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Day Hikes Near Wenatchee, WA

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08/20/2005- My ex-wife's nephew was getting married in August, 2005. So we flew out to Wenatchee, WA for the wedding. I knew that they would feed me well out there. Since I didn't want to gain a bunch of weight I decided to go on a few hikes while I was out there. I bought a book that had various hikes in Washington state. I asked my hosts what was nearby and if any of them would like to join me. No one wanted to join me as they were busy preparing for the wedding. But they did suggest Jacobson Preserve. So I got up early one morning and gave it a shot. It was cool when I started out. The trailhead was only a few miles from my hosts' house. It was off of a side street. It would be a moderately steep up for what looked like about 2 miles. The trail then continues along the summit of Old Butte and Saddlerock Mountains.

I had never hiked this type of terrain before. It was mostly desert like with a lot of sagebrush. As I ascended the mountain the temperature started soaring. I believe it was in the mid 90's when I was almost at the summit. I was getting very hot and very exhausted. So I turned around and returned to my rental Chevy Impala. Some pictures are to the right.

While here I wanted to at least set foot on the Pacific Crest Trail. The PCT was about 30 miles northwest of Wenatchee on US2. So I got up at 4:00 AM another morning and drove my Rental Impala to Stevens Pass, WA. I got there around 7:30 AM. I initially had a tough time finding the trail. Finally, I saw a trailhead kiosk so I knew I was there. I didn't have much time so I hiked a few miles south on the PCT, turned around, then returned to US2 and hiked a few miles north on the PCT. It was well graded and had no blazes. There were only rock cairns, the occassional sign and the very seldom seen PCT logo sign. Sorry for the poor quality pictures.

In 2012 I would attempt to hike a small section of the PCT in California. However, my host tried driving me to a trailhead west of Lake Tahoe. We were there in June but they had record snowfall the previous winter. While ascending the mountain towards the trailhead we ran into a 6 foot snowdrift across the road that had not yet melted. My host wanted to drive through it with a Ford Flex. I didn't want her to take a chance so I just said to turn around and we went and spent some time in Tahoe. So I didn't get to hike any of the PCT in CA.

Back to Wenatchee, WA another place that my ex-wife Nancy and I hiked was Ohme Gardens County Park in Wenatchee. The trails were not that long but this park is built on a steep hillside overlooking the Cascade Mountains and the city of Wenatchee. It was hot that day and the trails were steep. So we hiked some but didn't really enjoy it. It is a beautiful place but probably best hiked in the fall, winter or spring.

They have some very nice hiking in this area. One of my goals after visiting this area was to hike the PCT from Stevens Pass to Snoqualamie Pass, WA, a distance of about 70 miles. I'm not sure if I will ever get out the Washington State any time soon. But you never know.

Mike C

More Pictures

Wenatchee, WA & Columbia River
  Wenatchee, WA & Columbia River.
  By Mike Calabrese
Near the peak of Saddleback MTN, WA
  Near the peak of Saddleback MTN, WA.
  By Mike Calabrese

PCT kiosk @ US2 Stevens Pass, WA
  PCT kiosk @ US2 Stevens Pass, WA.
  By Mike Calabrese
PCT S of Stevens Pass, WA
  PCT S of Stevens Pass, WA.
  By Mike Calabrese

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