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C.M. Crockett/John Marshall
Birthplace Parks Day Hikes

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This hike occured on Saturday, November 2, 2019. Participants were Clayton Limbaugh, Tom O'Brien, Dave McIntyre and Mike Calabrese.

Today's series of hikes were unique in that we did 3 different trails in 2 different parks. That is a first for the

POPUMC Hiking Group.

It started out just above freezing temperature wise but warmed up to 47 degrees when finished our last hike.

As usual we met at the


parking lot. We the carpooled to C.M Crockett Park near Midland, VA and arrived there around 8:45 AM. What follows is an account of each hike:

Trail 1- Four Seasons Nature Trail. This was a 1 mile plus series of loops that bordered Germantown Lake on the west side of the park. There were a series of ups and downs and right turns. We met some park personnel figuring out how best to clear a series of vines and branches that were hanging precariously over the trail. It's good that they were being proactive about it. We did make one wrong turn onto a trail that went through the broken fenced border of the park. Since this did not seem correct, we turned back and rejoined the established trail. With this one exception, the trail was well marked and maintained. We had to shed a layer after hiking this trail as it was warming up. We finished this trail around 9:30 AM.

Trail 2- Bluebird Cross Country Trail. We had a tough time initially finding this 1 mile plus trail on the east side of the park. And it was not marked as well as the first trail that we did. But the views and the scenery along this one were really neat. We basically hiked around the spillway and dam of Germantown Lake. We were out in the open for this one. And it was a bit squishy underfoot. But I think that this trail presented more of a WOW factor in terms of great views. We hiked through a wooded area, saw some 'The Forge' team building equipment, hiked beside the dam and then on top of it for awhile. They appear to host scouting groups here. It brought back memories of camping here with my oldest son when he was a cub scout over 30 years ago. We finished this trail around 10:15 AM.

Trail 3, John Marshall Birthplace Trail. We then left C.M. Crockett park and drove south on VA28 to the John Marshall Birthplace Park. We started this 1.3 mile hike around 10:30AM. It was basically a long trail beside a stream that ended up at the spot where John Marshall, the fourth chief justice of the United States, was born.

One of the references

for this trail that I consulted beforehand said to "See if you can find the Ford in the stream." Sure enough, at one point, there was an old, rusted out blue and white 1950's era Ford sedan inbedded within the stream and surrounded by vines, trees and debris. When we got to the birthplace site it was marked by an oblisk and a plaque. We took some pictures, then leisurely traced our steps back to the vehicle. There was not a cloud in the sky. It was a perfect day for a hike. We left this park at around 11:15 and were back at POPUMC before 12 noon. We probably did about 3.5 miles today on this series of hikes.

Mike C

More Images

Map of C.M. Crockett Park

Map of John Marshall Birthplace Park

Group picture at beginning of Hike 1
  Group picture at beginning of Hike 1.
   By Mike Calabrese
Plaque near Germantown Lake, VA   Plaque near Germantown Lake, VA.
   By Mike Calabrese
Four Seasons Nature Trail, VA sign   Four Seasons Nature Trail, VA sign.
  By Mike Calabrese
Hiking the Four Seasons Nature Trail, VA
  Hiking Four Seasons Nature Trail.
  By Mike Calabrese
Hiking the Bluebird Cross Country Trail, VA
  Hiking Bluebird X Country Trail.
  By Mike Calabrese

Diversion device, Germantown Lake, VA, VA

  Diversion device, Germantown Lake,
  VA.  By Mike Calabrese

Hiking on Germantown Lake, VA dam

  Hiking on Germantown Lake, VA
  dam. By Mike Calabrese

Scenic view from Bluebird Trail, VA

Scenic view from Bluebird Trail, VA.
By Mike Calabrese

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