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Northern Central Railroad Trail (Southern Half)

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On Friday, December 27, 1996, I arrived at Monkton, MD for an 8 mile hike of the southern half of the Northern Central Railroad trail at around 8:30 am. John Lawrence arrived at 8:55. We waited until 9:30 and then drove to the southern end of the trail at Ashland Rd, where we started the hike at 10:00am. The weather was cool, but was fast getting above the freezing point. The hike was very level and easy. the scenery, while not as pretty as it was last year with patches of snow, was very scenic.

At about the 4 mile mark we ran into Doug Knowles and his nephew, Josh, who were hiking towards us. We were happy to see them. We talked for awhile, then hiked the remaining 4 miles back to Monkton and the end of the hike. We then conversed for awhile in the parking lot and said adios.

The 20 mile NCR Trail is a great place to hike, bike, ride a horse, walk a dog or, if the weather is right, cross country ski. I highly recommend it.

Mike C

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