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Recon of Cub Run South Trail, Centreville, VA


This 1.2 mile up, 1.2 mile back easy to moderate hike took place on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. Again, it was just me on this one.

The rain was supposed to end by 9:00 AM. No one else wanted to hike today but I had to get out of the house. So after I watched Perry Mason I set out to hike the Cub Run South Trail as a recon to see if it would be a good hike for the

POPUMC Hiking Group

It was misting as I drove to the Compton RD trailhead just north of I66. But when I got out of my vehicle to start this hike, the mist stopped. I had reconned the trailheads for the Cub Run South and East trails awhile back. And I may have hiked this trail a long time ago. If you are travelling west on I66 between Centreville and Manassas, VA you will pass a power line ROW on the

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This is the trip log of the original trailhead recon that I did of this trail in February, 2019

right. A portion of this trail is on that ROW.

The first half mile of this trail was paved, appeared to be on a gas line ROW and was also the access road for that ROW. The trail and the access soon diverged but would again come together in about 2,500 feet. The trail went up a hill, slabbed it for a short distance and then came to a four way intersection at the power line ROW.

Straight ahead continued to parallel I66 and would terminate at a side street. Years ago there used to be what looked like an old cabin that one could see from I66 along this stretch. I have the feeling that it was either moved or demolished when I66 was widened. Sad.

There was another trail that veered off to the left that would rejoin the main trail at some point. Then there was the sharp left turn that would take me up and over the hill along the power line ROW. But wait, there was an orange plastic fence that was across the trail but had been smashed down. There was no sign indicating that the trail was closed. I heard what sounded like construction noise up over the hill. So I proceeded.

Once I got to the top of the power line ROW hill the nice asphalt trail turned to muddy gravel. There were construction vehicles scattered all around the ROW. I thought that someone would come along and kick me off of this trail. But the construction workers were initially working on one side of the ROW. I was in the middle so I continued. It looks like they were doing some sort of drilling though I'm not sure what kind of underground line that they were working on.

So I proceeded along the power line ROW. It was very muddy now but I managed to keep from getting too wet and muddy. Up ahead I saw many more construction vehicles that were right on the gravel access road which had rejoined the trail. I also saw that the paved trail had moved over to the left side of the power line ROW. So I took it. Oh yes, and all of the side trails going to the adjacent side streets had that orange plastic fence blocking them. And

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some of them had a sign saying that the trail was closed. I was determined to make it to US29 Lee HWY so I kept going.

About 50 feet before again merging with the access road and crossing US29 there was another orange plastic fence across the trail. So it was here that I decided to turn around. I walked back to the first side trail and decided to take some side streets around the construction and then get back on the trail.

I came out to White Post RD, turned left and followed it to Green Post RD. There I turned left onto a side trail and followed it back to the main trail. There was another orange plastic fence across the trail. But I went around it, got back on the main trail, avoided most of the construction and headed back to my vehicle. And it again started misting on the way home. Amazing.

So with all of this construction along this trail I don't think that it is a good hike for the POPUMC Hiking Group at this time. I didn't see this closure listed on the Fairfax County Parks and Rec website at:

so I informed them of this closure and asked when it will be officially open again.

Mike C

Starting the hike
 Starting the hike.
Concrete steps
 Concrete steps.

Wet, muddy gravel on ROW
 Wet, muddy gravel on ROW.
Construction equipment on ROW
 Construction equipment on ROW.
Drilling operation
 Drilling operation.
More construction equipment
 More construction equipment.
Trail closed at US29
 Trail closed at US29.
Swollen Cub Run & I66
 Swollen Cub Run & I66.
Home stretch to vehicle
 Home stretch to vehicle.

Map of where I hiked
 Map of where I hiked.
 By Google Maps

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