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My First Uber Ride

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Today I had to take my RV into get serviced. It seems that the propane release valve froze up. Since this is an important safety feature I decided to take it into a local RV repair place to get fixed. Since I needed a ride home from this shop I wasn t looking forward to paying a ridiculous price to take a cab home. So, for the first time, I used the Uber app on my phone to get a ride home.

The app itself was very easy to use. It just asked me where I wanted to go to, whether I wanted Uber deluxe service or the Uber Pool Service. Since I am a cheapskate I chose the pool service even though the price difference was only about 4 or 5 dollars. I then gave my credit card info and they said that the driver would be by in about 10 minutes.

The only strange part about this whole process was that the app had me first walk next door to the car dealership, then, after a few minutes, it told me to walk half a block to the next intersection to meet the Uber driver. Normally, I don t mind walking as I like to hike. But today it was raining cats and dogs. But the app said that I would save a few dollars so I did it.

I just got to the parking lot of a closed ice cream place when the driver arrived. At first I wasn t sure who he was as the only identifying mark that I saw on his vehicle was a Lyft sticker. So I walked up to him and he asked if my name was Mike. I said yes and originally thought that the Lyft guy had scooped the Uber guy for a fare. But as I got in the vehicle I saw both Uber and Lyft stickers in the windows of this guys car. So he must be a go getter.

The drivers name was Alberto. He was very nice and made pleasant conversation the entire way home. He told me that he was from El Salvador and planned on going back there someday to retire. The vehicle that I rode in was a late model Toyota Corolla. It was a nice vehicle with a spacious and comfortable back seat area.

So Alberto got me home and all was good. The ride was between 8 and 9 miles. If it was a nice day I might have walked it. But not today. The last time I took a cab this distance it cost about 25 dollars to make the trip. Today, with Uber, it was $16. So I am a fan.

Here are 2 bit of interesting information: While taking a cab last time the driver told me that all cab companies in northern Virginia are owned by one company. That is how they can charge these ridiculous prices. And I gave my Uber driver a tip at the end of the ride. When I got inside and looked at the app it asked me to rate the driver and give him a tip. Since I had given him a 40 percent tip when he dropped me off, I did not feel obligated to tip him again. So I enjoyed the experience. But what is Alberto going to do when Uber switches to self driving vehicles? Ill bet the trip long conversations wont be as good then.

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