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Rady Park / WARF, Warrenton, VA Trail Recon

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Sometimes a trail recon produces good results. Sometimes it doesn't. On Friday, December 18, 2020 I had business in Warrenton, VA so afterwards, I drove first to Rady Park and then to the Warrenton Aquatics and Recreation Facility or WARF, both in Warrenton, VA. The reason was to recon the WARF hiking trails for a future

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I had hiked there 5 or 6 yrars ago but wanted to check it out again to see if any new trails were built since that time. Here's how it went.

First of all, the traffic in and around Warrenton was terrible. Maybe it was because it was the last Friday before Christmas. I'm not sure. But I drove to Rady Park. It looked like a nice park. It had an arboritum and a .6 mile asphalt perimeter trail. There was also the .2 mile Silver Cup trail heading northwest and just south of the park and another .5 mile trail called the Timber Fence trail heading southwest from the park. But they didn't connect to anything. There is a future connection that will connect the Timber Fence trail to the WARF. But, as of today, that trail did not yet exist. See the map below for details. Sorry but I forgot to get images here.

So next I drove over to the WARF. This was a very nice looking building with a huge indoor pool as well as various excecise rooms and programs. It was open so I went in and asked the lady at the desk if she knew if there was a connecting trail between the WARF and Rady Park or any other trails that we could utilize to make this hike longer. She said that no new trails have been built. So I walked outside and took a few images of the trails that surround the WARF. Then I drove home.

So it looks like this will be a 2.5 mile loop hike within the area of the WARF. Not as long as I would have liked. But I think that it will be a nice hike just the same.

WARF Building
  WARF Building.
Trail around the WARF
  Trail around the WARF.

Ice coated trees
  Ice coated trees.
WARF trailhead
  WARF Trailhead.
WARF map
  WARF Map.

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