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AT between US40 and Annapolis Rocks, MD Day Hike

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This was a 2.45 mile up, then 2.45 mile back linear hike along the Appalachian Trail between US40 and Annapolis Rocks and was near Myersville, MD on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. Participants were Ron Calabrese and myself.

This was a tough hike. The drive from Manassas, VA to the Annapolis Rocks, MD trailhead took over two hours. Traffic was heavy and slow. It was around 9:15 AM when Ron and I met at the trailhead. The temperature was right at 32 degrees. It was windy.

The sign at the I70 bridge said 2.2 miles to Annapolis Rocks. "Piece of cake." , I thought. I had hiked this part of the AT in 2016 when I backpacked the AT from

Harpers Ferry, WV to PenMar, MD

with Ed Sessoms. I don't remember it as being very difficult then. But it was today. We had to climb about 400 feet over 2.2 miles to get to Annapolis Rocks. And the trail was very difficult to climb because the maintainers had placed steps with logs across them that required a very high step up to navigate. There were two sets of these steps. We were both tired when we got to the top of the mountain. We were passed by about a half dozen people and three or four people passed us going the other way on the way up.

Once on top of the mountain it was a pleasant hike to Annapolis Rocks. We then took the side trail to the overlook, which was .25 miles. It was cold and windy. We took a quick selfie, sat down and took a break for about five minutes, then started back to our vehicles.

The trip back down took less time. About a dozen people passed us going the other way on the way down. However, walking down those high steps was terrible. It felt bone jarring everytime that I took a step down over those steps. My hips were hurting from this. Ron was taking it very slow going down and looked like he was hurting as well.

We got back to our vehicles around 12 noon. 4.90 miles in 2.5 hours. That's 1.96 miles an hour. Not bad considering the terrain and the weather. We agreed to take a month off and hike together again in February or March, 2021. Ron and I had some great conversations along the way and had a nice time. But, like I said at the beginning, this was a tough hike.

Mike C

Group pic @ overlook
  Group pic @ overlook.
   By Mike Calabrese
View from Annapolis Rocks, MD
  View from Annapolis Rocks, MD.
   By Mike Calabrese

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