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Jamisons Farm Trail Recon near Warrenton, VA

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On Thursday, November 5, 2020 I had business in Warrenton, VA. So I decided to explore one of the many hiking trails that are in that town. On this day I decided to hike the Jamisons Farm Trail. So I tried driving to the western terminus of this trail. It was a cul-de-sac at the end of Red Oak CT near Warrenton but technically in New Baltimore, VA. This was basically a dirt easement that went to adjacent Freemont Hill CT. It was here that the actual trailhead was located.

What was weird was that there were a lot of very nice high end houses in this neighborhood. And there was not much parking accept at the end of the cul-de-sacs of both roads. I really did not feel comfortable parking in either of these cul-de-sacs and hiking this trail. I guess that it was designed like this so that the local homeowners could hike it and riff-raff like myself wouldn't want to.

Next I drove over to the eastern terminus of this trail, which was located near the intersection of Baldwin DR and US 15/29, again near Warrenton, VA but technically in New Baltimore, VA. There was a kiosk (with no information on it) and a paved trail. However, there was nowhere to park my vehicle. So I drove home.

The former Fauquier Trails Coalition website listed this trail as .4 miles and under construction. The FTC is on Facebook only now. Bad move, IMO. When I checked it on Google Maps it came in at .95 miles and open. As an up and back hike, 1.8 miles would be nice. So I did not get to hike this trail. But I will go back to this trail in the future and see if I can park my vehicle somewhere safe. If I can do so, then I will attempt to hike it. More to follow...

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