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Neabsco Creek Boardwalk, VA Day Hike

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This 2.5 mile loop hike occurred on Wednesday, January 1, 2020. Participants included Mary Gordon, Betsy Campagna, Alexander Campagna, Tom O'Brien, Dave and Darlene Altizer, a dog named Matilda, Jasen Brue, Abby Brue, Dave McIntyre, Warren and Nancy Keithley, Tim Young, 6 Cub Scouts, 4 Cub Scout Parents, Russ and Bonnie Friedline, Laurie and Mason Axford and and Mike Calabrese as well as Neil Nelson, Rick Holt and 17 others from Prince William Trails and Streams Coalition and also 13 additional people who just showed up.

I knew this was going to be a great hike. We had 10 people show up at

Prince of Peace UMC

for this hike. We then had 11 people from the Cub Scout Pack meet us at Neabsco Regional Park. Then we had 17 people meet us from


Then 13 more people just showed up. So we had over 50 people attend this hike. This was the largest attendence ever at a POPUMC Hiking Group event!

We all gathered within the parking lot at Neabsco Regional park. Neil Nelson from PWTSC said a few words to the group, then we started the hike right around 1:00 PM. It was amazing to see all these people hiking towards the Neabsco Creek Boardwalk. We passed Russ and Bonnie Friedline coming off the trail as we were starting. They had gotten here earlier and decided to hike this one themselves.

When we arrived at the boardwalk all were impressed. The marsh around the boardwalk was brownish this time of the year. But it still provided a spectacular view of the Neabsco Creek watershed right before it emptied into the Potomac River. The boardwalk itself was spectacular. There were many, many other people on the boardwalk as well as our group out taking a first day hike. The temperatures were in the 40's at the start of this hike, then made it close to 50 by the end of this hike.

We had various conversations with different people while crossing the boardwalk. When we got to the other side at close to a mile, we turned left and hiked a paved path along the side of Neabsco Creek to an observation tower. A number of people then climbed the tower for the views of the creek. I think that the majority of them were impressed.

We then proceeded about a half mile along Blackburn Road to US 1. Again, we had some great conversations along the way. When we got to US 1, we turned left, passed the 7-11, hiked another half mile and made it to the newer Wawa convenience store. A number of us used the restroom and got drinks and snacks here.

Once we all got what we needed from the Wawa we started out on the final half mile along Neabsco Road back to our vehicles. Again, some great converstations along the way. We only had the paved shoulder of the road to walk on here but it was adequate. We then returned to our vehicle, had some more conversations, then returned to the church.

I had accidently left my cell phone in Tom's car so I didn't get to take any images. But Mary Gordon and Neil Nelson sent me theirs and those are the images, thanks to Mary and Neil, that you see here. Wildlife observed included a heron and numerous ducks. It seems like these first day hikes are very popular. It is a great way to start the new year. I want to thank Neil Nelson of PWTSC for jointly sponsoring this hike. It was a beautiful day, we had a great turnout and some fantastic felllowship. One couldn't ask for more on this perfect day to hike.

Mike C

More Images

Lining up for the boardwalk
  Lining up for the boardwalk.
   By Mary Gordon
Winter view of Neabsco Creek, VA   Winter view of Neabsco Creek, VA.
   By Mary Gordon
Neabsco Creek, VA wetlands   Neabsco Creek, VA wetlands.
  By Mary Gordon
Entrance to Neabsco Creek Boardwalk
  Entrance to Neabsco Creek
   Boardwalk.  By Mary Gordon
Walking the boardwalk
  Walking the boardwalk.
  By Neil Nelson

Another boardwalk view

  Another boardwalk view.
  By Mary Gordon

Ducks on Beabsco Creek, VA

  Ducks on Neabsco Creek, VA.
  By Mary Gordon

Ducks and the boardwalk

  Ducks and the boardwalk.
  By Mary Gordon

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