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The Scurge of EBS (EMail Blowoff Syndrome)

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Before I get into this I realize that people are busy. They have jobs, families, health issues and other obligations. So time is short. And some people have a tough time organizing their time and their lives. I get that too. However, I have developed a pet peave that has escalated into a major crusade. That involves people that do not return my emails.

It bothers me so much that I have coined the term EMail Blowoff Syndrome or EBS to describe it. Now, sometimes, the problem is on my end. I forget to hit send. And sometime the problem is within the internet somewhere. And sometimes the recipient just forgets to answer it, files it somewhere or is just too busy to answer it.

Then there is that person that just does not answer your email. You let it go at first. You may re-send it to them and maybe joke about it next time that you see them. But when it starts happening more frequently or worse, EVERY TIME that you send this person an email, then something is wrong. Does this person not like me? Are they just trying to be efficient by only answering select email? Are they so overwhelmed by all of the spam that enters their mail box that they have just stopped trying to manage it?

I do not know. But I do know that when this situation occurs (and it has occurred more frequently lately) I intend to nicely and respectfully call them out on it. And if it continues I will call them out more forcefully. And if all else fails I will sever ties with this person even if it means leaving an organization or job. I feel that this type of behavior is rude, inconsiderate and unprofessional. So unless it is spam or someone that you just do not know, please return that EMail. Or else you may be afflicted with EBS!!!

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