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LFCC and Stafford Farm Connector Trails, VA

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Since I did not get a chance to recon the LFCC and Stafford Farm Connector Trails last month, I decided to do so today since I had business in Warrenton. So I drove over to the Lord Fairfax Community College Fauquier Campus and started out on the LFCC Connector Trail. It winds around for about .3 miles and terminates at a kiosk. This is a nice trail. It is dual track and is crushed stone. At the end of this trail there is a dirt trail that is about 100 feet long that leads one to the back of Fauquier Farm. It is here that one enters the Stafford Farm Trail.

I an guessing that Fauquier Farm used to be called Stafford Farm. It is huge. It appears to be owned by the county and has numerous trails for hiking and horse back riding. There also appears to be some agricultural projects going on at this facility.

This trail is mowed grass, dual track and goes around a portion of Fauquier Farm. It is about 1.1 miles. There were some blazes and signage was very good. Do not take any of the side trails as you will get lost. Stay on the wide mowed main trail. There were some wet spots along this trail and the bridge at Turkey Run was out. The recent storms in our area have done a number on many hiking trail bridges that I have encountered recently. I was able to use a de-facto trail that went upstream a few feet and was able to cross the creek with no problem. You then go through a very nice wooded area for about a tenth of a mile. This looks like it was an old road of some sort. You then cross Turkey Run a second time. There were large rocks that allowed one to hop across it. You then come to a kiosk, a parking area and can see Meetz RD through the trees.
It appears that there is a .3 mile gap between this trail and the Warrenton Branch rail trail. I was told by a member of the Fauquier Trails Coalition that they have to build a bridge over a cut. The Fauquier County Parks and Rec Department confirmed that they are putting out bids and hope to have the missing link for these two trails built within two years. That will make this a very nice 3.9 mile linear trail when completed.

So I retraced my steps and completed the 3 mile round trip of the Lord Fairfax Community College and Stafford Farm Connector Trails. This was a nice hike and would be nice to do on a cool day as there are some exposed areas. Now I have to decide whether to just wait for this missing link to be built or do some more exploring to see if there is a way to connect these trails now. We'll see.
Pond @ LFCC Trailhead
Pond @ LFCC Trailhead.
LFCC Connector
LFCC Connector.
Kiosk @ LFCC Terminus
Kiosk @ LFCC Terminus.

Stafford Farm TR Woods
Stafford Farm TR Woods.
Bridge Out @ Turkey Run
Bridge Out @ Turkey Run.
Stafford Farm TR Open
Stafford Farm TR Open.

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