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Connector Trail, VA Recon

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On Monday, July 27, 2020, I went to check out the northern half of the Connector Trail between James S Long and Silver Lake Regional Parks that I did not do on my July 4, 2020 hike of this area.

When I did this hike on July 4th I did not hike this trail in it's entirity. I took roads the last half mile because I did not know that the trail went back into the woods and went to Silver Lake. So I wanted to see if the dirt trail that I saw right at Silver Lake was the trail that connected up to what I had previously hiked.
Area where I hiked
Area where I hiked.

So I got up at 5:00AM and made it to Ronald Reagan Middle School within the Dominion Valley development in Haymarket, VA by 7:15. I was then on the trail by 7:30. I had seen this trail the last 2 times that I hiked this trail. However, there was no blazing, no signage and the maps were outdated and only at a very high level (sound familiar). So I set out to see where this trail went. I only passed one runner on this trail. I was amazed that there were dozens of people walking the asphault trails out on Waverly Farm RD where there was no shade and no one walking within this nice cool forest.

I could tell that a tractor type of device had mowed on this trail. And I found plastic strips from a weed whacker so I know that the county had done some maintenance on it. There were some muddy spots and some overgrown spots but the trail was hikable. After about three quarters of a mile I crossed a nice 40 foot wooden bridge over Catharpin Creek. It was wide, well built and
Catharpin Creek
Catharpin Creek.
looked like it was meant for horses or people. About a quarter mile later I came to a three way intersection.

Which way do I go? Remember, there were no blazes or signs. And I wanted to get to the Waverly Farms DR crossing of the connector trail. So I guessed that straight was the correct way. I was wrong. I got to within a half mile of the Waterfall RD terminus of the horse/pedestrian Trail and decided that I should have turned right at that three way intersection. So I turned around, walked back and turned left onto what I thought was a side trail. It snaked around for a for a few hundred feet and came out right across from where I had hiked into earlier this month. So I accomplished my goal of finding the trail from Waverly Farms DR to Silver Lake. I went home and drew on a Google map the trails that I encountered since they are not on any maps that I could find. And I video'd this hike and will post it below after I edit it. Today was a good hiking day!

Video of the Silver Lake to Waverly Farms RD Recon 4:55

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