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AT from Troutville to Daleville, VA Day Hike

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08/14/2004- These dates may not be correct as I am going from memory as opposed to actual trip logs. This is more of an historical document. So I backpacked the AT from Dalevile to Pearisburg, VA in 2000. Then I backpacked the AT from Troutville to the James River, VA in 2002. That left a 1.5 mile gap between Troutville and Daleville, VA that I needed to hike.

I thought that it would be a waste of time to drive 418 miles round trip just to do a 1.5 mile hike. So I decided to combine activities on this trip. My ex-wife Nancy liked to visit antique shops. And I wanted to not only hike this 1.5 mile stretch of trail but also visit The Home Place, which is a fantastic family style restaurant near Catawba, VA.

So we drove down to Troutville, VA. Nancy dropped me off where the AT crossed US11. I would then walk the southbound AT for 1.5 miles to US220 and wait for her. She would then visit some antique shops in that area. Nancy would then pick me up at US220.

We would then head off to The Home Place for a fantastic meal. They serve it like the all you can eat or AYCE Amish restaurants in PA. They sit you down at a long table with people that you don't know, and they keep bringing out great food until you say 'uncle!'.

This was a good compromise trip. Nancy got to do her antique thing, I got to do my hiking thing, and we got to have a nice meal afterwards. So I filled in a 1.5 mile gap that I had and was again continuous on my quest to hike the AT. Unfortionately, the marriage didn't last and I am not that confident that I will finish section hiking the AT. Just like there are ups and downs on the AT, there are ups and downs in life. You have to take them as they are and keep on hiking.

Mike C

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