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Recon of Blue/White/Orange Trails, Pohick Bay Regional Park, Lorton, VA


This "exactly" 4 mile loop hike took place on Wednesday, August 31, 2022. Participants were Tom O'Brien, Dina Alani and Mike Crankcase.

This was the first time in a month that Tom, Dina and myself did any hiking together. And it was a great day to do so. As usual we met at the rear parking lot of Prince of Peace United Methodist Church, Manassas, VA at 8:30 AM. We then carpooled over to Pohick Bay Regional Park. There was an $8.00

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Tom, Dave McIntyre and I hiked the red trail at this park on 06/01/2019.

entrance fee even on a Wednesday. We parked in the first large parking lot on the right after passing the entrance gate house. Most of the trails in this park started at this parking lot. This was going to be a counter clockwise loop consisting of the blue, white and orange trails.

The weather was sunny with a slight breeze. It started out in the low 70's and was in the high 70's when we finished. We initially crossed Pohick Bay Drive and were on the blue and red trail for about a half mile. We then kept straight when the red trail turned to the left. We turned to the right, had some ups and downs, crossed a service road and got to a nice view of Pohick Bay around mile 1.5. We could feel the cool breezes coming across the bay. It was refreshing!

We then turned south and headed back to red/blue trail intersection. I'm not sure but I believe that we got to the white trail somewhere between Pohick Bay and the red/blue trail intersection. So we jumped on the white trail and took that back towards Pohick Bay. We got to a parking lot around the 2.5 mile mark, then came out to a loop at the end of Pohick Bay Drive. We used the facilities there, then started looking for the orange loop, our final trail of the day. We were at mile 3 at this point.

After some searching we found the orange trail. This one had the steepest up

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of the day. It was short though. We walked just below the Pirates Cove Waterpark, walked past the end of the RV Campground and then made it back to the parking lot where my vehicle was. According to Dina's Apple watch, this hike was "exactly" 4 miles. We started this hike around 9:15 and finished around 11:15 AM. 4 miles in two hours. Not bad. We then carpooled back to the church.

This was a good hike. It was well blazed, had some ups and downs but was fairly easy. We had some great conversations and saw some great views along the way. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the day.

Mike C

Map of where we hiked

Group selfie
   Group selfie.
   By Mike Calabrese

Tom, Dina, Blue Pohick Bay view    Tom, Dina, Blue Pohick Bay view.
   By Mike Calabrese

Bridge, start of white trail    Bridge, start of white trail.
   By Mike Calabrese

Tom, Mike, White Pohick Bay View    Tom, Mike, White Pohick Bay View.
   By Dina Alani

Dina @ GunstonCove, Potomac River    Dina @ Gunston Cove, Potomac
   River.   By Mike Calabrese

View of marina    View of marina.
   By Dina Alani

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