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Cub Run Trail, VA Recon

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In preparation for a future hike that I am leading I went to scout out the Cub Run Trail, which is located near Centreville, VA

If you have ever driven I66 west between Centreville and Manassas, VA you have probably seen a gas line right of way on the right side of the road. You then
Cub Run E Trailhead Sign
Cub Run E Trailhead Sign
go over Cub Run and later Bull Run. It is just west of this ROW where the Cub Run Trail has it's southern terminus.

Since I will be leading a hike for the

POPUMC Hiking Group

in this area in the future I decided to do a reconnaissance mission to learn more about this trail. First of all this trail is called the Cub Run Trail System. The reason is that there are 6 different trails within this network. There is Cub Run South, Cub Run East, Cub Run Central, Cub Run West, Cub Run North and a number of connector trails in this area.

I have lived in this area for over 35 years and I have never hiked any of the trails in this trail network. The reasons were that there was not much publicized about them, I wasn't sure where these trails terminated and the one place that I saw a sign for the Cub Run Stream Valley Park, along US29, had no parking area to get out and explore these trails. US29 between
Cub Run South trailhead
Cub Run South trailhead.
Centreville, VA and Manassas National Battlefield Park is always full of fast moving traffic. It is impossible to even pull over where you see the trail from this road.

Being as I was in the area I decided to find a way to hike at least some of this trail. Using Google Maps I found where the eastern terminus of the Cub Run East Trail was. I parked my vehicle near the intersection of Sully Park DR and Deer Pond RD in Centreville. There are many parallel parking spots along Sully Park DR. The trailhead is downhill from the road so you can't see it by just driving by. You have to park your vehicle, get out and walk down the hill to the trailhead signs. I was happy that this trail was paved as we have had some bad experiences with muddy trails within the last 6 months.

So I took some pictures, then drove Sully Park DR to Stone RD to US29. I turned right on US29 went past where the Cub Run South Trail crossed US29 or Lee HWY. I could not find anyplace to stop so I drove to Bull Run Post Office RD, took it to Compton RD and right before I got to Cub Run and the I66 overpass I saw the southern trailhead of the Cub Run South Trail. There was room for about 3 vehicles to park at the trailhead. I looked at the posted
Cub Run S Trailhead Sign
Cub Run S Trailhead Sign.
maps at the trailhead, took some pictures, then sent home. Hats off to Fairfax County, VA for having nice paved and blazed trails!

Thanks to Google Maps, the trailhead signs and

I was able to put together a nice 3.1 mile hike utilizing the Cub Run South (1.3 miles) and Cub Run East (1.8 miles) trails to form a linear hike that has parking available at each trailhead. We won't be doing this hike until 09-04-2021 but I'm glad that I got this one firmed up. I plan to explore the rest of this trail system in the near future. It's laid out like an asterisk (*) so I don't think that it can all be hiked at one time. But I will keep on exploring it. Who knows, I may come up with a better hike between now and then.

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