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Occoquan Regional Park,
Lorton, VA Day Hike

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This was supposed to be a First Day Hike. However, I canceled this 2.5 mile loop hike because of the recent spike in the infection rates of the COVID-19 omicron varient and suggested that people hike this trail on their own. So I did just that on Monday, December 27, 2021.

I arrived at the first parking lot on the right after one entered Occoquan Regional Park at around 11:30 AM. The sky was cloudy and temps were in the 40's. They were calling for rain but I didn't believe them. I started out on the asphalt path along the Occoquan River. This portion of the trail was called the white trail.

I had last hiked this trail about 10-15 years ago so I wanted to make sure that

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the easy to moderate rating that I gave it was still accurate. I passed the official southern terminous of the Fairfax Cross County Trail and the dock where people put their boats into the Occoquan River. I'll assume that the white trail ended here and I was just on an asphalt trail now. There were a number of workers doing various things in the area. Most were landscapers but there was a guy sitting on a big piece of machinery in the middle of the trail. So I wisely went around him.

I successfully traversed the eastbound leg of this trail at about .7 miles and turned left to start the northbound portion. After about .2 miles I came to a four way intersection. Remember this intersection as you will have two choices for doing this hike. I'll explain them at the end of this trip log.

I walked across the intersection and about in about fifty feet saw a blue arrow laying on the ground at the eastern terminous of the blue trail. It was a half circle of about .7 miles that went from east to west. The trail was well blazed. Maybe even too well blazed. The trail traveled east for about a hundred and fifty feet. Then it went downhill, turned left and proceeded up a flooded draw. The footing was not that good. There was a blowdown about one hundred feet up this draw that made it even more difficult. I shimmied over the blowdown and had to take a break. They need to relocate this portion of trail further up the hill to avoid this flooded draw.

At this point the trail made a western ark. It would go up good sized hills, then go down good sized hills. It would cross two old roads and finally turn left and come back down to the park road. I saw two interesting things while on this trail: 1) There were piles of bricks scattered along and beside this trail and; 2) I saw signs that were similar to the ones we saw when hiking within

Laurel Hill Park

a few miles away from here in December, 2021. The signs said "D.C.D.C 4 Inch Main". I have not varified this but it looks like the land that made up Lorton Reformatory stretched all the way from Lorton RD down to the Occoquan River at one point.

When I got back down to the park road I continued westbound, passed the

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Suffragist Memorial (which I assume is to commerate women protesting for the right to vote who were arrested and detained here in the early 20th century), the brick kiln (which I assume was used by the inmates at the Lorton Reformatory), then returned to my vehicle at around 12:30 PM.

OK, so I originally said that this hike was easy to moderate. If you click/tap on the map on the right side of this page you will see that I have drawn two different colors for this hike. The yellow/gold loop is easy and it is about 1.8 miles. The red semicircle is about .7 miles and I though I thought it was moderate about 15 years ago, I thought that it was difficult now. So if you do the 1.8 mile road walk loop, that is easy. If you do the 2.5 mile loop that includes both the white and blue trails, it is definitely moderate to strenous. If you are in shape, do the 2.5 mile loop. If you have small kids I suggest that you just do the 1.8 mile road walk loop. Sorry that this an older version of this park's map. I could not find a more up to date version.

Mike C

1st parking lot on the right
  1st parking lot on the right.
  By Mike Calabrese
Along the first mile
  Along the first mile.
  By Mike Calabrese
South terminous, FCCT
  South terminous, FCCT.
  By Mike Calabrese
Blowdown on Blue Trail
  Blowdown on Blue Trail.
  By Mike Calabrese
Typical up on Blue Trail
  Typical up on Blue Trail.
  By Mike Calabrese
Suffragist Memorial
  Suffragist Memorial.
  By Mike Calabrese
Brick kiln
Brick kiln.
By Mike Calabrese
Map of where I hiked
  Map of where I hiked.
  By NOVA Parks.

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