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Recon of Blue Trail at Fountainhead Regional Park Fairfax Station, VA


This attempted 4.4 mile lollipop loop hike took place on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. It was just me on this one.

This hike did not turn out as planned. First off I tried getting to this park by taking Old Bridge RD->VA123 Ox RD->Henderson RD. There was construction on Old Bridge near Tackey Mill shopping center. Traffic was terrible. I was delayed by about a half hour.

I got to the park a bit before 12 noon. I couldn't find where the trailhead was. I had to drive to all four corners of the huge parking lot and, after three attempts, found the trailhead. Someone must have decried that all

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I hiked the eastern half of the nearby Bull Run-Occoquan Trail with a group in June, 1996. Strange but everyone else in the group never showed up for the western half.

hiking/equestrian trails must start on the west side of the parking lot and all biking trails must start on the east side.

The biking area on the east side of the parking lot was closed. I don't know why. What irked me was that the pedestrian/equestrian trail started at the west side of the parking lot not far from the eastern terminus of the Bull Run-Occoquan or BROT trail. It then looped around to the north side of the parking lot, paralleled the entrance road and then crossed the entrance road about 500 feet before the park entrance. The people/horse trail was above the bike trail but you had to walk over a half mile to get there.

So I started at the west end of the parking lot, looped around to the north end, paralleled the entrance road, passed the maintenance shop and then crossed the entrance road. The trail was well blazed but was rocky, had a lot of roots and was rolling up and down. When I crossed the road I noticed that there was room for about 6-8 vehicles to park on the side of the road. I didn't see a no parking sign. I did see one vehicle parked next to the road. So if the POPUMC Hiking Group does do this trail, I suggest that we park at this point and make this a 3.5 mile loop trail.

Here is where it got nasty. I had been on a weight loss program and was taking Metamucil for weight loss. I had lost six pounds in 4 days. And this stuff played havoc with my lower G.I. I passed the the Archers Club area and was approaching the one mile mark and the first small loop on this trail. Suddenly, my stomach was very painful. I knew that I needed to get to a bathroom but it was about a mile to the nearest rest room. I turned around and started back to it. But at one point I had no choice but to go in the woods. I'll spare the reader about the messy details.

Afterwards I really didn't feel like going on. So I turned around and started walking back to my vehicle. When I reached the entrance road I opted to walk back to my vehicle along the road instead of taking the trail back. The reasons were that the footing was better, it was better graded and I made better time this way.

When I got back to my vehicle I let Waze take me home. It took me left on Hampton, left on Henderson, left on Old Yates Ford and then I made it back

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to Prince William County and home in less than a half hour. I think that this would be the better way to get to this park.

Maybe my getting ill biased me towards this trail but I'm not that crazy about it. We could hike the nearby BROT trail two miles up and two miles back or 6.5 miles to Yates Ford RD and stage a vehicle at each end. The latter is how I hiked this trail about 20 some years ago. Anyway, it was a nice day and I'm glad that I got outside. I am going to rate this trail as moderate to strenuous. So I'll consult my fellow hikers and I'm sure that we'll come up with a good solution here.

Mike C

Fountainhead RP Sign
 Fountainhead RP Sign.
The first blaze
 The first blaze.

Maintenance shop @.2 miles
 Maintenance shop @.2 miles.
Danger sign @ .7 miles
 Danger sign @ .7 miles.
Map of where I hiked
 Map of where I hiked.

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