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My Review of Legacy Food Storage Old Fashion Pancake Mix

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I got some Legacy long term storage meals recently and wanted to give a review of these products. I'll review the Old Fashioned Pancake Mix today. I will discuss the preparation, how it tasted, how this product can be utilized by the outdoors person and the pros and cons of Legacy foods.

In the interest of full disclosure I am an affiliate of Legacy Food Storage.
Legacy Old Fashioned Pancakes package
   Legacy Old Fashioned
   Pancakes package
I place their ads on my web site and make a small commission on any sales that go through those links on my site. I was approached by Legacy and asked if I could evaluate some of their product. So I agreed. This is the first of 3 reviews for 3 of their products.

When car camping or RV camping in the past I have made pancakes a number of times using a variety of brands. When RV camping I usually made enough to eat for that morning and then froze the rest for another day. I wasn't planning on car camping or RV camping right now. So for this test I elected to just make these pancakes at home. I used all the contents of the package, which yielded 3
Batter is made and ready to cook
   Batter is made and
   ready to cook.
cups of mix, then 1.5 cups of water and a decent amount of oil. Normally I use canola oil but ran out so I used olive oil. I coated the pan with butter, started the burner off at medium heat and turned it down by small increments while cooking until it was at low near the end. The package said that it would make 16 four inch pancakes. Mine were 5 inches in diameter and were over a half inch thick. So I only got 6 pancakes out of this package.

As far as looks go the pancakes were flakey, thick and had a nice golden color. As far as taste they were excellent. I ate two pancakes today and
The first pancake is ready to eat
   The first pancake is
   ready to eat.
froze four more for later. I ate them with maple syrup and butter.

As far as how this product can be utilized by the outdoors person I believe that in my twenty plus years and 2,000 miles plus of backpacking I only saw 1 couple make pancakes on the trail. One reason is that the equipment required, a propane stove, a flat top cooking surface and the oil, butter and syrup needed, would take up a lot of weight. Backpackers always strive to keep the weight down. That's why I have only seen 1 couple make these. In my opinion, this product would be ideal for the car camper, RV camper, canoer ( I guess that's what you call someone who travels in a canoe for adventure) or hunter. All of these groups usually have the means to haul all
Here is the finished product
   Here is the
   finished product.
of the gear needed to make pancakes in the wild. I have personally made pancakes for my kids while car camping and for myself and my better half numerous times while RV camping. In the RV you can always make extras and freeze them. This is not always possible while at a hunting cabin or while camping in a tent.

Now for the pros and cons of Legacy foods: The mix of the pancakes that I sampled looked just like other pancake mixes so I am not sure if they are freeze dried. But they still have an up to 25 year shelf life. The products
All gone!  They must be good!
   All gone!
   They must be good!
are non-GMO, Kosher, vegan, available in gluten free and are the lowest cost per pound long term storage food company. Legacy has free shipping. And best of all, the food tastes good. The products usually come 4 servings to a pouch. If you are camping by yourself, you will have to split the portions. You can use plastic freezer bags to accomplish this. Legacy packs them this way to keep costs down. Just like they don't put reclosable zip seals on their packages and don't include meat in their products. Nowadays you can buy pouches of chicken, tuna, salmon or beef to add to some of their lunch/ dinner entres. You can add spices as well. You can add fruit like blueberries, apples or peaches to these pancakes. They could be freeze dried or fresh fruit. The sodium levels are a bit high but they are lower than the competition. This is what helps preserve the food and they use sea salt.

These will be frozen for later
   These will be frozen
    for later.
When you go to the Legacy website it is a bit intimidating at first. You see groupings of long term storage food on pallets costing as much as a used car and having long term financing available. The reason for this is that Legacys main customer base consists of those that store food for long term periods for various reasons. And the more you buy, the less expensive the price per pound of your food is. If you look around their web site you can find sampler packs that contain 4 to 6 pouches of food for a reasonable price. And their closeout/deal area has very good prices on stuff. Legacy does not sell single serve single pouches of their products. Again, this is to keep costs down.

Overall I had a good experience making and eating these pancakes. My current impression of Legacy foods is very good after this experience. I can't wait to prepare, consume and report on their Chili Mac and Stroganoff freeze dried meals. Check back here soon for these reports. And please patronize our advertiser at .

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