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We may be going SSL here soon

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After hearing all the spiel about that fact that you are less secure, future Chrome releases will block certain unsecure data, your search engine rankings will be higher and on and on I am moving closer to making this site SSL. That means that our new URL will be

What they don t tell you is that it costs seventy dollars a year, the site will be slower and right after it is converted I will have to go through all 400 plus pages on this site and correct any absolute URLS on it that point back to it to https. And, in the interim, the site will be broken. So, if you have issues getting to or around this site in the next week or so, this is why. I hope to get it fixed quickly and apologize for the inconvenience. At least I won't have to see that text on my browser anymore that says that my site is not secure. Isn't Google's mantra to do no harm? Well, this additional seventy dollars and hours of additional work that I will have to do will do me a lot of harm.

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