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Fairfax Cross County Trail between Americana Park & Prosperity AVE, VA


This 2.2 mile up, 2.2 mile back hike along the Fairfax Cross County Trail between Americana Park, VA236 Little River TPKE and and Prosperity AVE took place on Wednesday, July 27, 2022. It was only me on this one.

Since no one wanted to hike with me today I decided to conquer some more of the Fairfax or Jerry Connolly Cross County Trail today. I left my house in Manassas, VA a bit after 7:00 AM. Due to heavy traffic I did not get to Americana Park in Annandale, VA until about 8:15. So I started the hike.

This was going to be a 4.2 mile hike, 2.2 miles up, 2.2 miles back. The trail itself was very level. It was all paved with either asphalt or concrete.

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You can plan your hikes along the FFXCCT by using my Jerry Connolly Cross County Trail Distance Calculator.

There was some mud on the trail under the first overpass. And there was a lot of foliage hanging onto the trail in the beginning. But the rest of the trail was fine. This trail started out going under VA236, then the exit ramps for VA236 and then went into the woods. The trail crossed Accotink Creek, then made a wide arc to the left. It straightened out, had another nice stretch, then went under the bridge for King Arthur RD.

There were mostly bicyclists on this stretch of trail today. I would guess that I was either passed by or passed about 15 of them. The amount of runners and hikers were even at about 10. There was one young lady on a push scooter. I believe we crossed Accotink Creek again, then came to a at grade crossing of Woodburn RD. The motorists all either slowed down or stopped when I crossed this one. There was another long stretch. I passed the parking lot for Camelot Swimming pool, then a park that had tennis, volleyball courts and portapotties.

Then, finally, I got to Prosperity AVE at around 9:00 AM. This was my turn around point. I took a break at a conveniently placed concrete picnic table, had some water and an energy bar. Prosperity had an at grade crossing. There were flashing lights and audio to alert drivers to crossing pedestrians on the trail. Most drivers stopped, some slowed down. One blew through the intersection and almost hit a runner.

The trip back seemed shorter than the trip there. That seems to always happen

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to me when doing these up and back hikes. The weather was getting warmer as it was approaching 10:00. It was feeling a bit uncomfortable towards the end of the hike. During the last mile I saw two Fairfax County Park Authority workers using weed whackers to clear the overgrowth that I reported here earlier. I thanked them for their actions. I got back to my vehicle around 10:15, then made it home by 11:00 AM. I have now hiked 18.7 miles of this 40.5 mile trail. When I get the next section done from Prosperity AVE to Pickett RD and Thais Park, I will be half way there. Hopefully, I will get the entire Fairfax Cross County Trail section hiked by year's end.

Mike C

Selfie at start of hike
 Selfie at start of hike.
1st of 4 overpasses
 1st of 4 overpasses.
Accotink Creek
 Accotink Creek.
Fairfax Cross County Trail
 Fairfax Cross County Trail.
CCT Marker
 CCT Marker.
Prosperity AVE
 Prosperity AVE.
Map of where I hiked
 Map of where I hiked.
 By Google Maps

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