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This Site has reached some Milestones. When I started this website about 2 years ago my original intent was to just have an area to play on and keep my I.T. skills somewhat fresh. But it is amazing how things change and evolve over the course of a year or 2. Here are some of the highlights.

At first I just wanted a sandbox where I could play with code and create some neat things. Then I thought, how about putting some of the trip logs that I had from past day hikes, backpacking trips, RV camping trips and adventure trips on the site for others to see. At first it was just going to be a few trip logs. It ended up being 73 backpacking trip logs, 37 day hiking trip logs, 96 RV Camping trip logs and over 1000 images.

At one time I created a Political area where I could state my opinion and do some neat things programming wise to express myself. It got pretty big. But then I thought that I was alienating 40 percent of potential visitors, so I shut this area down.

Next I started leading a hiking group for the church that I attend. I devoted some space on this site to house the list of upcoming hikes as well as trip logs from previous hikes. This is one of the most popular areas on the site. The list of upcoming hikes is


Then I thought that I could make money placing ads on this site. So I did. It's still a work in progress and I haven t gotten the returns that I want. But I now have 100 over advertisers that I place ads for on this site. And they let me know when they are having special deals on their sites that are only for affiliate partners like myself. That seems to have gotten some attention as coupon codes are hot right now as far as affiliate marketing goes. You can see the current deals


Please visit our advertisers and check them out.

The site is getting more popular as I am approaching 20,000 hits a month. I'm even getting some of those hits from the Russian Federation and China. I am sure that they are trying to hack the site. But I am honored.

So as far as the future goes I will keep this site up as long as I can afford it and as long as I am capable of maintaining it. I find coding to be fun and challenging. Please use the

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and give me some feedback and suggestions.

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