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My RVing Days May Be Over

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Yesterday was a bad day. I took The Breeze in for what I thought would be a simple repair. It turns out that I will need major brake work (again), various oil leaks fixed, new headers, at least 2 gaskets and whatever else that they may find.

The cost of these repairs is going to exceed the value of the RV. I ve thought about various scenarios to get it road worthy again but I think it s time to get rid of it. So I will explore various avenues and hopefully be rid of it within the month.

I knew when I bought it that its life expectancy was not going to be long. It was a former rental that was 7 years old and had 136000 miles. And I didn t put a lot of money into it until just recently. But I put over 13000 miles on it in the 7 years that I have owned it and have stayed in about 55 campgrounds with it during that time. Will I ever get another RV. I enjoyed the RV lifestyle very much. However, now that I am retired and money is tighter I really don t have much choice other than to give this hobby up. But is sure was fun!

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