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RV Camping Between 10/05/2012 & 11/25/2019

RV Camping
The Breeze

Here are some trip logs and pictures of places that I have RV camped between 10/05/2012 and 11/25/2019:

10/05/2012, Greenville Farm Family Campground, Haymarket, VA. This was the shakedown run for The Breeze. Staff was nice, site was good, though not level, neighbors were nice. Beautiful wooded tent camping area which I took my sons to over 20 years ago. Only downer was the smell of cow dung. Cold 2nd night. The RV did well. -MBC

11/13/2012, Lake Fairfax County Park, Reston, VA. Decided to go here since I had to take The Breeze in for an oil change, check tires and order a side view mirror housing (since I whacked a mailbox my first time out). I didn t get here until dusk so I hope to see the place tomorrow. Still testing various aspects of the RV. Everything looks good. Hopefully, I will get to take The Breeze out once a month.

PS- I hiked around Lake Fairfax this morning. It got down to 26 degrees last night. -MBC

12/07/2012, (Formerly) Madison KOA, Madison, VA. Left work early on Friday. Got to Madison KOA by about 4:30. Staff was friendly. Campground appears older but well maintained. I spent the day relaxing, cropping pictures and eating. Took a walk around the campground early Saturday morning. Friday night was pretty warm - in the 40 s. My son Andrew is supposed to stop by today. I hope he does. The Breeze did well on this trip. I got propane for the first time. This will be the last RV trip of 2012. -MBC

01/18/2013, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. Not sure I would make this one as our dog Silent is not doing well. So I left work early, went home and took care of him, and then went camping. So far, so good. I last tent camped here about 9 years ago. So glad I made it back. Facilities look good, staff was friendly. I plan to hike the white blazed perimeter trail tomorrow morning. I m glad that this campground is close to home. I ve had The Breeze for 4 months now and have camped at a different campground each month. Even in winter! PS- We had to put Silent to sleep on 01/19/2013. -MBC

02/13/2013, Pohick Bay Regional Park, Lorton, VA. A snowy, cold weekend. Trip number 5 started out with some snafus. I was trying to avoid a 13 foot, 3 inch bridge clearance on US 1 N of Woodbridge, VA as I thought it was too close. I exited I 95 at exit 161 US 1 N. There was that bridge! I was told not to go below 13 feet with this rig. However, traffic was behind me and there was no place to turn around. So I took a chance and made it through. One crisis down. I got to the campground, got checked in, and while backing into site 7 I hit a tree. Not a bad ding but it upset me. I ll get it fixed eventually. After getting set up I walked over to Gunston Hall and took the tour. Very nice. I then walked back and spent the rest of the day resting and changing out the interior RV lights to LED s, eating and writing this journal. Tomorrow I plan on doing some hiking, replacing some more lights with LED s, checking my taxes and relaxing. I will then come home on Monday, 02/18/2013.

PS- Due to the extreme cold on Sunday, 02/17/2013 and the fact that I was still getting over a cold I decided to leave late Sunday afternoon. -MBC

03/23/2013, Prince William Forest RV Park, Triangle, VA. This is trip number 6 in The Breeze. Though I did camp here in August, 2012 with a 19 foot Cruise America rental. I wanted to un-winterize The Breeze this weekend. However, it is still going down to the 20s at night. So un-winterizing probably won t occur until early April. I mostly rested and did some paperwork today. Tomorrow morning I may take a short walk, then get home before it snows! -MBC

04/26/2013, Shenandoah River/Andy Guest State Park, Bentonville, VA. Trip number 7 and the first one for Julie and myself. We also attended a rally put on by the Virginia Campers. We arrived Friday afternoon and got set up. The satellite dish worked well. They had an ice cream social on Friday night. Met some nice people. The ice cream was good but too frozen to eat in any quantities. The campground had 32 sites. The VA Campers took up 28 of them. I did some hiking on Saturday morning. We attended a bingo game in the afternoon and a pot luck dinner on Saturday night. Sunday morning we tried fishing but kept losing our line via snags. The Breeze performed flawlessly. Only problems were that the bed was too cramped and someone thought the bathroom was too small. Maybe a bigger RV is in our future. -MBC

05/12/2013, Drummer Boy Camping Resort, Gettysburg, PA. I cut out early Friday from work and endured rush hour traffic and the 2.5 hour drive to Drummer Boy Camping Resort in Gettysburg. I got setup around 5 PM, walked to the store for a drink and got rained on on the way back. The rest of the weekend would be sun-rain-sun-rain. I managed to hike the perimeter of this 400 site campground. 2.5 miles around! Did some fishing, relaxed and had a good time. Most people here rented golf carts to get around. I walked. Hope to get to the new Gettysburg Visitors Center and Cyclarama on Sunday morning. -MBC

06/14/2013, Skyline Ranch Resort, Front Royal, VA. I got a Passport America card, which promised 50 percent off camping and that it would pay for itself after 2 times. Since Skyline Ranch Resort was the closest P.A. campground, I went there. And it more than paid for the P.A. card. This is a campground/timeshare. They rent campsites with and without RV s on them. They have small cabins and they have timeshares with chalets on them, which look very nice from the outside. I get a free breakfast tomorrow morning while getting beat up for a timeshare, and another on Sunday since it is Fathers Day. The only bummer today is that the dish won t work. Either there are too many trees here or I have a bad receiver box. -MBC

The Breeze at Skyline Ranch Resort, VA
The Breeze at Skyline
Ranch Resort, VA.
Buzzard Rock Trail, GWJNF, VA
Buzzard Rock Trail,
Buzzard Rock Overlook, GWJNF, VA
Buzzard Overlook,

06/21/2013, KOA, Harpers Ferry, WV. Julie got 2 Saturdays off in a row so we decided to go to the KOA in Harpers Ferry, WV. This is the first back-to-back weekend adventure in The Breeze. Left my last day at my present contract and drove out to Harpers Ferry around 4ish. I set up and Julie got here around 7ish. This campground is big and very compact. Around 300 sites, they packum in. I counted 15 sites within a 50 foot radius of ours. We did the flea market on Saturday morning, the casino on Saturday afternoon, chilled around the campfire on Saturday night, then went home Sunday. A nice time was had. -MBC

The Breeze at Harpers Ferry KOA, WV
The Breeze at Harpers
Ferry KOA, WV.

06/26/2013, Candy Hill Campground, Winchester, VA. Wow! 3 trips in the month of June. Since I was in between contracts I decided to take a road trip. So for night number 1 I am staying at Candy Hill Campground near Winchester, VA. Very nice place. Grounds are meticulous. About 100 sites, staff is very friendly, pool is nice and cool (I swam in it) on this very hot (upper 90s) day. Only downer is the road noise from VA 37. But I should be OK with the AC on and the ear plugs in. Tomorrow it is either Bills house and boondocking or Greenbriar/Gambrils State Parks. It depends on whether Bill will be home tomorrow. Then I hope to be home by mid day, Friday, June 28th. -MBC

The Breeze at Candy Hill CG, VA
The Breeze at Candy Hill
Sign @ Candy Hill CG, VA
Sign @ Candy Hill

06/27/2013, Greenbrier State Park, Boonsboro, MD. Bill had to go and see his ill father in law. So I reserved a site at Greenbrier State Park. Nice park, nice sites, hiked to the AT. Only .6 miles but 1,000 feet elevation change. So I was tired afterwards. Tornado warning in the afternoon but none was spotted. Peaceful night, then home on Friday, 6/28. -MBC

The Breeze at Greenbrier SP, MD
The Breeze at
Greenbrier SP. MD.

07/12/2013, Shenandoah Crossing, Gordonsville, VA. Trip 12, Campground 13, 15th night camped so far in 2013. Recommended by Bill on (which no longer exists). Got out of work late and traffic was bad most of the way. Got here around 7:30 PM. Only had a short amount of time to eat and get set up. Took a guided hike on Saturday morning. It is now around noon. I plan to do some fishing and some swimming. Nice campground. Bad technology weekend. Wifi did not work (again) So I am just taking it easy.

Edit- After walking 2 miles to get some night crawlers, my fishing rod did not work. Also, I tried to go swimming but the pool was too crowded. -MBC

The Breeze at Shenandoah Crossing, VA
The Breeze at
Shenandoah Crossing.
View from side window
View from side window.
View of Lake Izac, VA
View of Lake Izac, VA.

08/02/2013, Poes South Fork Campground, Front Royal, VA. Trip 13, campground 14, 16th and 17th night camped this year. Snuck out of work early and made it to Front Royal before 6 pm. Campground is small- about 25 to 30 sites. No amenities other than W/S/E, the Shenandoah River and a bath house. Not much to this campground. But the price, at 35 dollars, was right. -MBC

Sign @ Poes South Fork Campground, VA
Sign @ Poes South Fork
Campground, VA.
The Breeze @ Poes South Fork Campground, VA
The Breeze @ Poes South
Fork Campground, VA.
Road in Poes South Fork Campground, VA
Road in Poes South Fork,
Campground, VA.

08/31/2013, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. trip 14, campground 15, 17th and 18th nights camped. This was the second time this year that I camped at Bull Run Regional Park. It was very cold last January. It was very hot this weekend. Over 90 each day. Julie brought dinner from Subway and we made a fire. I also set up a Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone for the first time and again got the Dish Tailgater working on 2 satellites. On Saturday I hiked the White Trail, fished Bull Run (I caught a sunfish and a blue gill) and swam at the water park. So it was a good weekend. The Breeze performed flawlessly. I can t wait until next weekend. -MBC

09/06/2013, Frontier Town Campground, Berlin, MD. Trip 15, campground 16, 19th and 20th nights. Longest trip yet for The Breeze. Julie and I both took Friday off for this one. The weather was perfect! I was scared going over the Bay Bridge but did fine. This is a very nice campground, western themed. It was dog weekend here but they were well behaved. Nice amenities, right on the bay, glad we came. Taking a shuttle to O.C. this morning and spending the day there. Then its homeward bound tomorrow. -MBC

Frontier Town sign
Frontier Town sign.
Me @ Frontier Town, MD
Me @ Frontier Town, MD.
10/14/2013, North Fork Resort, Front Royal, VA. Trip 16, campground 17, 21st night. Since I was in between contract jobs I decided to take The Breeze out for a camping trip. This is another one of those timeshare type of campgrounds About 400 sites. Most had an RV on them but not all were occupied. Nice staff. Going fishing in the morning. Only downer to this trip is that I forgot my food. I had to walk to a country store about 2 miles away. All that I have to eat right now are Spam, Pop Tarts, Vienna Sausages and Slim Jims. Oh, well. I have now owned The Breeze over a year! -MBC

North Fork Resort sign
North Fork Resort sign.
View of Shenandoah River
View of Shenandoah River.
11/10/2013, Aquia Pines Camp Resort, Stafford, VA. Trip 17, campground 18, 22nd night. I chose to stay here for the November trip because it was very close to a new contract job. Got here around 2 PM. The site that I was assigned to was in the woods and secluded. It had water and electricity. I got Wifi logins but it didn t work. So I created a Wifi hotspot with my phone. Cable was not available in the woods. So I walked the perimeter of this 135 site campground in about half an hour. I ate, finished a book about the Barefoot Sisters hiking the AT, and just chilled. Temps were in the high 60s during the day. But they are supposed to be in the 30s tonight. I m going straight to work tomorrow so we will see how that works out. -MBC

Aquia Pines Sign
Aquia Pines Sign.
My site @ Aquia Pines CG
My site @ Aquia Pines.
My replaced side mirror
My replaced side mirror.

12/21/2013, Hillwood Camping Park, Gainesville, VA. The streak continues! Trip 18, campground 19, 23rd night, 14th consecutive month. I got some service work done on The Breeze so I decided to camp that night. Had to decide between Lake Fairfax, Hillwood Camping Park and somewhere in the Shenandoah Valley. I chose Hillwood because it was close to home. This place has changed since I tent camped here close to 30 years ago. The owners have sold off most of their property and now have mostly full time residents, a number of which are in run down trailers. A McDonalds, a CVS and other stores were built along US29 on what was once their property. The campground itself is very nice. However, I am of the opinion that, some day, this campground will succumb to development. -MBC

Hillwood CG Sign
Hillwood CG Sign.
Old building @ Hillwood CG
Old building @ Hillwood CG.
Another Bldg @ Hillwood
Another Bldg @ Hillwood.
A 3rd Old Building
A 3rd Old Building.
Gardner House @ Hillwood
Gardner House @ Hillwood.

01/19/2014, Prince William Forest RV Park, Dumfries, VA. I am going to reset all counters except the one that says this is the 15th consecutive month that I have taken The Breeze out. Amazing! It got up into the 50s today. I camped out tonight because I am off on M.L. King Day. Hiked a power line right of way to a gas line right of way to the park boundary and back. Good hike. This park and Bull Run Regional Park are my basecamps. The Breeze performed well. -MBC

Gas Line ROW in PWFP
Gas Line ROW in PWFP.

03/08/2014, Roundtop Campground, Gettysburg, PA. The streak has been broken! I was supposed to stay at Roundtop Campground, Gettysburg, PA, 0n January 15th and 16th, 2014. But since we got 14 inches of snow that weekend I had to postpone this trip to March 8th and 9th, 2014. It snowed another 4 inches on March 4th, 2014 but I decided to take a chance and come on up. It paid off. The weather was in the mid 60s on Saturday and low 60s on Sunday. This is a nice campground. Its been here awhile. I remember passing it when going to Rochester, NY as a kid. Close to 300 sites, this was owned by the same people that own Drummer Boy Campground until 2019. Anyway, I had a nice time though I did have a few mechanical issues with The Breeze. -MBC

Roundtop CG Billboard
Roundtop CG Billboard.
The Breeze @ Roundtop CG
The Breeze
@ Roundtop CG.
Snow remnants @ Roundtop
Snow remnants
@ Roundtop.

03/28/2014, KOA, Fredericksburg, VA. Since it snowed last month and I could not go camping I went twice this month! Left work Friday evening for KOA Fredericksburg. Nice park. About 117 sites. Not a lot of nearby things to do. 3 things about this park stand out: Nice, new camp store, rest room and shower complex. Nice, huge equipment barn that keeps all of their gear out of site. And a very advanced water treatment system. Nice fishing pond though I did not catch any and lost my line. It rained all Friday night and most of Saturday. Saw some interesting RVs here: a Prevost, an Earthroamer XVLT, a Toyota Chinook and a Thor ACE. This is a nice campground to stop at along the way to somewhere. The staff was very friendly. -MBC

The Breeze @ Fburg KOA
The Breeze @ Fburg KOA.

04/25/2014, Lake Anna State Park, VA. We got a late start and it was supposed to rain so we did not bring the toad. Julie joined me on this trip. It was also the Virginia Campers spring rally. It rained like cats and dogs all the way down. Didn t stop until we got to our spot. We got set up and went to the Friday night get together. Saw some old faces and met some new ones. On Saturday we had a leisurely breakfast, did some fishing (I caught 1 sunfish), and took a nap. That night we went to the pot luck dinner and chinese auction. We took salad, bean salad, trailer lights, a heated cup and coal. We came back with pancake mix, syrup, shot martini and wine glasses. Sunday morning I hiked a few miles, we ate, packed up and went home. Great weekend. Even if I did get told 2 days earlier that my contract was ending in a week and I dented the RV bumper. -MBC

05/10/2014, KOA Virginia Beach, VA. This was a special trip. 1. My son John was getting married. 2. Julie came along on this trip. 3. It was the first time that I brought along the Saturn Vue as a toad. We had some technical toad issues before we got on the road. We took I95 I295 US460 VA58 I264 I64 to get there. The toad performed flawlessly. The wedding ceremony was very different. Performed by the J.P. of Virginia Beach. There were only about 18 of us there. We had a nice dinner afterwards. I wish the best for John, Ruth, Josie and Jillian. Julie and I relaxed and saw the sights on Sunday, then headed back on Sunday night. This was the 25th trip for The Breeze. -MBC

05/29/2014, Front Royal RV Campground, VA. Trip number 6 of 2014. Since I was in between jobs I decided to go and visit the only campground near Front Royal, VA that I had not yet been to. This is a former KOA. In fact, the road it is on is still called KOA Drive. And it looks a lot like a KOA. It is run by a nice couple that do a number of things well. However, a number of things need to be done to this campground to make it great again. There is no 50A service, the tenting area looks like no one has been back there in years, the fishing pond is a marsh complete with trash and old tires. And the trail leading to it is nearly impassable. So the wifi was good, the cell service was OK and my dish tailgater found 2 out of 3 satellites. This campground was OK but not great like it probably was at one time. -MBC

06/21/2014, Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort, VA. Trip number 7 this year. I was worried about the weather as well as the roads coming down here. But the rains held off and and I had a decent trip. Im glad that I took the Blue Ridge Parkway as I only had to endure VA56 for about 3 miles. It was windey and hilly. As for the campground it was about 55 sites, mostly trailers, popups and tents. I only saw 1 other class C. The owner told me that people did bring 40 foot RVs here. I found that amazing. Anyway, the campground was nice. The bathrooms and store looked like they belonged to a KOA. Everyone was nice. I even met some AT thru hikers at the store. Unfortunately, it is about a 5 mile hike to the AT, some of it along VA56. So I had to pass on hiking there. The only thing that I didnt like about this campground was that my site was configured strangely. The water, electric, sewer and picnic table were all on the same side and spaced widely apart. So I could not hook up to the sewer. Oh well, Ill dump before I leave. I ll try making a fire tonight, fishing and taking a walk tomorrow. Then, head home. -MBC

Trout Pond- Montebello CG
Trout Pond-
Montebello CG.
The Breeze @ Montebello CG
The Breeze @
Montebello CG.
Sign @ Montebello CG
Sign @
Montebello CG.

07/19/2014, Ramblin Pines Campground, Woodbine, MD. Trip number 8 this year, 27th overall. Took The Breeze to Ramblin Pines Campground so that Julie and I could have hamburgers and hot dogs with my cousin Ron and his wife Sherry. Nice campground, about 225 sites. They have all the amenities. It rained on Saturday night but we still managed to have a nice fire. Definitely a nice weekend. I would return here. -MBC

Me in pipe @ Ramblin Pines
Me in pipe @
Ramblin Pines.
The Breeze @ Ramblin Pines
The Breeze @ Ramblin Pines.

08/12/2014, Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA. Trip number 28. This is a the second time that I have been here. Last time was a cold weeknight. This time was a rainy weekend. I did get to hike a 2.6 mile round trip to the new Wiehle AVE metro station. Nice hike. But because of the rain we couldn not go fishing, we could not have a fire and we could not cook hot dogs and make smores. Julie showed up but my niece and nephews did not. So this trip was a washout. However, a bad day camping is still better than a good day at work. -MBC

Lake Fairfax, VA sign
Lake Fairfax, VA sign.
The Breeze @ Lake Fairfax
The Breeze @ Lake Fairfax.

09/12/2014, Cunningham Falls SP Manor Area Campground, MD. Trip number 29. Left work Friday afternoon and drove to the Manor Area. I last camped here in a tent in January, 1996. Thats 18.5 years ago. Looks like it has not changed much. About 50 sites, some with electric. Tomorrow I will drive to Morgantown, PA and hike 8.2 miles of the Horse-Shoe Trail with Terri Moore. Not sure where I will end up. But this weekend I will spend Friday night in MD, Saturday night in PA and Sunday night in VA. On Saturday Terri Moore and I hiked 8.2 miles of the Horse-Shoe Trail and 2 miles from the trail to her house. We had steak and beer afterwards. It was good. -MBC

10/10/2014, Shenandoah Valley Campground, Verona, VA. This was the fall rally for the Virginia Campers. I drove the RV to work on Friday, 10/10, then drove down to Verona via I66 and I81. Traffic was bad until I got past Centreville, VA. Didn t get to the campground until about 7:15. It then started raining. It rained all night and intermittently all day Saturday. On 10/11 we took a group picture in front of a waterfall at 11, then had a pot luck dinner and chinese auction between 6:30 and 8. I did a bit of hiking in between. Sunday, 10/12- Had biscuits and gravy and heard a preacher at an interdenominational service, went fishing and caught a catfish in their pond, none in the Middle River. Chilled the rest of the day, watched football. 10/13- Leisurely went home. This marks the 2nd anniversary of my RV experience. Amazing. I ve seen some neat places in these last 2 years. Hope to see more in the future! -MBC

The Breeze @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA
The Breeze @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA.
Waterfall @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA
Waterfall @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA.
Pond @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA
Pond @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA.
Wabbits @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA
Wabbits @ Shen Valley CG, Verona, VA.

10/18/2014, John Calabrese' Driveway, Fredericksburg, VA. 10/18- Julie had a glass show in Fredericksburg this weekend. Drove The Breeze down to John s on Saturday morning, visited a bit, got a ride over to the expo center by John s wife Ruth. Helped Julie for awhile, took her car home to get some clothes for her, came back and ate dinner at Carrabba s, then went back to Johns.

10/19- I made pancakes for everyone for breakfast, then Julie went to the show. I did some paperwork, packaged some MRE s, did some hiking in the woods next to Johns house, watched the Redskins for awhile, then went to the show and helped Julie pack up. Her sales were so-so for this show. But, as usual, the RV excursion was great! -MBC

11/07/2014, Brunswick Family Campground, Brunswick, MD. Drove the RV to work Friday, 11/7, then drove to Brunswick Family Campground, MD. This campground has about 50 sites. My site had 20/30 amp and water. The roads are gravel. My site, though level, was grass only. The main activities here are fishing, hiking, biking, rafting and tubing. This campground appears to be run by the town of Brunswick. The bathhouse was clean. This campground has handicapped facilities. In order to get to this campground you have to drive .75 miles along the C and O canal toepath. It is narrow so if another vehicle comes along from the opposite direction, some compromising is in order. There is an active train track just beyond the toepath so bring earplugs. And the website URL is, which is a bit confusing. My Dish Tailgater worked fine and Verizon cell service had 2 bars. This was a nice campground for a quick getaway trip. -MBC

Sign @ Brunswick Family Campground, MD
Sign @ Brunswick Family
Campground, MD.
Canal Toepath @ Brunswick CG, MD
Canal Toepath @ Brunswick
The Breeze @ Brunswick CG, MD
The Breeze @ Brunswick CG,

12/15/2014, KOA, Natural Bridge, VA. This is the first entry from my week long road trip to Mayberry (Mount Airy, NC). I got the oil and antifreeze changed on The Breeze. I then took I66 to I81 to the KOA in Natural Bridge, VA. On the way down I stopped at the Route 11 potato chip plant and got some purple sweet potato chips. Not crazy about them. However, Shenandoah Valley Campground (The one in Mount Jackson, not Verona, VA) and Shenandoah Caverns are within walking distance. Possible weekend getaway? I passed another campground at New Market and a Lee-Hi Campground (I will have to check that one out). I got to the KOA at Natural Bridge around 1:30 PM. Nice place. The Tailgater didn t work again! On to Mayberry tomorrow. -MBC

Natural Bridge KOA, VA Office
Natural Bridge KOA, VA Office

12/16/2014, Mayberry Campground, Mount Airy, NC. This was the first time that The Breeze went to NC. Nice campground. Bathrooms were fair, good wifi and cable. Spent half a day in Mayberry and had a nice time. The only negative thing about this park was that it did not have a picnic table at any of the sites. But that is OK. The weather was fantastic! It has been in the 70s the last few days. I think I picked a good week for this trip. One more night to report. -MBC

The Breeze @ Mayberry CG, NC
The Breeze @ Mayberry CG, NC.
Mayberry Campground, NC
Mayberry Campground, NC.
Wallys Service, MT Airy, NC
Wallys Service, MT Airy, NC.
Exterior, Mayberry Jail, NC
Exterior, Mayberry Jail, NC.
Interior, Mayberry Jail, NC
Interior, Mayberry Jail, NC.

12/18/2014, Madison Shenandoah Hills Campground, Madison, VA. I stayed here 2 years ago this month. And since Heavenly Acres Campground in Stanardsville, VA was closed for the winter I stayed here again. This was the most expensive campground on the trip! It was a KOA last time I stayed here. It is a Good Sam campground now. Like last time the staff was friendly, the wifi string, cell coverage good. And my Dish Tailgater worked. The bathrooms, though dated, were large and clean. Tomorrow it is back home to reality. This was the longest (5 days, 4 nights) and farthest (600 miles) trip that The Breeze has taken me on so far. -MBC

01/14/2015, Prince William Forest RV Park. 4th time I ve stayed here. This was the first place that I camped in an RV. So its a special place for me. There was a dusting of snow on the ground, which made it look neat. The staff was friendly, the bathrooms clean and the WiFi was strong. I wish that I had time to hike here tomorrow. However, I have to fill out paperwork for a new job. But I ll be back! -MBC

The Breeze @ PWFP RV CG, VA
The Breeze @ PWFP RV

02/08/2015, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. I ve stayed here countless times while car camping, motorcycle camping and now RV camping. The weather was very good (high 53, low 43) for February. Everyone told me to do something fun on my birthday. So I did. I went camping! The Dish Tailgater did not work, the Turk powered OTA antenna did not work, I never fully got the fire to work. However, Julie and I had a nice time and spent some quality time together. -MBC

Me & Campfire, BRRP, VA
Me & Campfire, BRRP, VA.

03/27/2015, Luray KOA, VA. Left work early to get to my March trip. For this month I chose KOA, Luray, VA. It s north of Luray and looks to be part of a farm. It also looks to be fairly new. The office was nice and looked like a modern office. The campground itself is beautiful. It has sites up on a hill that make satellite reception very good.

The only downers of this trip were that my site wasn t quite level, the bathroom had 2 out of 3 toilets out of order (possibly frozen pipes) and the weather was dreadfully cold. They have a pool, billiard room, cows, llamas and goats. You can see the animals from your campsite. I ll have to compare it to Outlanders Campground where I m going next month. -MBC

KOA Luray, VA Sign
KOA Luray, VA Sign.
The Breeze @ KOA Luray, VA
The Breeze @ KOA Luray, VA.
Restrooms @ KOA Luray, VA
Restrooms @ KOA Luray, VA.

04/19/2015, Small Country Campground, Louisa, VA. This was the first night of an 8 night RV road trip that will culminate with the Virginia Campers Rally in Luray, VA on 4/24-26/2015. The first night we stayed at Small Country Campground in Louisa, VA. They honored Passport America on a weekend for a 26.50 rate. At least 200 sites, they have all the amenities. The owner was a Mr. Small and he was very active in overseeing the camp store and later the mini golf course, which was recently completed. We enjoyed it even though Julie always beats me at mini golf. Good wifi and cell signal. They have a small lake that, even though I did not catch any fish, was very picturesque. Overall I had a nice time here. The only thing that did not make it a perfect day was that I had toad issues at the beginning. I had everything from no hot power plugs when the vehicle was in the acc mode (which rendered my brake assist unit not usable) to the toad turn signals not working to one headlight being burned out. So Julie had to drive the captiva all over Virginia for this trip. -MBC

Sign @ Small Country CG, VA
Sign @ Small Country CG, VA.
The Breeze @ Small Country CG, VA
The Breeze @ Small Country CG, VA.

04/20/2015, KOA, Charlottesville, VA. We spent days 2, 3 and 4 of our 8 day journey here at KOA C-Ville. Small but very nice campground. About 70 sites, 50 of which can accommodate an RV. They have all the amenities, the staff is very friendly and I haven t tried the fishing pond yet. About the only negatives that I can think of id that Verizon and ATT cell service is 1 bar or less and that there are no major attractions close by. You have to drive to everything. We did the Monticello/Mitchie Tavern yesterday. Had a great time. We tried to find some wineries but a number of them were either closed on Mondays or open by appointment only. We plan on doing the downtown C-Ville today and try the wineries again. Not sure where we ll be tomorrow. But it looks like 340 North Campground north of Waynesboro. I went to a great seafood restaurant there years ago. I think it was called something like Captain Sam s Landing. So I want to try it again and 340 North is the closest campground to it. -MBC

The Breeze @ KOA Charlottesville, VA
The Breeze @ KOA Charlottesville.
Sign @ KOA Charlottesville, VA
Sign @ KOA Charlottesville, VA.

04/22/2015, North 340 Campground, Waynesboro, VA. We are staying here tonight. This is an older campground located just north of Waynesboro. It may be a former KOA. At least 356 sites. Rate charged was 37.91. They have all of the amenities except no cable. Luckilly, my satellite dish worked and Verizon cell service had 3 bars. We also had a nice dinner in town at the Green Leaf Grill. Thanks RJF7G for the recommendation. The only negatives encountered were 1. I asked for a full hookup site and paid for a full hookup site. However, when I got to the assigned site there was no water hookup. The office was locked so I called their office phone number and told them about it. A nice lady came to the site and directed me to the next site over, which had a water hookup. Though it was smaller the site worked and my dish worked. So all worked out. Julie reported that most of the ladies room stall doors did not have locks on them. I checked the Mens room this morning and they did not have locks on the stall doors either. Strange. And the full time resident percentage looked to be greater than 50 percent. That resulted in a lot of vehicular traffic in and out of the campground at various hours. So this was a good campground with room for improvement. -MBC

The Breeze @ North 340 CG, VA
The Breeze @ North 340 CG, VA.
Sign @ North 340 CG, VA
Sign @ North 340 CG, VA.

04/23/2015, Shenandoah Valley Campground, Mount Jackson, VA. This is the last on the road review from our 8 day RV journey before the Virginia Campers Rally at the Outlanders Campground in Luray, VA on 04/24-26/2015. We are at the other Shenandoah Valley Campground. The one in Mount Jackson, VA. This is a relatively new campground. Only about 44 sites, including a snack bar, propane service and new, clean restrooms. The staff is very nice and helpful. The campground is convenient to I81 and is within walking distance of the Route 11 potato chip factory and Shenandoah Caverns. The Passport America price was 26.50. About the only negative that I can think of about this campground is that you can hear road noise from I81. But a pair of ear plugs can fix that problem quickly. This is a nice place to spend a weekend. -MBC

Sign @ Shen Val CG, Mt. Jackson, VA
Sign @ Shen Val CG, Mount
Jackson, VA.
The Breeze @ Shen Val CG, Mount Jackson, VA
The Breeze @ Shen Val CG, Mount
Jackson, VA.

04/24/2015, Outlanders River Camp, Luray, VA. We spent the weekend here as part of the Virginia Campers Rally. 33 RV sites, about the same number of tent sites. Very scenic, very new and very nice facilities. The rally was also very nice. The weather was not. We got cold rain on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. We didn t catch anything while fishing, we got some OK gifts at the Chinese auction and, as usual, there was great food at the potluck. The only downer was that I got a speeding ticket while out driving around. -MBC

Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA.
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA.
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA.
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA.
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA
Rally @ Outlanders CG, Luray, VA.

06/11/2015, Bethpage Campground, Urbanna, VA. Trip number 42. We initially had some toad electrical issues but got them straightened out and made the 120 mile trek to Bethpage Campground. This is the biggest campground that I have ever been to. About 1200 sites, it also has 231 cable channels and a boat/RV wash. And the drive along US17 and VA28 was very relaxing. The only downside about this trip was that it was hot as hell. On Friday, 06/12/2015 we went to explore Urbanna and Reidville and took a river cruise. On Saturday, 06/13/2015 we hung around the campground and fished, swam, relaxed, played mini golf and ate ice cream.And on Sunday, 06/14/2015 is was back home again. -MBC

The Breeze @ Bethpage CG, VA
The Breeze @ Bethpage CG, VA.
Entrance @ Bethpage CG, VA
Entrance @ Bethpage CG, VA.

06/23/2015, Walmar Campground, Dillsburg, PA. Very hot day and interesting campground. Left Manassas around 12 noon and got to the campground around 3 oclock in the afternoon. I called earlier that day to verify that I still had a reservation since I left a voicemail the previous Friday and no one returned my call. A nice lady answered and said to pick any site, then go to the camp host at site 31 to settle up. So I did. The camp host was not there. So I hooked up and my cable did not work. So I set up the dish. Anyway, this place is a collection of rental houses, houses for sale, lots for sale, RV sites and tent sites. In my opinion, the tent sites looked the best. So if I get the dish working I will be happy. However, with no working cable and high grass at my site this campground only gets 2 stars. -MBC

Walmar Manor CG Sign
Walmar Manor CG Sign.
Tent Camp Area, Walmar CG
Tent Camp Area, Walmar CG.
The Breeze @ Walmar Manor CG
The Breeze @ Walmar Manor CG.

06/24/2015, Kings Campground, Dillsburg, PA. This is another campground that I checked out for users of the Mason-Dixon Trail. It is about 1.5 miles north of where the M-DT crosses US15 at Century Lane/Cabin Hollow Road south of Dillsburg, PA. 72 sites, all have water and 30/50A service. The electric hookups looked fairly new. No sewer, but they have a dump station. No cable or wifi. The rate is 30.00. Here are the pros and cons of this campground:

Pros- friendly staff, good Verizon cell signal, nice pool, bath house and hot showers.

Cons- No sewer service. You have to use the dump station. It s a bit confusing here as this place goes by the names Kings Campground and Kings Kids Campground. No cable or wifi but but I had a dish and a hot spot . I was a bit apprehensive about staying here as the campground does have a religious affiliation. However, no one tried to hard sell me to convert or goto any meetings. So I was happy. Of the two campgrounds that I have stayed at this week, this one is the better of the two. -MBC

Sign @ Kings CG, PA
Sign @ Kings CG, PA.
The Breeze @ Kings CG, PA
The Breeze @ Kings CG, PA.

07/08/2015, Elizabeth Furnace Campground, GW/JNF, VA. I had hiked and backpacked this area for over 20 years but never had stayed in this campground. So when I when I decided to check out 2 campgrounds that were close to home and that I had not stayed at before this one was first on my list. Here are the pros and cons:

Pros- Only 14 dollars a night, very nice camp hosts, nice bath house with warm showers.

Cons- No water, no electric and no sewer. You have a water pump, some privies, flush toilets and a dump station. Some of the new water fountains did not work.

I think that RV s up to 35 feet could fit in here. If you get a site close to the road, you hear road noise. If you get a site at the back of the campground, you are in danger of being flooded if Passage Creek rises. Pick your poison. Anyway, this is a nice place to hike, backpack and chill. No cell phones work here. No satellite dishes work here. No over air antennas work here. It is truly back to nature here. -MBC

Fee Area, Elizabth Furnace CG, VA
Fee Area, Elizabeth Furnace CG.
The Breeze @ Elizabeth Furnace Campground, VA
The Breeze @ Elizabeth Furnace CG.

07/09/2015, Cedar Mountain Campground, Culpeper, VA. I am not sure how to begin this review. This campground looked like it was once a nice campground. But now it has fallen on hard times. About 60 sites. Some have W/E/S. No one was minding the campground when I arrived. I had to call a phone number that was painted on the wall of the bath house. I was told by a nice lady to occupy a certain site and someone would be around to collect the money. So I did. There was trash all over the site. I had to take a black plastic trash bag and filled it half way up with trash. There were 2 travel trailers on each side of me. Both were dirty, run down, had pieces missing and hoses, cables, trash and insulation strewn around them. One had at least 2 junker cars behind it. When I went to hook up my sewer line I opened the cap and there was compacted feces 2 inches below the cap. I should have left right then. But I didn t.

I got all set up and got the dish working. The 30A connection was on a weathered log, had no front plate, no containment box, no cutoff switch and was exposed to the elements. The maintenance man came around a few hours later to collect the money. He was very nice. However, when I complained about the trash he said that the full timers created the trash. He also said that their manager had recently left and that was why he was collecting the money. So later I took a walk around the campground. It was bad. The tenting area looked like it had not been maintained in years. The urinal in the mens room was broken. There were about 20 full timers here. Some had nice looking RVs and sites. Some did not. They had a nice fishing pond but it looked tough to get to because of the high grass.

3 positives that I will say about this campground were that both of the employees were very nice, though did not appear to agree with my observations, offer solutions or apologize for the condition of the park. And the site numbers were well marked with big signs. (I hit the max length). -MBC
Rating: No Stars

Old Park Trailer, Cedar MTN CG, VA
Old Park Trailer, Cedar MTN CG, VA.
The Breeze @ Cedar MTN Campground, VA
The Breeze @ Cedar MTN
Campground, VA.
Old sign @ Cedar MTN CG, VA
Old sign @ Cedar MTN CG, VA.

07/22/2015, Endless Caverns RV Resort, New Market, VA. After the last few googie campgrounds that I have stayed at this past month I needed to go someplace nice to camp. And I am glad that I stayed at Endless Caverns RV Resort near New Market, VA the night of 07/22/2015. The weather was a bit cooler than it had been. The place was immaculate. Passport America rate was 22.00. The staff was friendly. And they had every amenity except cable TV. But the dish worked and one can get OTA reception from Harrisonburg, VA. This campground is built into the side of S Massanutten MTN. It is terraced with large stones separating the 300 sites. The pool was nice...and cold! The bathhouses were clean and modern. The campground was only about 10 percent full on a Wednesday night the 3rd week of July. There is pizza delivery available to this place. I took the caverns tour. I was the only person there so I had a private tour. I am happy that some good campgrounds do exist. And Endless Caverns is one of them! -MBC

Entrance, Endless Caverns, VA
Entrance, Endless Caverns, VA.
Tour, Endless Caverns, VA
Tour, Endless Caverns, VA.
The Breeze @ Endless Caverns, VA
The Breeze @ Endless Caverns, VA.

08/26/2015, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, Gettysburg, PA. This is part of a 4 (maybe 5) night, 5 (maybe 6) day loop of PA and MD. I sat through a 2 hour timeshare beat up session here earlier this month. So, as a result, I got 1000 dollars worth of free camping. This was my first night using it. It was really free! My site was slightly unlevel. But that was OK. I pointed downhill and was able to sleep with my head higher than my feet. I liked this campground. It had clean, modern restrooms. The wifi was good. No cable or sewer so I used my outdoor amplified antenna and got 10 channels. I used the dump station at the next campground (though they had one here). Nice fishing pond (though I didn t catch any), nice pool (though I only went in up to my knees) and nice campstore. Overall, I had a nice stay here. And I get to stay 29 more times in the next year. -MBC

Solar panel on The Breeze
Solar panel on The Breeze.
Sign @ GBR CG, PA
Sign @ GBR CG, PA.
The Breeze @ GBR, PA
The Breeze @ GBR, PA.

08/27/2015, Otter Creek Campground, Airville, PA. This is night 2 of a 4 night, 5 day loop of PA and MD. I ve car camped here and backpacked into here a few times. But this is the first time that I have RV camped here. And it was great! This campground caters to hikers, bicyclists and boaters. It is at the confluence of Otter Creek and the Susquehanna River near Airville, PA. Both pit and flush toilets, which were clean. Laundry, camp store, pay showers and E/W. They have 2 dump stations. Staff was excellent. Didn t use the dish because of trees but I got 4 OTA channels with the amplified rotating antenna. Did some hiking while there and had a great time. The Otter Creek gorge is fantastic! 95 sites. -MBC

The Breeze @ Otter Creek CG, PA
The Breeze @ Otter Creek CG, PA.
Sign @ Otter Creek CG, PA
Sign @ Otter Creek CG, PA.

08/28/2015, Susquehanna State Park, Havre de Grace, MD. 69 sites, 8 have electric only.I got one of them. They have a picnic area adjacent to the campground and there are historic areas as well as the Mason-Dixon Trail close by. The bathhouses are first rate and are close to all sites. My only complaints are that the trails in the park could be better marked and my site wasn t quite level. But this is a nice park for hiking, boating or just getting away. These were nights 22 and 23 spent this year. -MBC

09/16/2015, Seneca Shadows Campground, Seneca Rocks, WV. Nights 24, 25, 26 and 27. Julie and I arrived on Wednesday, 9/16 mid afternoon. The 130 mile trip was rough as we had to go over Great North Mountain on WV/VA55. Anyway, we made it, got set up, explored the visitors center and had dinner. On 9/17 we did Seneca Caverns and Spruce Knob. On 9/18 we did an Indian Festival in Franklin. On 9/19 we did Cass Scenic Railroad, the NARAO and went to Parsons. We then went home on 9/20. Seneca Rocks is right across the street. Pros and Cons of this campground:

Pros- Friendly staff, lots of hiking, climbing, canoeing, fishing, antiqueing and getting away from it all.

Cons- No cell service, no wifi, no satellite dishes, no OTA. I only had 30A at my site. 20A was broken. Since there is no cell service in this area, public phones are a must. However, a number of them (including the one in this campground) did not work. This is an outdoorsmans campground. If you cant break free from the bonds of Internet slavery, this place isnt for you. Total trips since 2012 are 51. -MBC

View of Seneca Rocks, WV
View of Seneca Rocks, WV.
Sign @ Seneca Shadows CG, WV
Sign @ Seneca Shadows CG, WV.
Another view of Seneca Rocks, WV
Another view of Seneca Rocks, WV.
Boulder Flow, Spruce Knob, WV
Boulder flow, Spruce Knob, WV.
View from Spruce Knob, WV
View from Spruce Knob, WV.

10/14/2015, Heavenly Acres Campground, Stanardsville, VA. Unfortionately, this campground closed at the end of 2018. 44 sites, E W S available. Very nice campground. Nice setting. Has RV and tent sites as well as basic, deluxe cabins and cabooses! Here are the Pros and Cons:

Pros- Friendly staff, 2 bars for Verizon cell service, outhouses have flush toilets.

Cons- Dump station was out of order, my electric box had no 15A outlet so I could not plug in my ceramic heater, not all of the sites were numbered. These were not major issues, IMO.

So I liked this campground and probably would return again some day. Night 28 in 2015, trip 52 since 2012. -MBC

Sign @ Heavenly Acres CG, VA
Sign @ Heavenly Acres CG, VA.
The Breeze @ Heavenly Acres CG, VA
The Breeze @ Heavenly Acres CG, VA.

11/11/2015, Greenville Farm Campground, Haymarket, VA. It was 3 years ago last month that I made my first RV trip in The Breeze to this campground. So 53 trips and 6000 miles later, I returned. Somewhere around 160 sites. About 20 have E W S. This is a working farm. Not many activities close by. But the scenery is nice, satellite dishes work well in the W E S area. And they have a cell tower disguised as a silo so Verizon cell service is good. No wifi. Not a lot has changed at this campground since I was here in 2012. And I like it that way! 38 dollars for E W S. No discounts offered. -MBC

Sign @ Greenville Farm CG, VA
Sign @ Greenville Farm CG, VA.
Cell tower disguised as silo
Cell tower disguised as silo.
The Breeze @ Greenville Farm CG, VA
The Breeze @ Greenville Farm CG, VA.

12/09/2015, Prince William Forest RV Campground, Dumfries, VA. My December, 2015 trip was at Prince William Forest RV Park. About 76 sites. Fire pits only at 2 sites. You can bring your own portable fire pit or rent one from them. You can t bring outside wood to this park. I did some hiking, just chilled and ate a lot. I experimented with my Dish and OTA antenna. I got 50 channels on the Dish and 44 on the OTA. So it looks like I ll be cancelling Dish. Anyway, this is an older park but it has just about all of the amenities. I like it. -MBC

Sign @ PWF RV Park, VA
Sign @ PWF RV Park, VA.
The Breeze @ PWF RV Park, VA
The Breeze @ PWF RV Park, VA.

01/07/2016, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, Gettysburg, PA. I took the RV up to Gettysburg Battlefield Resort to camp for the nights of 1/12-13/2016. I had 29 more free nights to camp so I took advantage of it. Man, was it cold! Temps were 20/43 on Tuesday and 18/31 on Wednesday. I m not sure if there were any other campers there. I had internet, satellite and OTA so I was fine. It was a balmy 65 degrees in the RV during my stay. I m going to try and do some hiking today so we ll see how far I get in the cold. -MBC

02/28/2016, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. I picked 2 nice, warm February days to camp here. The weather was great, I had a BOGO coupon, I had a great fire the first night and I had 43 OTA channels. The only bad thing about this trip was that I AGAIN could not get the Dish to work. I asked at the office and for next year and they told me which sites were best. I hiked about 2 miles up and 2 miles back along the Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, which was muddy as hell. 150 sites, friendly staff. They have made numerous improvements to this park in the off season such as frost free water spikots, wooden posts around all power pedestals new gravel on a good portion of sites. I had a nice time and I m glad that I got to all 3 local campgrounds this winter. -MBC

The Breeze @ Bull Run Regional CG, VA
The Breeze @ Bull Run Regional CG, VA.
Sign @ Bull Run Regional CG, VA
Sign @ Bull Run Regional CG, VA.

03/22/2016, KOA Harrisonburg, VA. I had to decide quick on a trip that was close, open and had full hookups so I could de- winterize. So I went to KOA Harrisonburg. Actually, it s in Broadway, VA and a few miles south of Endless Caverns Campground where I camped last year. About 100 sites including primitive campsites, this one has all of the amenities that KOAs have. The staff was friendly, cable was OK, the OTA antenna did not work and, after about 3 hours, I got the Dish to work. There was a hiking trail that went up to the top of Massanutten Mountain. I got about 2/3 of the way up and got too tired. So I came back down and got 2 hours of hiking in. In closing I had a pleasant stay here and would return again. -MBC

Sign @ KOA Harrisonburg, VA
Sign @ KOA Harrisonburg, VA.
Another sign @ KOA Harrisonburg, VA
Another sign @ KOA
Harrisonburg, VA.
A 3rd sign @ KOA Harrisonburg, VA
A 3rd sign @ KOA
Harrisonburg, VA.
The Breeze @ KOA Harrisonburg, VA
The Breeze @ KOA
Harrisonburg, VA.

05/31/2016, The Cove Campground, Gore, VA. I wasn t sure what to expect when I made a 2 night reservation at The Cove. I read mixed reviews and my girlfriend and nephew, who accompanied me, were not that impressed. However, I saw a diamond in the rough here. Below are my pros and cons:

Pros- Sportsman s Paradise. If you shoot, fish, ATV or hike, this place is for you! Pristine setting between 2 mountains with numerous lakes. Close to Tuscarora Trail and Great North Mountain.

Cons- Our site wasn t level. We were supposed to have an electric and water site. However, our water spigot was a common water spigot and malfunctioned numerous times during our stay. The final 2 mile approach to this campground is not for the faint of heart or people with vehicles that they really care about.

So being an outdoors person I liked this campground and may return some day.

PS- This is the 50th campground that I have visited since I got The Breeze. -MBC

06/22/2016, Sherando Lake Campground, Lyndhurst, VA. This was part of a 2 day trip. I was a bit scared about making this trip. We had bad thunderstorms the day before I left. And they were calling for more rain between midnight and 6/24. Well see. Anyway this is the first time that I have been to Sherando Lake in about 12 years. The first time I tent camped. And I caught some fish in the bigger lake. Since I am retired now I need to cut back money wise so this time no fishing license, no ice and no worms. The first half of the day has been great. Its not hot out, the scenery is nice and again, they raked my campsite before I arrived. So Im just going to chill tonight and ride out the storm. Tomorrow its onto KOA Walnut Hills Staunton, VA, then home. (No cell service, wi-fi or cable. Satellite worked at site C16. Did not try OTA.) -MBC

The Breeze @ Sherando Lake CG, VA
The Breeze @ Sherando Lake CG, VA.

06/23/2016, Walnut Hills Staunton, VA KOA. I tent camped here about 15 years ago. Now Ive RV camped here. About 150 sites, nice lake, friendly staff. The sites are a bit tight but the grass is well kept and you get a fire ring. Also 30A/water/sewer/cable. It was surprisingly crowded for a Thursday night.

This latest 2 day trip saw a lot of rain. However, a bad day camping is still better than a good day at work. -MBC

Window view @ KOA Staunton, VA
Window View @ KOA Staunton, VA.

07/27/2016, Gettysburg Battlefield Resort, PA. This was my 4th and probably final stay here. I got 30 free night here but my 1 year time period expires next week. Again, staff was nice, spot was right next to the bath house, pool was a welcome relief on a 100 degree day. The best thing about this trip was the firewood. It was by and made a very nice fire! Cell service was very good but the wi-fi appeared to be overloaded, couldnt connect. -MBC

07/28/2016, Old Mill Stream Campground, Lancaster, PA. Getting here was terrible due to an oversized load on US 15 and 30. The normally 1 hour trip took 3 hours! The campground was very nice. Friendly staff, lots of mature trees, full hookups, level site. However, no pool, they dont sell worms even though they had a good sized stream behind the campground. Farm fields with cows and corn made for a beautiful view behind the campground. Went to Dutch Wonderland. This place is really for kids ages 3-10. Lancaster is very non-pedestrian friendly and has too many outlet malls, fast food joints and motels. Back to the campground. The firewood did not burn well. -MBC

The Breeze @ Old Mill Stream CG, PA
The Breeze @ Old Mill Stream CG, PA.
View of Old Mill Creek, PA
View of Old Mill Creek, PA.
Another view of Old Mill Creek, PA
Another view of Old Mill Creek, PA.
A 3rd view of Old Mill Creek, PA
A 3rd view of Old Mill Creek, PA.
Sign @ Old Mill Stream Campground, PA
Sign @ Old Mill Stream Campground, PA.

09/14/2016, KOA Williamsburg, VA. This is actually 2 campgrounds: a newer campground with about 165 sites and an older campground, connected by a trail, that has about 131 sites (which we stayed in). We did the Williamsburg and Jamestown things. Overall I thought that this was a nice campground. Here are my Pros and Cons:

Pros- Friendly staff, good cable and wi-fi, clean restrooms, got good rate because of VKR card.

Cons- A large (80-100) group of teenagers were staying near us and were very noisy on Friday and Saturday nights, the keypad controlled gate came down on my toad and put 2 good sized dents on my A pillar.

Some reviews said that the sites were too small. There are some sites for larger rigs . Most are smaller. But since my rig is only 24 feet long, it was not a problem for us. -MBC

10/12/2016, Walmar Manor Campground, Dillsburg, PA. I thought that I would not be staying here again anytime soon. However, I had to attend a meeting of the Franklin Township, PA Board of Supervisors to get a relocation of the Mason-Dixon Trail through Franklin Township Park approved. Now, for the campground- the rate was right at 19 dollars, the camp host was very nice, the bathrooms were very nice, though they were locked. But I had a key. The best thing about this campground is the tent camping area. Very nice but Bermudian Creek, which surrounds the camping area, is prone to flooding. 10 trips so far this year! -MBC

11/28/2016, Pohick Bay Regional Park, Lorton, VA. About 100 sites. I was last here about 3 years ago. Had an electric only site. Staff was nice. I didnt back into a tree this time. Did a nice hike within Meadowood Special Recreation and Management Area close by. Monday was nice weatherwise. It started raining early Tuesday morning. The power went out for a short time during the night, then all together on Tuesday morning around 9:15 AM. I hope the issue was with the campground and not my rig. (The power was upgraded at this campground in 2018.) -MBC

12/27/2016, Aquia Pines Campground, Stafford, VA. For my December trip I went back to Aquia Pines. They had a brewery there this time. I forgot my Nalgene bottles and there was a problem at my site. But the manager/owner replaced the 30A switch at my site and all was well. The weather was nice- close to 70 degrees. I went to their brew pub and had a shandy and a Leatherneck lager. Both were very good. The night was cold but the heat worked well. So the last trip of 2016 is in the books. -MBC

01/24/2017, Kings Dominion Campground, Doswell, VA. I had to write down the TV channels since they weren t on the park map. Over 300 sites, about 1.5 miles from Kings Dominion Park.

Pros- Nice staff, clean restrooms, I actually got to camp on a concrete pad for the first time, good strong wifi.

Cons- There were no local channels on their cable and their channel list is not posted anywhere.

Other than these 2 small items I had a nice time and would return to this campground. -MBC

02/25/2017, Woodlands Camping Resort, Elkton, MD. I knew going in that this was primarily a workers camp and that there would be a good number of full timers. However, I had an appointment close by and this was a convenient place to stay. The rate was $45.00. Here are the pros and cons:

Pros- Friendly staff, bathrooms clean and recently painted, a number of construction projects, most full timers sites were well maintained.

Cons- No 30A service at my site, my site was within a traffic circle, 50-75 percent full timers. -MBC

03/24/2017, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. I had a BOGO coupon so I visited one of my base camps. Got a proposal done for the MDTS, took a walk around the campground and just chilled. This is a nice campground. Been here 7-8 times now. The only issue is that I have always had a problem with TV reception here. Both on Dish and OTA. -MBC

04/27/2017, KOA Fredericksburg, VA. We returned here as part of a trip to the Virginia Good Sam Samboree on 4/28-30/2017 in Doswell, VA. As before this campground was well maintained and the staff was friendly. Went fishing in their pond and Julie caught a sunfish. They also have a snack bar where we got dinner. We grilled hamburgers for lunch. Very good cable reception. -MBC

04/28/2017, Good Sam VA State Samboree, Doswell, VA. This was held at the Meadow Event Park, home of the Virginia State Fair. Over 200 RV s. They placed us near the entrance. We had W/E/S. Everyone was very nice to us since we were first timers. There were lots of activities. Julie won 4 times at Bingo, which they called Samgo. I won a bag of salad that was used in a cooking demonstration (I forgot the name of the product). We had a nice time and now have to decide if we want to join one of the Virginia chapters. The Potomac Dogwoods may be who we go with. -MBC

05/19/2017, Candy Hill Campground, Winchester, VA. This is the second time that I have camped here. This time we (Julie and I) camped with the Potomac Dogwoods group, part of the Virginia chapter of the Good Sam Club. I showed up Friday afternoon. After some searching I found the group. We had a group dinner of hot dogs, beans and cookies. We had a nice camp fire afterwards. On Saturday morning Julie arrived and We had a freezer bag omelet for breakfast, went to a craft/wine festival in Front Royal, Sonic for lunch and Walmart for salad for our potluck dinner contribution. The dinner was good. We left on Sunday morning. We had a nice time this weekend. -MBC

06/15/2017, Prince William Forest RV Campground, Dumfries, VA. This is one of my basecamps. I usually stay here in the winter but chose June this time. An older campground but has all of the amenities. Did a 6 mile hike the morning that I left. The pool was very refreshing on a hot day. Nice time! -MBC

07/29/2017, Americamps, Ashland, VA. I sold my Dish Tailgater earlier this month. This was a Good Sam/Potomac Dogwoods outing. Traffic on I95 on a Friday afternoon is bad. Add a lot of rain and it is very bad. Friday night we had dinner and beers at Center of the Universe Brewery right across the street, then had a group get together at 9:00 PM (sort of late for me). Saturday it rained again. We went to the Washington Redskins training camp facility, hit the James River Winery, ate lunch at Cicis and had a pot luck dinner on Saturday night. Sunday, the day we went home, had the best weather. Here are the pros and cons of this campground:

Pros- Nice staff, clean bathrooms, good cable/electric/water, rate was 40 dollars. Cons- Campsites too close together, I95 road noise. -MBC

08/18/2017, Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA. 30 dollars a night, 340 sites, beautiful lake, clean bathrooms, good power. Went here for a meeting of the Mason-Dixon Trail System. Lived off a Jim and Neenas large cheese and pepperoni pizza for 24 hours. Only bummer was that it rained both evenings this weekend. I have now car, RV, motorcycle and backpack camped at Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA. -MBC

09/15/2017, Capital KOA, Millersville, MD. 36 dollars a night. It was VKR appreciation day on 9-16 so we got a free night. Went with the Virginia Dogwoods to a Mexican Restaurant Friday night. It was very good. Then, Julie and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday. Here are the pros and cons of this campground:

Pros- Friendly staff, sites are a decent size, good camp store. Cons- No cable, nature trail in need of maintenance, hot water in showers and sinks comes and goes. -MBC

10/06/2017, Gifford Pinchot State Park, Lewisbury, PA. I violated one of my cardinal rules. I camped at the same campground twice in the same year. The reason was that I had a chance to get 2 free nights of camping in an electric only spot in exchange for doing trail work. So I did. the spot was decent and I found a shortcut trail to take me to the Mason-Dixon Trail.The work was tough but I survived. I then led an MDT maps committee meeting. Then I went home. -MBC

11/28/2017, R and D Family Campground, Sparta, VA. As of 10/30/2017 I have owned The Breeze for 5 years. About 45 sites, 2/3s full timers. Sites were in good shape. About 4 miles east of I95 this campground is small but well taken care of. When I booked this reservation I told them I had a Passport America card. The day before I arrived I checked the PA site. This campground was not listed. When I arrived the owner gave me the PA price but told me that he is dropping PA. The reason is that he is full most of the time so why should he give 50 percent off if near capacity when he can give only 10 percent for Good Sam or 15 percent for Escapees. He has a point. -MBC

Fire pit @ R&D Family CG, VA
Fire pit @ R&D Family CG, VA.
The Breeze @ R&D Family CG, VA
The Breeze @ R&D Family CG, VA.
Sign @ R&D Family CG, VA
Sign @ R&D Family CG, VA.

11/29/2017, Rocky Branch Marina and Campground, Spottsylvania Court House, VA. (Do not count this one.) I tried to stay here. They did not return my email 2 weeks before I left. Their website said first come, first served so I decided to stop by on the way home from R and D Campground and see if they had availability. When I showed up the view of what I thought was Lake Anna was beautiful! But there was no one there! I found an old man raking leaves. He mumbled something about going to a brick house up the hill. I did. Again, no one was there. So I went home. -MBC
Rating: No Stars

01/25/2018, Lake Fairfax Park, Reston, VA. This was the third time that I stayed here. I was originally assigned site 61. However, there was no power at the pole. Site 59 was out also. So I called the office, then moved to site 60. It was a cold night, low of 26. But the internal RV temperature was 68 so all was good. Most equipment worked well except my power strip and the rechargeable TV battery died. It was great to get out on this first trip of 2018. -MBC

03/30/2018, KOA Fredericksburg, VA. This is also the third time that I have stayed here. With the Good Sam Virginia Dogwoods this time. We went to a nice Italian Restaurant on Friday night. Julie and I went to some wineries on Saturday, then a potluck with the group on Saturday night. Sunday morning we had a leftover potluck breakfast. Then we went home. This is a very nice campground. I probably won t be back here unless my grand daughter Jillian, who lives close by, wants to go RV camping. -MBC

04/11/2018, Little Bennett Regional Park, Clarksburg, MD. I wanted to check out this park since it was the closest Passport America campground to where I live. PA price was $15.50 so I was happy. The good news was that the park was making all of their RV sites full hookups. The bad news was that the only sites available today were tent sites with no hookups. I hesitated making the reservation as my genset is very finicly when its below 40 degrees. The lady on the phone said that since no one else was at the campground that night, that I could run my genset as long as I wanted. So I went. The campground is very nice. No cable or wifi. T-Mobile cell service was good. They placed me next to the bathhouse. I did a nice 2 mile loop hike. The genset worked so I had heat, TV, etc. between 6:30 and 8:30 PM. I used the zero degree sleeping bag and numerous hand warmers in my sleeping bag so I was warm all night. The next morning the genset did not work because it was below 40 degrees. So I ran the engine heat for awhile to get warm. I have a BOGO coupon for this campground so I would like to bring Julie back here sometime this year. -MBC

04/29/2018, Pocahontas State Park, Chesterfield, VA. My son John asked if I could be a volunteer at the Richmond Ragnar Relay Race. Since I had never camped at Pocahontas SP where this race was taking place I said yes. The drive down to Chesterfield was nice on Thursday as compared to a Friday. Checkin was good. However, I bottomed out the RV while trying to back into spot 19. So I went back to the office and they gave me site 17. I met Johns running team on Friday. They were all very nice and thought highly of John. I did trash duty in the Ragnar Village on Friday night, then worked a road crossing early on Saturday morning. I just slept and chilled the rest of Saturday and left on Sunday. Now I have finally been to The Pokie and I visited 2 new campgrounds in April. -MBC

Sign @ Pocahontas SP, VA
Sign @ Pocahontas SP, VA.
John & I after the race
John & I after the race.
Fire pit selfie
Fire pit selfie.
The Breeze @ The Pokie
The Breeze @ The Pokie.
Another shot of The Breeze
Another shot of The Breeze.

05/17/2018, Christopher Run Campground, Mineral, VA. About 164 sites. It rained like crazy on the way here and while we stayed here. Picked up some fatwood at Plow and Hearth in Madison, VA on the way down. The site that we had was sloped 12-15%. I had to use every leveling block that I had to make The Breeze level enough for the fridge to work.

Pros- Friendly staff, good power and water, bathroom was clean, huge trees, probably a good fishermans campground.

Cons- Facilities looked dated, no working locks on bathroom stalls or hooks on bathroom doors, lots of full timers whose rigs didn t look all that great.

The rate was $33.50. I may return here some day to fish. T Mobile had zero bars, AT and T had 4 to 5 bars. I had never been here before. Water and electric hookups were right at the next site so I had to stretch my hookup lines to make it work. -MBC

Sign @ Christopher Run CPD, VA
Sign @ Christopher Run CPD, VA.

05/18/2018, Small Country Campground, Louisa, VA. Rain, rain, rain. It rained all day as we travelled from Christopher Run CG to Small Country CG. Over 200 sites, we got checked in and set up. Rain. We went to Cooper Vineyards, then came back to the campground. Rain. We couldn t find anyone to go to dinner with so we went to Abrogados in Louisa. Very good food. Rain. Had a group breakfast on Saturday morning and am looking forward to a barbecue on Saturday night. Now we have to figure out what to do with ourselves during the day today. The tomorrow it is time to go home. 6th park this year, 5th trip this year. -MBC

06/08/2018, Prince William Forest RV Campground, Dumfries, VA. I have stayed here 6 times now. More than any other park. I was not that impressed this time. First off, their wifi was broken. It was hit by lightning over a week ago and still not fixed. I got the hot spot working on my phone but I did not want to burn up all of my minutes with it. So I used wifi sparingly. Still no air conditioning in the bathrooms. The showers had good hot water but the stalls were dirty and there was trash on the floors. John is running a race here but I won t see him until tomorrow morning. So I will have to hustle to get packed up and meet him by 8:00 AM. Something tells me that this may be my last year of RVing. -MBC

07/13/2018, Misty Mountain Camp Resort, Crozet, VA. I always look forward to these trips. I just don t like getting the RV prepped for one. Anyway we had a good trip from Manassas to Crozet, VA. We went to dinner at Blue Mountain Brewery on Friday, then had a neat camp fire. Today, Saturday, we plan to have a group breakfast with the Potomac Dogwoods, then explore Crozet, then possibly swim, then fish on Sunday, again a group breakfast, then back home. This is the 4th first time campground that I have been to this year. -MBC

10/09/2018, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA. I honestly did not think that I would be taking The Breeze out again. But here I was setting up camp in Bull Run Regional Park. I got The Breeze fixed for about one half of what the Ford dealer was going to charge. It still needs more work and may still get donated. But its back on the road. This park was very good as usual. The most fun part of this trip was having a campfire and watching the Saints-Redskins game on Monday Night Football (even though the Skins lost). -MBC

12/05/2018, Prince William Forest RV Campground, Dumfries, VA. Went here to

evaluate Legacy Premium Chili Mac.

Forgot a lot of things but still had a nice time. More things wearing out on The Breeze (just like me). Not sure how long either of us will be able to keep doing this. -MBC

The Breeze @ PWFP RV Cmpgrnd, VA
The Breeze @ PWFP RV Cmpgrnd, VA.
Evaluating Legacy Chili Mac
Evaluating Legacy Chili Mac.

04/04/2019, KOA Fredericksburg, VA. The 4th time that we have stayed here and the first time since July, 2018. As usual this campground was great except for an employee using a backpack leaf blower all afternoon while julie was trying to sleep. About 115 sites. Rate was around $67 and I got $25 off with some VKR points that I had. So the final price for a night was around $42, which was OK by me. -MBC

The Breeze @ KOA FBurg, VA
The Breeze @ KOA FBurg, VA.
Sign @ KOA FBurg, VA
Sign @ KOA FBurg, VA.

04/05/2019, Yogi Bear Jellystone Park, Gloucester Point (Hayes), VA. About 200 sites if you include tent and cabins. This campground was a bit more rustic than I expected. Our site looked like it was just recently refurbished and the facilities did look a bit run down. But we had a nice Good Sam Potomac Dogwoods rally there. On Saturday, April 6 Julie and I attended the Gloucester Point Daffodil Festival. Lots of vendors, food and daffodils there. We had a nice time. On Sunday we had a Dogwoods leftover breakfast and then back to reality. I m disappointed that I didn t get to go fishing this trip. It just didn t work out time wise. The rate here was a bit steep at $190 for 2 nights. No yabba dabba do for that. -MBC

Julie @ Daffodil Festival
Julie @ Daffodil Festival.
Gloucester Pt, VA Daffodil Fest
Gloucester Pt, VA Daffodil Fest.
Looking the other way
Looking the other way.
Sign for festival
Sign for festival.
Taken from the town square
Taken from the town square.
Sign @ Yogi Bear Jellystone CG
Sign @ Yogi Bear Jellystone CG.

04/29/2019, Mountain Lake Campground, Paris (or Boyce), VA. I had a good stay at a campground that has seen better days. Here are the pros and cons:
Pros: Beautiful scenery, staff is nice, $25 is a good price for a nights stay, bathhouses, though very dated, were clean, quiet and peaceful.
Cons: Lots of maintenance issues, the spring fed lake was breached during 2018 storms and is very shallow now, lots of abandoned cars and RVs, trash around office entrance, water was broken at my site, their web site was broken.
With some maintenance this could again be a very nice campground. Unfortunately, it is only a step above a Walmart parking lot at this time. -MBC

Sign @ Mtn Lake Cmpgnd, VA
Sign @ Mtn Lake Cmpgnd, VA.
The Breeze @ Mtn Lake Cmpgnd, VA
The Breeze @ Mtn Lake Cmpgnd, VA.
Lake that was breached
Lake that was breached.
Office @ Mtn Lake Cmpgnd, VA
Office @ Mtn Lake Cmpgnd, VA
One of many abandoned RV's
One of many abandoned RV's.
View of cmpgrnd from field
View of cmpgrnd from field.

05/19/2019, American Heritage RV Park, Williamsburg, VA. Had a burned out brake light in my Captiva so we couldn t toad here. Julie drove her vehicle. Here are the pros and cons: Pros- Park is well maintained, an Ok rate of 57.57 for WES, this parks offers a Good Sam 10% discount, lots to do nearby. Cons- No shade trees on our row, bath house was open but under construction, no bath house in rear of park. We ate with the Potomac Dogwoods at Fat Tuna Grill and Oyster House on Friday night. Very good, had a pot luck dinner on Saturday night and 2 potluck breakfasts. We toured Yorktown, VA on Saturday afternoon. About 150 sites. This was trip 96 and the third new to me campground that I have visited this year. A very nice weekend even though I95 and I64 were a parking lot. -MBC

American Heritage RV Park Entrance
American Heritage RV Park Entrance.
Premium site with deluxe fireplace
Premium site with deluxe fireplace.
The Breeze @ American Herritage RV Park
The Breeze @ American Herritage
RV Park.

07/21/2019, Small Country Campground, Louisa, VA . This trip occurred between July 19-21, 2019. This was our 3rd stay here, our second with the Good Sam Potomac Dogwoods Chapter. We knew that it was going to be hot going into this one. But it was worse! It got to 103 degrees outside of the RV on Saturday afternoon. The RV air conditioning could not keep up. It got to 90 degrees inside the RV at one point. But the AC eventually caught up and it got down to 59 degrees inside of The Breeze later in the evening. We ate as a group at a nice Italian restaurant in Louisa called the Roma. The freezer bag omelets that Donna P and I made for breakfast were a big hit. The pot luck dinner on Saturday night was great as usual. Julie and I lost at the cornhole tournament. I am only giving Small Country Campground 4 stars this time. The reasons were that the water had a slight sulfer taste to it, our site was not quite level, the cable TV was quirky and Mr. Small is selling this campground! -MBC

Sunrise @ Small Country CG, VA
Sunrise @ Small Country CG.
The Breeze @ Small Country CG, VA
The Breeze @ Small Country CG.
Lake Ruth Anne, Small Country CG, VA
Lake Ruth Anne, Small Country CG.
Dock, Small Country CG, VA
Dock, Small Country CG, VA.
Potomac Dogwoods Gathering 1
Potomac Dogwoods Gathering 1.
Potomac Dogwoods Gathering 2
Potomac Dogwoods Gathering 2.

08/19/2019, Navy Recreation Center Campground, Solomons, MD. At least 500 sites, this was another Potomac Dogwoods/Good Sam outing.
Thursday, 08/15/2019- Traffic on I95 was the usual misery but we made it to the campground by 3 PM. We got all hooked up and just chilled for the evening.
Friday, 08/16/2019- Went to AnneMarie Art Gardens and Gallery, Cove Point Winery, swam in the pool, had a drink at The Tiki Bar and had dinner at the Lighthouse Restaurant.
Saturday, 08/17/2019- Attended potluck breakfast, bought supplies, had custard, took a nap, had root beer float, ate a potluck dinner and played cornhole.
Sunday, 08/18/2019- Had leftover potluck breakfast, packed up and went home.
This campground is meant for Navy personnel and their guests. One of our fellow Good Sam members is retired Army so he sponsered us.
Pros- Lots of amenities, good security, well staffed.
Cons- water had a sulfur smell, mens room toilets were hard flushing, lots of Navy jets flying overhead. -MBC

Pot Luck Leftover Breakfast
Pot Luck Leftover Breakfast.
Campground Entrance Sign
Campground Entrance Sign.
Dinner @ Lighthouse Restaurant
Dinner @ Lighthouse Restaurant.
Dock @ Solomons Island, MD
Dock @ Solomons Island, MD.
Sign @ AnneMarie Gardens, MD
Sign @ AnneMarie Gardens, MD.
Cool looking golf cart
Cool Looking golf cart.

10/11/2019, Artillery Ridge Campground and Horse Park, Gettysburg, PA. RV Trip Number 99! Made the leisurely drive from Manassas, VA to Gettysburg, PA on 10/11. Over 300 sites. This campground is different in that it caters to campers and horses. There are horse stalls, pastures and horse trails. Most amenities except no cable. I joined the Good Sam Potomac Dogwoods Chapter for a get together here this weekend. Julie had to work. We had a group meal of soup, bread and cheese on Friday night, croissants, ham and cheese on Saturday morning, 3 types of chili on Saturday night and a campground sponsored pancake breakfast on Sunday morning. There were 2 apple related festivals this weekend. I believe that fall has arrived. I checked the trip logs and on this weekend back in 2012 I made my first RV camping trip in The Breeze. So it is my 8th anniversary doing this stuff. -MBC

Sign @ Artillery Ridge CG
Sign @ Artillery Ridge CG.
RV lights at night
RV lights @ night.
Statue @ CG entrance
Statue @ CG entrance.
'The Breeze' @ site 68
'The Breeze' @ site 68.
Our Saturday night campfire
Our Saturday night campfire.
Nice Sunday morning sunrise
Nice Sunday morning sunrise.

11/25/2019, Aquia Pines Camp Resort and Brewery, Stafford, VA. This trip was special. It took me over 7 years and 16000 miles but I finally got to trip number 100 in my RV called The Breeze. This time I returned to Aquia Pines Camp Resort and Brewery in Stafford, VA on Monday, November 25, 2019. This was my third time here. Over 100 sites here. The weather started out cool, then got to the 60s and ended up being a nice day. I checked in, got set up, ate lunch, took a walk and then proceeded to the campground office to have a few beers. I had a Cherry Cream Ale, which was very good and a Fort Knox Lager, which was OK. This is one of the few campgrounds in the U.S. that has an onsite brewery. I had some good conversations with the owner/brewmaster and another camper that had some beers. It was a great way to celebrate 100 RV camping trips. I hope that I can make 100 more! -MBC

Sign @ Aquia Pines CG, VA
Sign @ Aquia Pines CG, VA.
Brewery sign @ Aquia Pines CG, VA
Brewery sign @ Aquia Pines CG, VA.
The Breeze @ Aquia Pines CG, VA
The Breeze @ Aquia Pines CG, VA.
Having a beer @ Aquia Pines CG, VA
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