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Gunpowder Falls at US1, MD Day Hike

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This day hike occured the day after Christmas, Friday, December 26, 2003. We had a good turnout for this hike. 9 hikers: Charlie Johnson, Bill Isham, Doug Knowles and his nephew Mic, Jerry McCumbers, John West, Terri Moore, her dog Gertie and myself. The trailhead was located on US1 about 5 miles N of I695 or the Baltimore Beltway.

We started around 9:45AM and did 2 loops for a total of 9.25 miles. The first loop was NW of US1. It was 4.7 miles and consisted of the Wildlands, Stockdale, Sweathouse and Gunpowder Falls Trails. We would basically climb the ridges surrounding Little Gunpowder Falls and hike the ridges around it, then come back down to the streambed and return along the Gunpowder Falls Trail. The temps were in the 40's and it was sunny. During the hike we talked about what we were up to since our last hike together last fall, what we got gearwise for Christmas, politics and whatever else came up. We saw alot of other people and dogs on the trail that day. Elevation changes were no more than 300 feet. With the exception of a few blowdowns, the trail was in good shape. We even saw a couple of deer along the trail.

The first loop ended around 11ish. Only 5 of us wanted to do the second loop. So we ate a snack at our cars and then started out on the second loop.

The second loop was 4.55 miles, though it seemed longer. This loop was SE of the US1 trailhead/parking lot. It consisted of the Gunpowder Falls, Sawmill, Gunpowder Falls, Lost Pond and Gunpowder Falls Trails. We again would start at the streambed, climb the surrounding ridges, hike along them for awhile, then come back down to the streambed, hike along it for awhile, then go back up. As with the prior loop, we had some good views from the ridgetops.

When we came down from the Lost Pond Trail at around mile 2.4 we could see I95 in the distance to the SE. We then turned to the NW and followed the Gunpowder Falls Trail back to our cars at US1 and the end of the hike, which was around 2PM.

This was a nice day hike. The distances were just right. The terrain was just right. It was a little muddy, but that was OK. We had a great turnout for this hike, considering that only 2 of us showed up for last year's Gunpowder Falls hike near York RD. This is a great day hike to do any time of the year. I guarantee it!

More Pictures

Mike C
Group picture before the hike
  Group picture before the hike.
  By Charlie Johnson
View of Little Gunpowder Falls
  View of Little Gunpowder Falls.
  By Charlie Johnson

Along the Gunpowder Falls trail
  Along the Gunpowder Falls trail.
  By Charlie Johnson

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