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Robertson Mountain, SNP, VA Backpacking Trip

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This 7 mile moderate to difficult backpacking trip took place the weekend of September 15-16, 2006. Participants were Marty Robb and Mike Calabrese.

After a stressful week at work, Mike and I began our Robertson Mountain trip with a hearty meal at the Country Cookin' in Warrenton. We were on the trail before 5 pm, looking forward to the promised beautiful weather (20% chance

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Close by is Old Rag Mountain. I hiked here a number of times. Here is a link to a 1998 trip.

rain). A few sprinkles, on the way in, soon reminded us that weatherman isn't always right.

After about an hour's walking, we made camp by a rushing stream. While I was out looking for a spot to hang our trail mix (the only food we brought), Mike was watching a bear splashing in the stream about 25 feet from where he was sitting. Needless to say, we hung our food pretty high.

The bear did not return. The rain did, giving the ground a pretty good soaking around 5 am, but it died away to a misty fog by the time we got up. We were on the trail by 7:30, and put in another five miles before heading out for a hearty lunch (Country Cookin' -- again :-). With the fog, the vistas were not

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great; but it was good hiking weather, a beautiful trail and a good workout. A 2200' elevation gain is nothing to sneeze at, whether you're going seven miles or seventeen. We saw only one group of four hikers along the trail, though we met at least 50 as we came in and went out along the Weakley Hollow Fire Road.

Wish y'all could have been there,

Marty R

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