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My Take on Trump

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I could probably spend all day writing about this subject. However, I will take 4 short paragraphs to describe how I feel about him. Here we go:

First of all, he was not elected by the majority of the American people. Say what you will about the electoral college, the majority of U.S. voters did not want Trump for president. Those that voted for Trump were mostly from the middle of the country. In these areas, the income levels are lower, the education level is lower and the area is more conservative. Trump tapped into the cries of the middle of the country as the forgotten Americans. He said that he would help them with jobs and advance the issues that they were passionate about. And it worked. He got elected.

After he got elected all the Russia stuff started brewing. Trump said that he would unite the country but only appointed conservative generals and millionaires to his cabinet. These were mostly people that supported him in the election. I believe he only appointed 1 Democrat to a secondary position in his administration. He immediately started dismantling most of former President Obamas accomplishments. Trump did not unite the country. All he wanted to do was reward those that got him elected and further his brand to make him more money. His disregard for ethics rules as well as his penchant for enacting executive orders that favored the rich and bent the poor over were terrible.

So is it any wonder that his poll numbers are the lowest in modern history? Instead of trying to better this country, all he does is pick Twitter fights, cut programs that benefit the needy and tick off the majority of countries in the world with his climate ignorant rants and his selfish and self centered America First philosophy. This is really a Trump First philosophy.

The coming weeks and months will determine his fate as president. I believe that he will be impeached for either obstruction of justice or being unfit for the office. And a number of his administration will end up going to jail for various offenses. Trump will make the administration of Ulysses S Grant, one of the most corrupt in history, look like a bunch of choir boys. We will probably end up with Pence as President. I do not like most of what he stands for. But I believe that he is an honest individual and that he will try to heal the country when the time comes. Hopefully, we will get someone in there in 2020 or 2024 that care more about the country than enriching themselves.

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