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If you look in certain areas of this site right now you will see a lot of Under Construction screens. The reason is that I am embarking on a bunch of projects here that involve posting content from some web sites that I have previously maintained that show hiking stuff that I was involved with in the past. I hope to get the day hike logs done by the end of July, 2018 and the backpacking logs done by the end 0f 2018.

When it comes to these trip logs one issue I am having is that I saved them all as MS Word documents. Not smart. Have you ever tried converting an HTML doc to a Word doc and then back to HTML? The resulting code is very long and nasty looking. So I am basically having to rebuild these trip logs manually. Very time consuming but hey, I m retired now so I have time.

Another issue that I have is that I keep getting distracted by other projects on this site lite the shelter pictures, images of the Mason-Dixon Trail, beefing up the general picture album and the political area. And I will probably have to get a SSL certificate for this site since Google will shame users here by displaying the words Not Secure within their browser URL display area. Not cool. So keep checking back here as the site will keep getting more content as time goes on.

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