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James S. Long Regional Park,
Haymarket, VA, Day Hike

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This 3.6 mile day hike took place on Saturday, October 2, 2021. Participants were Tom O'Brien, Dave McIntyre and Mike Calabrese.

It was another beautiful day to take a hike. Tom, Dave and I met at the rear parking lot of the church in Manassas, VA and left precisely at 8:00 AM for James S. Long Regional Park in Haymarket, VA. We arrived at 8:30AM and started the hike around 8:40. It would be just three of us today (until the end of the hike).

It was nice and cool when we started the hike. But we knew that it would get

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You can read about my exploring the connector trail across the street from this park as well as my first video here.

warmer later on. We did a counterclockwise loop around the perimeter of this park. The trail was "rolling" the first mile or so. We then came to the famous five way intersection. After getting lost here numerous times I knew the correct path to take. It looks like some blazing was done at this park since I was here last time. But the blazing still did not make any sense. It also looks like they cut a new trail and reopened another one since I was here last time.

We continued through the park and started climbing onto a plateau at this point. The trail was still rolling but we were getting higher than Catharpin Creek. When we got to the high point the trail trurned left abruptly. They plan to extend this trail further south as part of the Catharpin Greenway in the future.

So we came back along this plateau. The trail again was rolling with a slight up, then a slight down. Again we saw blazing but, without an up to date map, we didn't know the blazing scheme. We came to a side trail that had been closed for years. It was now open. But we opted to travel a few tenths of a mile further and take the trail that led to a stream crossing and the reopened trail.

We took a break at the stream I was now sweating profusely. Tom said that he saw steam rising from the sweat on my neck and head. We then crossed the stream, did a good sized up and were on rolling trail on the far northeast side of the park. We made good time on this stretch, saw some nice houses and

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farms to our right and witnessed five or six deer running from our left to our right ahead of us. We then dropped down to the stream that we had crossed earlier, crossed it, took the right side trail back to the open area of the park, walked across it and the front of the park back to our vehicles. The traffic on the main park road was backed up for about 250 feet. We were done with this hike around 10:30 AM.

When we got back to Tom's vehicle we used the portapotty. While waiting we heard a familiar voice. It was Jessica L! She had missed meeting us at the park and decided to hike the trails on her own. She sent me some of her images of the trails in this park, which are posted to the right. We were sorry that we were not able to hike with her today. So this is another hike in the books. Great weather, fantastic hiking partners and some nice memories were made today.

Mike C

Sun & creek
Sun & creek.
By Jessica Lowry
Group selfie
   Group selfie.
   By Mike Calabrese
Sun & trail
Sun & trail.
By Jessica Lowry
Future Catharpin Greenway
Future Catharpin Greenway.
By Mike Calabrese
Creek bed
Creek bed.
By Jessica Lowry
Map of where we hiked
Map of where we hiked.

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