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Recon of Woods at Warrenton,
VA Trail Extension


Any day that I discover a new trail is a great day! I had business in Warrenton, VA on Friday, March 25, 2022. So afterwards, I drove US29 business into the town of Warrenton, turned left on Blackwell RD, left on Walker DR, then left onto Academy Hill Extended. I drove it over US 15/29 and all the way until it ended at Cedar Run. The last 200 feet of this road was dirt and gravel.

There was a large gravel/dirt parking area between the end of the road and Cedar Run with room for 12-15 cars. There was an old dam across Cedar Run.

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Here is the video of the section just north of this trail that I reconned in October, 2020

I am guessing that this is the remains of Whites Mill. I originally was going to hike north on this trail to where I had hiked back in October, 2020. I did not know where the new section of this trail completed ln 2021 was. Just then two ladies came walking from the south along what looked like a driveway to some kind of small building. I asked them if the newest section of this trail was where they just came from. They said yes. I asked how long was it? They said about a mile and that I could turn back any time or do a loop and return along Academy Hill Extended.

So I started along the path that the two ladies came from. It was a driveway for about 100 feet, then a trail branched off to the left. I walked about 500 feet, then came to a T intersection. Both the trail coming in from the right as well as the trail coming in from the left were fine gravel. I didn't know which way to turn so I guessed that left was the correct way to go. I guessed correctly.

There were no detailed maps of where I was so I was winging it using Google Maps on my phone as my guide. Thank God that I had cell coverage here. The trail then started having wood beams lining it's edges. I was entering a wetlands area and was still traveling southward. There were about 8 bridges along this loop around this wetlands area. The trail and the bridges were first rate. The area was very pristine. Hats off to Fauquier Parks & Rec.

After about a half mile the trail turned to the west for about 500 feet, then turned to the north. The trail now consisted of wooden planks not very high off of the ground. I thought to myself that these boards will rot in time being so close to the ground. Maybe they used a type of wood that is rot resistant? I hope so. While turning from west to north I saw a grass right of way that continued to the west. I thought that maybe this will be the future connection between this section of trail and Meetze RD. I hope that it is.

After turning northbound the trail then was asphalt paved and looked like a typical HOA trail. I was then walking between high end houses and the

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wetlands for about a quarter mile. The trail then turned slightly to the west and came out to a road called Swift Crossing.

Now I thought "Where in the hell am I?". I again consulted Google Maps and determined that I had to turn right on Swift Crossing, left on Coopers Hawk, right on Bald Eagle and walk two blocks up a hill and back to Academy Hill Extended, so I did. I then turned right onto Academy Hill Extended, walked the quarter mile (half of which was paved and the other half dirt/gravel) and returned to my vehicle. I noticed that I could have turned right on Coopers Hawk and taken it to a cul-de-sac, then walked through some trees to Academy Hill Extended. However, I have the feeling that they will be building houses within this cul-de-sac some day and this short cut will then cease to exist. So if one stages a vehicle at Swift Crossing and Comfort Inn DR at the turn around loop, they can get a good two mile linear hike here. When they complete the segment between the wetlands and Meetze RD it will be a good three mile linear hike. And when FCPR completes the multi-purpose trail ring around Warrenton, VA it will be somewhere around 20-25 miles long. I believe that they are about 30% of the way there now. Nice day, nice trail.

Mike C

Whites Mill remains?
 Whites Mill remains?
Trail starts in driveway
 Trail starts in driveway.

1st bridge & wetlands
 1st bridge & wetlands.
Tree of thorns
 Tree of thorns.
Tributary of Cedar Run
 Tributary of Cedar Run.
Wood planks close to ground
 Wood planks close to ground.
Possible future extension?
 Possible future extension?.
Scrub cluster
 Scrub cluster.
Written on older trail
 Written on older trail.
Kiosk on older trail
 Kiosk on older trail.
Map of where I hiked
 Map of where I hiked.
 By Google Maps
Trail ring around Warrenton, VA
 Trail ring around Warrenton, VA.

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