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Recon of Fredericksburg, VA Quarry Trails

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On Saturday, November 28, 2020 my son Andrew Calabrese and I hiked a nice two mile plus loop trail around the Fredericksburg Quarry in Fredericksburg, VA. I got to Andrew's house around 7:30 AM. I forgot my grand daughters Christmas present and my TPMS in my vehicle was not acting right. So I was not in a good mood. But my mood would improve greatly once we got on the trail.

We arrived at the Sunshine Ballpark at around 8:30 and started the hike. We started by walking down the Quarry RD towards the Fredericksburg Quarry for about .6 miles. We wondered why we kept seeing 'No Trespassing- Violators will be Prosecuted' signs. We weren't sure if they were meant for the adjacent woods or the road itself. About half way down this road we saw a hiker on the hill above us. We asked him what trail was he on and were we trespassing on this road? He said that he was on the green or Naysayer Trail, that you could catch it at the edge of the ballfield and yes, we were trespassing.

Since we were half way down the road by then we decided to continue. When we got to the bottom of the road and were about to cross under I95 we saw why the road that we were on was signed. There were three or four tractor trailer loads of huge i-beams that were scheduled to be installed on piers in the middle of I95 for the extension of the toll lanes into Fredericksburg. Then we noticed that there was an orange fenced area next to the road that was the trail that we were supposed to walk on. We then walked under I95 and made it to the quarry.

Next we decided to walk around the quarry. This would be about .5 miles and was initially a steep up, a short level and then a steep down. The trails were called the Pool Pass East and West Trails and were coded blue on our georeferenced map. It was here that we started having some runners and byclists pass us. When we got to the top of the quarry we saw the huge Fred Nats sign that was visible from I95.

We then proceeded up a bit more and came across some hunters. They did not look happy to see us. I asked them if they got anything yet. They said no but some friends of theirs further along the trail had gotten a deer. I said 'good luck' to them and we proceeded to round the quarry. I should have worn my blaze orange vest today. So be aware that there is hunting in this area in the late fall, winter and early spring.

So we did a big down around the other side of the quarry. A number of byclists passed us on this down. The trail was in bad shape in this area so I was amazed that they didn't wipe out.

When we got back to Quarry RD we hiked it back about .2 miles, then turned onto the Fall Quarry Trail for .4 miles. It was coded pink on our georeferenced map. It was very nice walking along Fall Quarry Run as long as you didn't mind hearing and seeing massive traffic on I95 just above it.

We then turned left on the brown coded Monolith Trail for about .3 miles. Then turned right onto the .2 mile yellow coded Sunshine Trail, then we were back at our vehicles. We tried searching for the green coded Naysayer Trail that we saw the hiker on at the begining of this hike but could not find it. We went and had a nice lunch at Cook Out Hamburgers in Fredericksburg. Traffic on VA3 was terrible. I then went and discovered that there is an old road at the end of Shelton BLVD that led to the Fred Nats billboard and where we saw the hunters. The map also showed an old road half way down Shelton BLVD that led further west in this Quarry area. But they were building an apartment complex in this area and the old road appeared to be obliterated.

So I was disappointed that we only did 2 miles here. But I think that we could expand this hike to 3 or 4 miles by pushing further west in the quarry area or utilizing more of the trails east of I95 in this area. Though it is a long drive I think that this would be a good hike for the POPUMC Hiking Group. And hopefully, the toll lane bridge will be built before we do this hike, the Quarry RD will be open again and we won't be trespassing then. But it was a great day to hike a really nice trail with my son Andrew.

Map of where We Hiked

Sunshine Ballpark sign
Sunshine Ballpark sign.
Quarry RD
Quarry RD.
Mike C & Andrew C
Mike C & Andrew C.
Andrew & huge i-beam
Andrew & huge i-beam.
Fredericksburg, VA quarry
Fburg, VA quarry.
Bridge over Rappahannock R
Bridge over Rappahannock.
View of I95
View of I95.
Rappahannock River
Rappahannock River.
Fred Nats Billboard
Fred Nats Billboard.
ViewAbove quarry
View above quarry.
Andrew on Fall Quarry TR
Andrew, Fall Quarry TR.
Kiosk & trailhead
Kiosk @ trailhead.

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