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Third Winchester Battlefield, VA Day Hike

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I believe that this 3.5 mile hike took place on Saturday, November 17, 2007 but I'm not sure. Participants were myself, hike leader Charlie Johnson and a third gentleman whose name escapes me.

In the early 2000's the Rag Tag Rangers web site was pretty popular. We would get a lot of questions and people saying that they would like to hike with us. We would also have people just show up and say that they read about us online. This was one of those cases.

This battlefield is located just north of Winchester, VA near the intersection of routes 11, 37 and I81. It was made possible by the American Battlefield Trust. I remember that it was a cool November day and that this battlefield was very close to various businesses along US11. I'm not sure if I met Charlie at a restaurant or at the battlefield itself but we both were at the battlefield around 9ish. There was another gentleman waiting there to hike with us. I don't recall his name. So all three of us set out to explore this battlefield.

There were a few small loops to hike in this park. However, there were also a lot of 'spokes', which were linear trails eminating from the loops which one had to hike up and back on. The signage was very good. And I believe that they even expanded this park since we hiked there.

The unnamed gentleman hiking with us was a fast hiker and would get way ahead of us. I remember us losing him and then catching up to him again. He ended up going to hike the Cedar Creek Battlefield after we got done with this hike. A lot of history here that you will enjoy if you are into the civil war.

It would make for a great day of activities to hike this trail, the 1.7 miles of trail at Cedar Creek Battlefield just south of Winchester and just check out some of the neat places in and around this town. I took classes and got a degree near this town, worked in this town for a period of time long ago and my sons were born here. It's a nice place that deserves to be explored.

Mike C
Group picture before the hike
  Group picture before the hike.
  By Charlie Johnson
Marker @ battlefield entrance
  Marker @ battlefield entrance.
  By Charlie Johnson

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