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Coronavirus Pandemic

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I ve been hanging around the house for about a week now during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Julie had a headache, fever, a cough and sniffles. I had the latter two but not as bad as her. We were both concerned that we may have the coronavirus. But there was no testing being offered anywhere in the area. So we decided to just ride it out. I went to CVS one day to get Julie some Tylenol and some orange juice. And I have been going outside everyday and doing yard work and walking the quarter mile trail around the property numerous times. I think that we will survive this one.

However, I feel like the federal government let us down on this one. There should have been more test kits stockpiled. And we should have moved earlier to quarantine, isolate and treat this disease. But the big cheeto called it a hoax at first and made the whole thing worse. I cannot wait until November 3, 2020.

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