'.
By Julie Rominger
Me trying to sleep
Me trying to sleep.
By Julie Rominger

06/09/2020- Outlanders River Camp, Luray, VA. I was supposed to join the Good Sam Potomac Dogwoods here in March, 2020. But COVID-19 got in the way. So I kicked that reservation forward to June, 2020 and went solo.

The trip out west to Luray, VA went well. Gas was $1.68 a gallon in this area so I filled up on the way home. There was road construction near the campground. I had to go past it, then turn around and go back.

On Tuesday, 06/09 I set up, relaxed, ate and had a nice campfire that night. On Wednesday, 06/10 early in the morning I fished the Shenandoah River. The current was strong. I got a few nibbles but my line kept getting swept downriver, then over to the shore. There was a lot of seaweed along the edges of the river. My line would get caught in that seaweed. I would then pull on the line. It would break and I would lose my sinker and hooks. This happened even with the largest sinker that I had. So after I lost everything three times I said 'Enough!'. I then went back to the RV and ate breakfast. Then I tried fishing in the campground fishing pond. I didn't even get a nibble. So I went back to the RV, ate lunch, took a nap, showered and just chilled the rest of the day. It was very hot on both Tuesday and Wednesday. The RV air conditioner condensation port was clogged. Water kept coming through the AC return duct. I had to place a big bowl under it and empty it every hour or so. It rained Wednesday night and cooled things down a bit. On Thursday morning, 06/11 I packed up and headed home.

This was a rustic but very nice campground. They have remodeled the bathhouse and added camping cabins since I was here last time. Water pressure was good. Electricity was OK but did go out for a second or two on Thursday morning. The staff was very friendly at this campground. AT&T cell service had only 1 bar. OTA TV reception was poor. No cable or Wi-Fi. It's amazing that wherever I go to RV camp the one OTA TV channel that always comes in perfectly is QVC. I had a nice trip. It was great to be RV camping again! -MBC

Outlanders sign
Outlanders sign.
'The Breeze' at ORC
'The Breeze' at ORC.
The obligatory campfire
The obligatory campfire
Sunset over New Market Gap
Sunset over New Market Gap
Shenandoah River
Shenandoah River.
Sunrise over Skyline Drive
Sunrise over Skyline Drive.
Storm clouds to the west
Storm clouds to the west.
Path at campground
Path at campground.
Cat jumped into my lap
Cat jumped into my lap.
Fishing selfie
Fishing selfie.

06/19/2020- Candy Hill Campground, Winchester, VA. This is the third time that I have camped here. And the second time with the Good Sam Club Virginia Dogwoods Chapter. This is a very nice, yet not too expensive campground. I was apprehensive about being in a group setting for the chapter meeting because of COVID-19. About half of us wore masks. And we did practice social distancing.

I didn't do much activity wise on this trip. I really wanted to eat lunch at a Sonic Drive In close by. So after walking about a half a mile to get there I was shocked to observe that it had become a Dunkin Doughnuts. I then started to walk to the Walmart in this shopping center because I figured that they may have a McDonalds inside. When I almost got to the Walmart entrance I looked back towards US50 and noticed a Bojangles Restaurant. So I went there. The restaurant was closed but the drive through was open. So I walked up to the drive through and ordered some chicken which I then walked back to my campsite and ate. I bet that this restaurant changes it's name in the future.

So I did a lot of reading, napping, geeking and just lounging around on this trip. It was a nice weekend. If you want to learn more about camping with the Potomac Dogwoods, please visit their website at: .


Sign for Candy Hill Campground
Sign for Candy Hill Campground.
'The Breeze' @ Candy Hill
'The Breeze' @ Candy Hill.
Next door neighbors
Next door neighbors
Sonic became a Dunkin
Sonic became a Dunkin.
The famous Candy Hill Trolley
The famous Candy Hill Trolley.

10/03/2020- Cozy Acres Campground, Powhatan, VA. Julie and I decided to drive to Cozy Acres via I95/I295/I64 instead of VA28/US29/US522. Bad decision. There was a tractor trailer accident on I95 between Stafford and Fredericksburg, VA. Traffic was stopped for awhile. So a 2.5 hour trip ended up being about 4 hours. But we made it and joined the Good Sam Club Potomac Dogwoods Chapter for a weekend RV campout at Cozy Acres Campground in Powhatan, VA. This was a nice campground. It had about 120 sites and was surrounded by the Powhatan Wildlife Management Area. There were 3 fishing ponds and a few hiking trails. The campground management made chili to go for campers for customer appreciation weekend. For this trip we arrived on a Saturday and left on a Monday. The staff was friendly and the camp store had many neat antiques. I also brought my

water filter and hooked it up for the first time. It worked great and the water tasted fantastic. I will be doing a product evaluation on this water filter on my blog


OTA TV reception was good, 39 channels, AT&T cellular reception was poor, 1 bar or less and there was no cable or Wi-Fi. But we had a very nice weekend staying at Cozy Acres Campground in Powhatan, VA.  -MBC

Sign, Cozy Acres Campground
Sign, Cozy Acres Campground.
'The Breeze' @ Cozy Acres
'The Breeze' @ Cozy Acres.
RV Water Filter Store filter
RV Water Filter Store filter.
Potomac Dogwoods sign
Potomac Dogwoods sign.
Fog on fishing pond
Fog on fishing pond.
Sign & old tractor
Sign & old tractor.
By Julie Rominger

12/01/2020, Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA. This was the 4th time that I have RV camped here. Nice campground even though the sites are electric only. I stayed at the same site as I did last time. There were 2 reasons why I went RV camping in December: 1) I hadn't been RV camping since October, 2020; 2) I wanted to re-recon some trails at Lake Fairfax Park because we got lost on a

POPUMC Hiking Group

hike in October, 2020 and ended up hiking only 2.5 miles instead of 4. It was COLD during this trip. My RV called The Breeze performed well as usual. I got 60 OTA TV channels. AT&T cell service had between 2 and 3 bars. No cable or wi-fi at this park. The only problem on this trip was that the 120 VAC outlet on the power pole was broken and I couldn't use my ceramic heater. Thankfully, I had enough propane on board to keep me warm for 2 days. I explored the trails that we missed in October and I think that I can keep us from getting lost next time. IMO they need to better blaze, have better signage/informational kiosks and better trail maps for this park. At least I got to go RV camping 5 times in 2020 (6 if you count 1 night spent in my driveway). 2020 will always be remembered as the year of COVID-19. -MBC

Lake Fairfax Park sign
Lake Fairfax Park sign.
'The Breeze' at LFP
'The Breeze' at LFP.
Day 1 Sunrise
Day 1 Sunrise.
Neat trailer from New Mexico
Neat trailer from New Mexico
Perimeter Trail
Perimeter Trail.
Old Trail Marker
Old Trail Marker.
Nonstandard Trail Blaze
Nonstandard Trail Blaze.
Bridge over Colvin Run
Bridge over Colvin Run.

02/23/2021, Prince William Forest Park RV Campground, Dumfries, VA.   People thought that I was crazy for wanting to RV camp in February. I am and I did. I picked the two warmest days so far this year to go RV camping. "The Breeze" performed flawlessly as usual. I did a four mile hike: two miles from the campground to the PWFP scenic drive and then two miles back to the campground. I saw the flagging for a future North Valley Trail relocation and extension. I also wanted to find the Florence family cemetery since it was on the path that I was hiking. But I forgot the coordinates. They installed new power pedistals and finally placed fire rings at all sites at the campground. However, the campground WiFi is still wide open and not secure. And the campground website still has the obsolete and unsecure Flash element on it. But I'll be back.  -MBC

Me and 'The Breeze'
Me and 'The Breeze'.
Fast melting snow
Fast melting snow.
Muddy Burma RD
Muddy Burma RD.
Burma RD & Scenic DR
Burma RD & Scenic DR.

03/19-21/2021, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. I've lost track of how many times that I have camped here. This time Julie and I RV camped here with the Good Sam Club Potomac Dogwoods Chapter. 22 of us on this campout. This one was hosted by the Moores. We got to hear from our new president Steve Fox for the first time. We voted to remain a Good Sam Chapter and they accepted my proposal to rescue their website, which was abruptly taken down by the previous webmaster in January, 2021. The present URL for the site is: .

Once I establish a new account for these guys and purchase a domain their site it will be: .

Julie and I hiked, cooked hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill, made s'mores and just chilled. We had a good time here. -MBC

Old GM Bus
Old GM Bus.
Dogwoods Meeting
Dogwoods Meeting.
'The Breeze' at site 147
'The Breeze' at site 147.

04/16/2021- Ramblin Pines Campground, Woodbine, MD. This was the start of a one week, three campground event for me. Julie & I hadn't been here since July, 2014. This time we were with The Potomac Dogwoods chapter of the Good Sam Club. The trip here was stressful due to US15 being closed at Point of Rocks, MD. So we had to take I66->I495->I270->I70 and some back roads to get there. Our site (TR4) was way too small. It was cold and windy around the campground on Friday night, 4/16. We had a charity hike for CASA on Saturday, 4/17. My cousin Ron Calabrese and his wife Sherry came by for lunch. We also fished (I caught 1 small sunfish!). Julie went home on Sunday. I stayed until Monday. Then it was onto...

Friday night campfire 1
Friday night campfire 1.
Friday night campfire 2
Friday night campfire 2.

04/19/2021- Little Bennett Campground, Clarksburg, MD. I also hadn't been here since 2014. I left Ramblin Pines Monday morning, 4/19 and drove to the Clarksburg Outlet Mall. Got some Lindt chocolate. I had a tough time finding a place to eat afterwards. Found a Mexican food truck and had some great shredded meat fahitas. Got the RV setup. Only myself and wagonmaster Ray Michael and his wife Linda at this Good Sam Potomac Dogwoods outing. Had a great campfire each night. We did a nice 3.6 mile loop hike on Tuesday, 4/20. Went home on Wednesday, 4/21. Then, 2 days later I went to...

'The Breeze' at site D63
'The Breeze' at site D63.
Canned ham food trailer
Canned ham food trailer.

04/23/2021- Candy Hill Campground, Winchester, VA. This was the third leg of the three in one week for me. I met my son Andrew at the campground. We drove around Front Royal, VA, got a great pizza to go from the Melting Pot in Front Royal, returned to the campsite in Winchester, ate it and then had a nice campfire that evening. On Saturday, 4/24 we fished the Shenandoah River where US 50 crosses it near Millwood, VA. Nice place but each of us snagged our lines and lost our hooks and sinkers 3 times. So we caught nothing here. We went to the Shen-Valley flea market near White Post, VA, drove to West Virginia, got some ice cream, then waited out the rain. It was fun camping with my son Andrew. Sunday we said our goodbyes and went home. There was an issue with the entrance stairs on my RV called The Breeze. I'll have to get an estimate for fixing them. The Breeze has been very costly to operate lately. I think that it's time remaining is limited (like mine!) -MBC

Shenandoah River looking north
Shenandoah River looking north.
US50 bridge E over Shenandoah River
US50 bridge E over Shenandoah.
Shenandoah River looking south
Shenandoah River looking south.

05/21/2021- Small Country Campground, Louisa, VA. New owners, some improvements. Did this one with the Good Sam Club, Potomac Dogwoods Chapter. Got here on Friday, 5/21/2021, had campfires on both Friday and Saturday nights. Played mini golf on Saturday. They have a nice course. It didn't get as hot as it was supposed to. Went home Sunday. Had a nice time. 3 maintenance issues: wi-fi did not work, not all cable channels worked, the restrooms had broken locks and toilet seats, the owner would not let us take the site closest to the lake. And it sat vacant all weekend. So only 3 stars this time.

The Breeze @ Small Country
The Breeze @ Small Country
Playing mini golf
Playing mini golf.
Panoramic view of camp meeting
Panoramic view of camp meeting. By Julie Rominger

08/21/2021- Kings Dominion KOA Camp Wilderness, Dosewell, VA. More than 300 sites here. It took us 2.5 hours on I95 to make the 1 hour trip. But we made it, got set up, saw some of our fellow Potomac Dogwoods and then ordered a pizza from . First time that I ordered food via . It was fairly easy. We had a campfire on both Friday and Saturday nights. It didn't rain like it was predicted. We thought about going to Kings Dominion but elected to just stick around the campground and chill. Had a nice time. I have to start thinking about what I am going to do as far as replacing The Breeze or just getting out of RV'ing. -MBC

The Breeze @ KDKOA
  The Breeze @ KDKOA.

Panoramic view of camp meeting
                Panoramic view of camp meeting. By Julie Rominger

09/17/2021- American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, VA. About 150 sites. 2nd time here, again with the Potomac Dogwoods. We didn't 'toad' this time. Went to Brewsters for ice cream on Saturday, very good. I was told that we have one of these in Manassas, VA so I'll have to check it out. We had a great fire and gathering on both Friday and Saturday nights. Weather was good. We mostly just chilled this trip. The awning fabric needs to be replaced on my RV called "The Breeze". Not sure about my RVing future. The bathhouse was being remodeled last time that we were there. It still wasn't finished 2 years later. So only 3 stars this time. -MBC

American Heritage sign
  American Heritage sign.
'The Breeze' @ American Heritage
  'The Breeze' @ American Heritage.
At the group fire
  At the group fire.

10/03/2021- RV Boondocking at Burke Lake Park Campground, Burke, VA. I had tent camped many times at Burke Lake Campground but I had never RV camped there. So I decided "What the heck!" And I spent a Sunday night there. I arrived at around 1:00 PM just as the Wash Foot Team / Atlanta Falcons football game was starting. I listened to the game on a portable radio. I didn't see any other tents or RV's there that afternoon. I did see a 35 foot travel trailer come in to use the dump station. But no one else. It was a muggy 80 degrees out. I had two small D battery powered fans that kept the air circulating inside the RV. I lived off of a large peparoni pizza from a new Marcos Pizza location in Manassas for most of my time there. I caught up on alot of paperwork, read and then retired. Washington won! On Monday morning I hiked this 100 site campground, packed up and went home. BTW, there were only three campers here last night: a family in a pop-up, a guy in a tent and me. If you have a pop-up, travel trailer, class B or class C RV that is 25 feet or less in length, this is a nice place to camp in the spring or in the fall. No hookups but they have a dump station. And at $30 to $35 a night (these are 2021 prices), it's a good deal. - MBC

Empty Campground
Empty Campground.
My site number changed
My site number changed.
Stink bugs!
Stink bugs!
The Breeze at BLC, VA
The Breeze at BLC, VA.
Battery Powered Fan #1
Battery Powered Fan #1.
Battery Powered Fan #2
Battery Powered Fan #2.

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