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Northern Central Railroad Trail (North Half)

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This hike took place between Christmas and New Years on December 27, 1995. Only 3 of us, Mike Calabrese, Jerry Robey and my friend Dan, who was only 12 at the time. This is an old railroad line that used to go from Baltimore, MD to York, PA, about 85 miles. They removed the tracks and now this area is a long, narrow
Jerry & Dan at Maryland Line
and very beautiful park. We met at Monkton, MD at about 9am, left my car there

At left, Jerry and Dan at Maryland Line, MD.
By Mike Calabrese.

and then drove to Maryland Line, which is a town at the MD/PA border. We did an easy 14 mile day hike: 1.5 miles to the MD/PA border and then south 12.5 miles to Monkton.

This was a very easy, level hike. This trail is great for day hikes all year, biking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. There was snow on the trail this day. We passed 3 or four skiers who passed us once on their original trip, then passed us again on their way back. The scenery was beautifully accented by patches of snow.

Dan did very well on this hike considering he was only 12. We called him Lt. Dan after this one. He slept all the way home from Monkton, MD to Manassas, VA. There is no camping along this trail but I'd recommend any section of the Northern Central Railroad Trail for a great day hike.

Mike C

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