Day Hiking

Day Hiking
Me on Green Ridge North Spur Trail, MD 08-1995

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Images from the Mason-Dixon Trail in PA, MD & DE

Below are some logs recorded after some day hikes from long ago.
These were with various groups and individuals:

11/25/1995- Manassas National Battlefield, VA Day Hike

12/27/1995- Northern Central Railroad Trail, MD (North Half)

12/27/1996- Northern Central Railroad Trail, MD (South Half)

06/12/1996- Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, VA (Eastern Half)

09/21/1996- Bull Run-Occoquan Trail, VA (Western Half)

11/27/1998- Old Rag Mountain, VA Day Hike

12/26/2001- Gunpowder Falls SP, MD between PBD & York RD Day Hike

12/28/2002- Gunpowder Falls East of York RD, MD Day Hike

12/26/2003- Gunpowder Falls at US1, MD Day Hike

08/14/2004- AT from Troutville to Daleville, VA Day Hike

01/08/2005- Gettysburg NMP, PA Day Hike

08/20/2005- Day Hikes near Wenatchee, WA

09/10/2005- AT from Boiling Springs to Scott Farm, PA Day Hike

11/26/2005- Rose River- SNP, VA Day Hike

03/31/2007- Monocacy Battlefield, MD Day Hike

07/14/2007- AT from Blairstown, NJ to DWG, PA Day Hike

11/17/2007- Third Winchester Battlefield, VA Day Hike

05/17/2008- Wildcat Mountain Natural Area, VA Day Hike

01/03/2009- Patapsco Valley State Park, MD McKeldin Area Day Hike

09/22/2018- Abandoned PA Turnpike Day Hike

12/27/2018- Old Rag MTN, VA Day Hike

04/01/2019- Occoquan Greenway, VA Day Hike

Here are some trip logs of day hikes, most of which I have done with the POPUMC Hiking Group:

02/03/2018- Doves Landing Park, VA Day Hike

03/03/2018- Andrew Leich Park, VA Day Hike

04/08/2018- Battle of First Manassas, VA Day Hike

05/05/2018- Locust Shade Park, VA Day Hike

07/07/2018- Conway Robinson SF, VA Day Hike

08/04/2018- Valley View Park, VA Day Hike

09/01/2018- Leesylvania State Park, VA Day Hikes

10/06/2018- Bristow Station Battlefield / Brentsville Courthouse, VA Day Hikes

11/03/2018- Nokesville Park, VA Day Hike

12/02/2018- Silver Lake Regional Park, VA Day Hike

01/01/2019- Andrew Leitch Park, VA Day Hike

01/05/2019- Leopold's Preserve, VA Day Hike

02/02/2019- Broad Run Trail, VA Day Hike

03/02/2019- Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, VA Day Hike

04/06/2019- Mason Neck State Park, VA Day Hike

05/04/2019- Bull Run Mountains Natural Area Preserve, VA

06/01/2019- Pohick Bay Regional Park, VA Day Hike

07/06/2019- Burke Lake Park, VA Day Hike

08/03/2019- Meadowood SMRA, VA Day Hike

09/07/2019- Cannon Branch / Mayfield Forts, VA Day Hikes

10/05/2019- Whitney State Forest, VA Day Hike

11/02/2019- C.M. Crockett/John Marshall Birthplace Parks Day Hikes

12/07/2019- Lost MTN- Sky Meadows SP, VA Day Hike

01/01/2020- Neabsco Creek Boardwalk, VA Day Hike

01/04/2020- South Run Trail / Lake Mercer, VA Day Hike

02/01/2020- Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve, VA Day Hike

03/07/2020- Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship, VA Day Hike

03/20/2020- Images from Hemlock Overlook RP, VA Day Hike

06/06/2020- James S. Long Regional Park, VA Day Hike

07/04/2020- Connector Trail, James S Long and
Silver Lake Parks, VA Day Hike

07/20/2020- Serpentine Trail, Soldiers Delight NEA, MD Day Hike

08/01/2020- Lake Accotink Park, VA Day Hike

09/05/2020- Claude Moore Park, VA Day Hike

10/03/2020- Lake Fairfax Park, VA Day Hike

11/07/2020- Hastings->Winters Branch->Wellington, VA Day Hike

12/06/2020- Prince William Forest Park, VA Day Hike

12/08/2020- AT from US40 to Annapolis Rocks, MD Day Hike

01/01/2021- George Hellwig Memorial Park, VA Day Hike

01/02/2021- Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck
National Wildlife Refuge, VA Day Hike

02/06/2021- Battle of 2nd Manassas Loop Trail, VA

03/06/2021- Blooms Park, Manassas Park, VA Loop Hike

03/29/2021- AT / C&O Canal between
Harpers Ferry, WV and Weverton RD, VA

04/03/2021-Elanor C. Lawrence Park, Centreville, VA Loop Hike

05/01/2021- Locust Shade Park, Triangle, VA Loop Hike

05/26/2021- Red Run & Choate Mine Trails,
Soldier's Delight NEA, MD

06/05/2021- Neabsco Creek Boardwalk / Rippon Lodge, VA Day Hike

06/24/2021- New Trails at Doves Landing Park, Manassas, VA

07/03/2021- Merrimac Farm WMA Loop Trail, Nokesville, VA

07/07/2021- W&OD Trail between Hamilton Station and Purcellville, VA

08/07/2021- Curtis Memorial Park, Hartwood, VA Day Hike

08/25/2021- Oregon Ridge Park, Cockeysville, MD Day Hike

09/04/2021- Riverside Preserve, Marshall, VA Day Hike

09/20/2021- C&O Canal between Point of Rocks
and MM46, MD Day Hike

10/02/2021- James S. Long Regional Park,
Haymarket, VA Day Hike

10/20/2021- Oregon Ridge Park, Cockeysville, MD Revisited Day Hike

11/06/2021- Rady Park / WARF, Warrenton, VA, Day Hike

11/10/2021- Mason-Dixon Trail around Perry Point,
Perryville, MD Day Hike

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