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Andrew Leitch Park, VA Day Hike

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This 3 mile easy to moderate linear day hike occurred on Saturday, March 3, 2018. Participants were Tom O'Brien and Mike Calabrese.

We were supposed to do a hike in Prince William Forest Park today. However, we had strong wind gusts yesterday which knocked down trees and made for an unsafe forest environment. So again, our hike was in doubt. A group of scouts that were going to hike with us
emailed me to cancel. I was waiting for a Facebook post on whether the park would be open or closed. It was not posted by 7:45 AM. So I went to the POPUMC church parking lot and only Tom O'Brien was there. We discussed our options and decided to hike Andrew Leitch Park instead.

We left at 8:05 AM, parked one car on Lindendale RD, then drove back to the Princedale RD trail head and began the hike around 8:30 AM. There was a lot of debris on the trail. We were constantly picking up or kicking aside small and medium size branches. We both picked up the big ones and tossed them. We left the really big blowdowns, like in the picture to the right, for the park authority. We had a few minor ups. The weather was cool and windy but bearable. Most of this hike was along an open stream valley so we did not have to worry too much about trees falling on us. We were finished by 9:30 AM. This was a good alternative hike.

Andrew Leitch was born in 1747 in Scotland. He was a merchant in Dumfries, VA, a member of the PWC committee of correspondence before the Revolution, was one of the founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, MD, was a friend of George Washington, a Major in the continental army and was on Washington's staff. He was shot at the Battle of Harlem Heights, NY and later died of his injuries in 1776. This park was aquired through proffers from Hylton Enterprises in 1978 and named after Major Leitch. - Thanks to Dianne Cabot-Wahl, Communication Services, PWC Parks & Recreation, for this information.

Mike C

Mike C at the Lindendale Tralhead
  Mike C at the Lindendale Trailhead.
   By Tom O'Brien
One of three blowdowns that we observed
  One of three blowdowns observed.
   By Mike Calabrese




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