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Conestoga Trail, PA Camp and Bike

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The Conestoga Trail Camp and Bike occurred the weekend of September 19-21, 2008. Participants included Charlie Johnson, Bill Isham, Doug Knowles, his nephew Mic and myself.

Friday, September 19th, 2008- We met at the Cozy Restaurant in Thurmont, MD around 4:00 PM and had a very nice meal. It was Charlie J, Bill I and myself. We decided to ride our motorcycles to this Camp and Bike. Our goal was the Pequea (pronounced peckway) Family Campground in Pequea, PA. This was to be a leisurely weekend with no planned activities. I knew that

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it was going to be tough getting to the campground by dark. So, as ride leader, I went as fast as I legally could. About two thirds of the way there, we noticed that Bill was not behind us. After pulling over and hearing from a motorist that there was a guy with a flat tire a ways back, we turned around and started looking for Bill. During this time Doug K called and said that he and Mic were going to show up. Good, we thought, Doug is Bill's angel tonight. To make a long story short, after two hours of stopping at various places and returning phone calls, we finally found Bill. His tire was flat. We were not sure what to do since it was a late Friday night. So Bill bought some TireAid and put the goo in his tire, filled the tire up with air, and then we took off. We rode very slow since it was dark and we did not know the roads. We finally made it to the campground. It was 12:30AM Saturday morning. Doug and Mic pulled in a short time later.

Saturday, September 20th, 2008- I forgot my sleeping bag so I had to sleep in multiple tin foil blankets. It got down to the high forties last night. I got cold but I also got some sleep. We woke up around 7:30AM, ate and took it easy for the first few hours. We paid for the camp site. Bill went into town to try and get his tire fixed or replaced. The rest of us just sat around and read, slept or talked. It was very relaxing.

Bill got back a few hours later. He got a new tube for his rear tire and all was well. So we all decided to hike a short distance south on the Conestoga Trail so we can say that we had 'been there, done that'. We hiked through the camp ground, along a dirt road with cottages dangling from the surrounding mountain, got to a road, went up a hill, started a steep up along a mountain side and then ate lunch at the top of this mountain. The views of the Susquehanna River were nice, we had cell phone coverage (which we did not have at the campground), and we ate lunch along the trail and just kibitzed for awhile. It was nice. This was the first time that 4 of the original Rag Tag Rangers had gotten together for a hike in awhile. It was also hard to believe that we all hiked together for the first time 13 years ago this month.

So we started back to the campground. The total distance hiked was about 4 miles. Perfect length. We then got back to our camp site, cooked dinner, had a fire, conversed some more, then went to bed.

Sunday, September 21st, 2008- Last night was slightly warmer than the night before. We ate, packed up, said our goodbyes and started home. Bill, Charlie and I took a different way home along US30 and US15 instead of back roads. It was longer distance wise but shorter time wise. We stopped at a

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great place to eat in Emmitsburg, MD called Smokey's Barbecue. Excellent! Then we hit the road a rode home.

It was fun riding the motorcycles to a camp out. The only drawback is that it does tire you out more than driving. So that's why we only hiked a short distance on the Conestoga Trail. We'll have to do this again next year. We passed Codorus State Park on the way here. This looks like a possible Camp and Hike for next year. All in all, a relaxing weekend was had by all.

Mike C

Sadly, the Cozy Restaurant closed in 2014 and we never got to have a Camp & Hike at Codorus State Park, PA. Though I did car camp there at one point. I sold my motorcycle in 2009. At times I miss my 2006 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100. I also did solo Camp & Bikes at Bull Run Regional Park, VA and Gifford Pinchot State Park, PA while I had my bike.

Bill and his Sportster
Bill and his Sportster.
By Doug Knowles
Along the Conestoga Trail, PA
Along the Conestoga Trail, PA.
By Doug Knowles
Mic contemplating water & power source
Mic contemplating water & power
source.  By Doug Knowles
Charlies Sportster and site 85
Charlies Sportster and site 85.
By Doug Knowles
4 of the 7 orig. Rag Tag Rangers
4 of the 7 orig. Rag Tag Rangers .
By Charlie Johnson
Pequea Crk/Susquehanna River
Pequea Crk/Susquehanna River.
By Charlie Johnson
Conestoga Trail Marker
Conestoga Trail Marker.
By Charlie Johnson
Colemanville/Martic Forge Covered Bridge
Colemanville/Martic Forge Covered
Bridge.  By Bill Isham
Pequea Camp Sign
Pequea Camp Sign.
By Bill Isham
Unique VW on trail
Unique VW on trail.
By Bill Isham

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