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Segment 29 of the Backpacker/AOL/ATC Tag Team Relay Hike

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9/23/95- Jerry Robey, Doug Knowles, Mike Calabrese and Keith Patterson arrived about 4:30pm at PenMar
Team 28 handing off to team 29.

At left is team 28 handing off to team 29.
By Mike Calabrese.

Park at the MD/PA border. Kristin & Sue of segment 28 got here earlier in the day so we did the handoff at 5pm on 9/23. Clouds all day gave way to beautiful sunshine by day's end. The westward view from PenMar is beautiful. We can't wait to get started early in the morning.

Mike C

9/24/95- Met John Lawrence at PenMar at 0800 and Bill Isham at the PA/MD border at 0900. Took pictures in PA.
Rain started sprinkling first thing. Stayed cloudy all day. No serious rain. Climbed High Rock over rocky flow at mile 2.5. Hard climb but not a show stopper. Doug K and Mike C dropped back to enjoy the view. Last ascent at power lines was a killer. Pulled into Hemlock Hill Shelter at 3:30pm. Rain started a little harder as we sat in the shelter to let it pass. Total crew of 6- Mike C, Jerry R, John L, Doug K, Bill I and Keith P. It appears that we may be the first crew to walk 3 states in one segment.

Jerry R

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21 years later I would return to hike the AT in Maryland from south to north with Ed "Ranger" Sessoms

"The weather is here, wish you were beautiful". 9/25/95- A nice end of the day (compared to the beginning). Last night it started raining and did not stop until late this evening. Everyone and everything got soaked. The weather inside that tent that Jerry R and I used was worse than the outside. After cleaning up in the morning, Doug K and Mike C started off before the rest of us to get a head start. I think they had an appointment with a taxi own the road. After waiting about 30 minutes to start, we caught up with them in about 15.

A view of the Potomac and Weverton Cliffs, MD

At right, view of the Potomac and Weverton Cliffs, MD.
By Mike Calabrese

With 13 miles ahead of us we started out on a grueling pace. Unfortionately, Jerry R & I dropped ace and Bill I didn't even make it to the end. We had a moving memorial for him by sitting around the campfire, drinking coffee and Yukon Jack, and passing gas. We pitched tents at Dahlgren and Charlie Johnson showed up about 5pm. He'll be with us till we finish at Harper's Ferry.

Anyway, today we passed one thru-hiker, saw 2 whitetail deer, and swapped stories with one of the park rangers. "Peaceful, quiet". As I said, a good end to a tough day. As we rest our TIRED dogs and pray for no rain for tomorrow, we can only be glad that we only have 7.5 miles to hike tomorrow. Until next time...

Keith P

9/26/95- "Rain, rain, go away. Come again after Thursday. MD29 wants to play". Another 38 days of this [rain] and we could really have a flood. After a brief stop during supper, the rain started again and kept up through noon, then changed to fog and drizzle. We made it up Lamb's Knoll and down to Crampton's Gap, a (thankfully) short 8 miles. The trail today had a special beauty, with all the leaves cleaned by the rain and all sparkling. I don't usually see the trail wet by choice.

Some of our team have earned new trail names. Mike C is the "Tortoise", slow but steady- but slow. As the only employee of AOL

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on the AOL Tag Team we think he is doing fine. Keith P is now the "Hare"- off like a jack rabbit, and then we find him leaning on a tree. I seem to have become "Cookie Monster". I am not sure if it was the blue poncho with my blue long sleeve shirt, or the size of my gut- oh, well. What's this? Is the sun trying to come out? Or is Mother Nature just fooling us? Tune in tomorrow.

John L

9/27/95- Slept in this morning (didn't get up till 0700) only to wake up to glorious sunshine! The late wakeup may have been due to the sighting of six moose and a camel [logbook has pasted in it a Moosehead Beer label and a picture of a camel
Group picture at Harpers Ferry, WV with Rodney of team 30.

At left, group picture at Harpers Ferry, WV
By Jerry Robey

cut from the front of a pack of Camel cigarettes]. We were so amazed that we had to finish off Keith P's Yukon Jack. We slept well. Assembled at Gathland Arch for a photo opportunity and were on our way by 0900. What a difference without the rain. In defferance to my new trail name, Testudo, today I had the point most of the way. I think I'm the only one without blisters. Snacked at the "scenic overlook" at 10:30 and lunched at Weverton Cliffs around noon. It sure is hard to find a place without rocks to dig a cut hole on South Mountain. Leisurely stroll down the switchbacks and along the C&O and arrive at the Youth Hostel around 14:30. Time for a cup of tea and a shower and off to dinner at the restaurant.

Doug K, Testudo

9/28/95- Met segment 30 at the AYH in Knoxville, MD last night. Had dinner together and and sat around the campfire & told jokes till ?. This morning at 0800 we headed off to the ATC HQ in Harpers Ferry, WV for the handoff. It was great! Thanks to all!

Mike C, Tortoise

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