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The 10th Anniversary of Slap Chop

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2009 was a challenging year for me. I left a job not knowing where the next one was coming from. I was about to go through a divorce. I spent 6 weeks on the Appalachian Trail in MA, VT and NH trying to come to terms with things. During those 6 weeks Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson died. During that time Governor Mark Sanford was supposedly hiking the AT as well. I wondered if I would run into him. It turned out that he was in South America with his mistress. I was at a low point then. I needed something to make me laugh.

I m not sure when in 2009 but I started hearing these commercials on TV for a device called a Slap Chop. It was a smaller, cheaper version of a device called the Vegomatic from back in the 1960s. I thought the product was OK but what really impressed me was the pitchman in that commercial, Vince Offer. He was a great salesman! Not only that but I thought that he was funny as hell.

There were multiple versions of this commercial made. They are all on YouTube. My top 3 favorites were the Spanish language version, where Vince Offer actually does a decent job pitching the Slap Chop in Spanish. He did occasionally slip into Spanglish. And at one point he throws a competitor s product over his shoulder and partially brings down a venetian blind in the background. This version was distinct and different from the English version. It is at:

Spanish Slap Chop Commercial

The next version is the rap version created by DJ Steve. He used technology that was new at the time to change the pitch and intonation of Offers voice and set it to music and created a rap video out of this commercial. I thought that was amazing. This commercial actually aired on TV for a time. It is at:

DJ Steve Slap Chop Rap Commercial

Then there was the original commercial that started it all. You can view it at:

Original Slap Chop Commercial

This commercial made me laugh and helped me through a tough time.

I hope that you get a laugh or two out of these old commercials. Currently, I am not featuring Slap Chop as an advertiser on this website. However, if you would like to buy a Slap Chop, just click/tap on the ad banner below:

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