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Rady Park / WARF, Warrenton, VA, Day Hike

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This roughly 3.5 mile hike took place on Saturday, November 6, 2021. Participants were Tom O'Brien, Dave McIntyre, Abby Brue, Jason Brue, Carmen Brown and Mike Calabrese.

It's interesting in that you never know how many people will show up for these hikes. Initially, I thought that it was only going to be Dave and myself. However, when we met at the rear parking lot of Prince of Peace United Methodist Church in Manassas, VA at 8:00 AM it was Dave, Tom, Carmen and myself. When we got to the WARF at around 8:50 AM Jason and Abby joined us. So there would be a total crew of 6 for this hike.

The acronym WARF stands for Warrenton Aquatic and Recreation Facility. We staged Dave's vehicle at the WARF and then shuttled Jason and Tom's vehicle over to Rady Park, which was about 1.5 miles away. I couldn't find who Rady Park was named after but it is a small park on the northwestern side of Warrenton, VA that has benches, a pavillion, a creek running through it called Cattail Branch and trails. Google maps says that there is an arboretum there but we did not see one. We then started the hike at Rady Park.

We walked a few tenths of a mile to Bear Wallow RD, turned left and walked along it for about a tenth of a mile. Future plans call for extending this trail along a yet unbuilt segment of Timber Fence PKWY to Waterloo RD and the WARF. But, for now, we were taking an interim route. This trail was all asphalt or concrete. We crossed Bear Wallow, went through a short wooded section of trail then walked 3 blocks or about two tenths of a mile along Gay ST. This stretch was along a residential street. At one point a couple came out of their house and would be walking with us for a period of time.

After crossing Gold Cup DR we skirted the edge of Sam Tarr Park. It was a nice, very small park. The trail along this stretch was very woods like for about five tenths of a mile. We took a group picture along this stretch.

We turned right onto Waterloo RD, walked about two tenths of a mile, turned left and crossed Waterloo RD within a crosswalk and again entered the WARF facility. We hit the restroom, then continued onto the WARF grounds and trails. The few times that I reconned these trails there were either very few or no people here. However, they built at least a half dozen soccer fields here since then. And the trails within the WARF weaved around these fields. And the fields were packed with kids playing soccer as well as their parents watching them. I was a bit concerned about COVID but the majority of crowds were around the soccer fields and not on the trails.

So we walked the loop around the soccer fields. There was one medium sized up that led to the highpoint of this facility at the north end. It was here that we took a break and took some images.

We then continued on the path around the soccer fields. At one point we could have walked around another soccer field but Abby wanted to get back to the vehicles. So we cut this portion of the hike short, walked past a new roller blade hockey rink, which was neat, got back to Dave's vehicle, shuttled Jason, Abby and Tom back to Rady Park to get their vehicles, then went back to POPUMC.

This was an interesting hike. The weather was perfect. I hope that everyone else enjoyed this hike. At least they hiked on a trail that they had never been on before. Maybe they'll even hike it again someday.

Mike C

View of WARF 1
   View of WARF 1.
   By Mike Calabrese
View of WARF 2
   View of WARF 2.
   By Mike Calabrese
View of WARF 3
   View of WARF 3.
   By Mike Calabrese
View of WARF 4
   View of WARF 4.
   By Mike Calabrese
View of WARF 5
   View of WARF 5.
   By Mike Calabrese
Group pic during hike
   Group pic during hike.
   By Mike Calabrese
Ring of Trails around Warrenton
   Ring of Trails around Warrenton.
   By FTC, Inc

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