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I finally got an RV Water Filter

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Disclaimer: I am an affiliate/influencer for

and have purchased one of their units at a discounted price in order to write this review. And I make a small commission if a purchase is made through the links and ad banners on this website.

It has been about eight years since I started RVing. I have had a lot of fun and have met some very nice people during that time. However, one RV related
Essential Model Filter
Essential Model Filter.
item that I never purchased was a water filter. I just brought water from home either in Nalgene bottles or store bought bottled water. I never thought about getting a water filter. I only used the RV park water for cooking and toilet/shower use.

When I started displaying ads for

on my website I thought 'Maybe I need one of these?' And when I got an email asking for influencers to spread the word about

I said to myself 'Sure, why not!'

So I spoke to the folks at

by phone and they sent me one of their Essential models of water filters. I also ordered an optional five foot male to female short water hose. Both products arrived within 3 business days from CA to VA and three days before I was scheduled to do a weekend RV campout. Assembly was very easy. The instructions were straightforward. I put the product together one night while watching TV. I then placed the unit into a cloth shopping bag along with the five foot hose and and the instructions, which I placed into a plastic freezer bag. I then placed this bag it in my RV prior to my trip.

This product is modular in design. It can consist of one to three chambers. The chamber that all units contain is the carbon filter that removes impurities and makes the water taste better. The other two optional chambers contain a pre-filter of either 1 or 6 microns that remove sediment. These
My RV.
pre-filters prolong the life of the carbon filter. The Essential model that I purchased had two chambers consisting of a .1 micron prefilter and the carbon filter. The filters are included with your purchase. Down the road you can order replacement filters from .

When I got to the destination campground for the weekend I first plugged my RV power cord into the park power pedestal. Next I attached my sewer line between the RV and the park sewer line. I was lucky in that I got a full hookup site this time. Then I connected the short hose from the site water spigot to the IN receptacle of the filter. Next I connected my existing fresh water hose from the OUT receptacle on the water filter to the RV city water connection. Then I ran the water through my various sinks in the RV for about five minutes. Done!

Now, I placed the water filter on the ground and leaned it against a post. The reason is that I have a small class C RV and space is tight within the RV itself. If you have a larger class C or a class A RV, you could mount the water filter permanently within your RV between the city water input and your water lines somewhere within you RV. Threaded and smooth in and out receptacles are available for these units.

After I got my RV all set up I sampled the water from the kitchen sink. It tasted very good and very fresh. My better half and I had a great camping weekend. And when it was time to pack up and leave I just removed the water filter from the water line, shook out the water within it, stuffed some paper towels into the IN and OUT receptacles so the unit would not leak on the way home (I will have o investigate a more permanent solution here) and then placed it back in the cloth shopping bag. We then departed for home.

Utility Setup
Utility Setup.
Once back home I disassembled the water filter cartridge filters, cleaned them out and let them dry out for awhile. Then I reassembled the unit. Now I am ready for my next RV adventure.

To purchase an RV water filter from

all that you have to do is go onto their web site, chose the configuration that you want and order it. If you have a question you can call them at 602-625-1875 and they will help you out. I'm glad that I finally got this much needed accessory for my RV. The water tastes better and is better for me. If you are interested in purchasing a new or replacement water filter for your RV, please click/tap on the ad banner below to start the process. Please patronize our advertisers.

See Mike in RV Water Filter Store YouTube Video 1:36

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