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My Review of Unigear 5 Liter Dry Bag

<<Mikeblogs Home sent me a 5 liter dry bag to review. So I will describe the product, what it is and what it does. Then I will discuss variations of the product, sizes, colors, etc. Finally I will tell you more about and special deals available right now.

In the interest of full disclosure I am an affiliate of .
Unigear 5L Dry Bag
Unigear 5L Dry Sack.
I place their ads on my web site and make a small commission on any sales that go through those links on my site. I was asked by Unigear if I could evaluate some of their product. So I agreed. This product was sent to me in exchange for promotional consideration.

What is a dry bag? According to

a dry bag or sack is a waterproof bag used in outdoor activities like kayaking and rafting to prevent damage to water-sensitive gear. Now, there are other outdoor related activities where this product could also be utilized. Some examples are canoeists, bicyclists, backpackers, snow mobilers, and basically anyone else whose gear could get wet in the outdoors.

The way that this product works is very simple. Just throw the stuff that you want to keep dry into the dry bag, roll the top of the bag down two or three times, then clip the two clips at the top of the dry bag together. You can use the strap with two clips to attach the dry bag to a D ring, carabiner
Product Accessories
Product accessories.
or other attaching device on either a kayak, a snowmobile, a canoe or whatever. Or you could stuff it in a backpack or the trunk of a vehicle. There is also a waterproof cell phone pouch that can hold your phone and can either be stuffed into the dry bag, attached to you or carried by you.

This piece of gear comes in blue, gray, yellow, green, orange, black, red, white and sky blue. As far as sizing goes the Unigear Dry Bag is available in 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 or 40 liter sizes.

I did some checking of the competition and it looks like has more colors and sizes of dry bags available than their competitors. And the price of the Unigear pieces are a good deal lower than the big chain companies. Prices range from ten to thirty-five dollars for these dry bags (this price range is as of 05/18/2021 and is subject to change).

Here is some miscellanious information about this gear that I picked up in my research. The material used to make these dry bags is also utilized (along
Loaded Dry Bag
Loaded Dry Bag.
with other materials) in the making of kayaks. In one video that I saw, a kayaker flipped over and when he right sided, one of his dry bags floated downstream. He went after it and eventually caught it. When he opened it later that day he was amazed that everything in the dry bag stayed dry. These products are described as being waterproof. However, they are not described as being bearproof. If a bear gets your dry bag because it smells food in it, all bets are off.

I had a lot of fun reviewing this product. I think that the Unigear Dry Bag is a great value and could be utilized for a number of outdoor activities. And I noticed that the way that this dry bag is packaged (at least the 2L and 5L versions), they are able to fit in most Christmas stockings. So you need to either buy one or more now or start dropping hints! (also known as Unigear) has been in business since 2014 and sells outdoor gear worldwide including tents, sleeping bags, backpacks,
Cell Phone Pouch
Cell Phone Pouch.
tactical and water related gear. They offer free shipping, 100% satisfaction and excellent customer service. They also offer affiliate, wholesale and drop ship programs. For a limited time only, use coupon code happybag15 for 15% off. And you can use this link to get to Unigear:

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