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Meadowood SRMA, VA Day Hike

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This hike occured on Saturday, August 3, 2019. Participants for our 19th hike were Dave McIntyre, Randall Bartlett, Wanda Damon, Dave & Ellie Ball, their 2 dogs and Mike Calabrese.

As usual, we met at


and like always, departed at 8:00 AM. This time, the destination was

Meadowood Special Recreation Management Area

near Lorton, VA. I95 was a zoo. We arrived around 8:45 AM. The weather was
pleasant and sunny. It started out in the 60's and would climb to the mid 80's temperature wise. We had 7 participants and 2 dogs for this hike.

The trail itself was a loop. The website

said that this hike was 3.5 miles. However, comments on their map said that that it was between 4.3 and 4.5 miles. I concur with that. The trail itself was fairly level and meandered a lot for the bicyclists. I was concerned before we did this hike that there would be many bikes and make for a not so nice hike. But we only had about 15-20 bikes pass us from behind or in front. Some of these bikes passed us 2 or 3 times since this was a loop. We only passed 1 other hiker and her dog while hiking this trail.

We had some great conversations about all sorts of stuff while hiking this trail. We took a bunch of breaks and drank lots of water while hiking. We laughed at some of the signage along this trail. Some of the names of the side trails were amusing. Names like the Stinger Trail and the Yard Sale Trail to name a few. There were some neat wooden structures to challenge bicyclists on this trail. And some of the trails were marked as "one way only'. This is something that I never saw before.

The trail itself showed some signs of wear from all the bicyclists but was generally in good shape. The signage was not complete as we saw many wooden posts without signs on them. It was like this when I hiked this trail 3 or 4 years ago as well. We had to ask a passing cyclist if we were still on the South Branch Loop at one point.

All of the bicyclists that we passed were very nice. We stepped off the trail to let them pass. Most were very appreciative and said thanks or have a good day or something similar.

After the hike we said our good byes and started the 40 minute drive back to the church. Traffic on I95 was still crazy as usual. This was a great trail to either hike on or bike on. I was concerned going into this hike but I think that all worked out well. It was a beautiful day to be outside.

Mike C

Group pic around .5 miles
  Group pic around .5 miles.
   By Mike Calabrese
Different trail sign   Different trail sign.
   By Mike Calabrese
Mr. Springsteen's trail?   Mr Springsteen's trail?.
  By Mike Calabrese
We couldn't go to the yard sale
  We couldn't go to the yard sale.
  By Mike Calabrese

Tree with a hole in it

  Tree with a hole in it.
  By Mike Calabrese

Group pic at end of hike

  Group pic at end of hike.
  By Wanda Damon

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