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Recon of BROT/Blue Bell/White Perimeter Trails, Bull Run Regional Park, Centreville, VA


This 4.2 mile easy loop hike took place on Wednesday, April 21, 2022. Participants were Dina Elani, Tom O'Brien, Steve Butterfield and Mike Calabrese.

As usual Steve, Tom and I met at the rear parking lot of the church and carpooled over to Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA in Tom's vehicle. We had to stop at Steve's house along the way so he could change shoes. We arrived at the park close to 10:00AM. Dina was there waiting for us. We parked within the water park parking area and would start this hike at the intersection of the park entrance road and the western terminus of the BROT. This would be a clockwise loop consisting of the Bull Run-

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If you are planning a hike along the BROT, please use my Bull Run-Occoquan Trail Distance Calculator.

Occoquan Trail for about .4 miles along Cub Run. Along this stertch we passed a group and, after conversing with them, found out that they were called the Wednesday Hiking Club and were an offshoot of the Northern Virginia Hiking Club. Right before Cub Run emptied into Bull Run we turned right onto the Blue Bell Trail. And we timed it right this year as the Blue Bells were in bloom during this hike.

After about a mile we again crossed the park entrance road and would now be on the blue blazed Blue Bell Trail as well as the white blazed campground perimeter trail for another mile. We passed the intersection with the yellow trail. We had a lot of good conversations along this stretch. The trail was very flat but became very muddy as we went around the campground. Between the good conversations and watching our feet constantly I think that we missed the turnoff for the white trail. I mentioned to Tom that I hadn't seen a white blaze in awhile. So we got to the second yellow trail

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intersection, then the entrance to the shooting range. But we could not find a trail.

What do we do now? We walked the road to the shooting range parking lot. The road was gated with a sign saying not to enter and violators would be prosecuted. So we entered. We skirted the parking lot and went around a pavillion and a storage barn of some sort. Someone said something to Tom and Steve but I could not hear what. We then found the access road from the shooting range to the campground. I knew that if we couldn't find the white trail again, that we could always walk to the campground perimeter road and take that back to our vehicles. But we found the white trail again and got on it going clockwise. I believe that we missed the left turn of the white trail from the blue trail because we were busy trying to stay out of the mud.

Once we found the white trail again we took it the rest of the way around the campground. We hit some very muddy spots and the trail was not very discernable in some spots. But we followed the white blazes and hiked the final mile back to the park entrance road, to our vehicles and the end of the hike. We finished at 11:30 AM. That's 4.2 miles in 1.5 hours. That's 2.8 miles an hour. Not bad. Thanks to Dina for joining us on this hike. We hope that she joins us on some future hikes. It was a great day to do a very nice hike close to home.

Mike C

Group selfie
 Group selfie.
  Blue Bells
  Blue Bells.

Map of where we hiked
 Map of where we hiked.
 By NOVA Parks

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