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This application was originally written by me in early 2007 as a blog that hikers could post previous hikes and backpacking trips as well as announce upcoming
day hikes and backpacking trips. However, they still wanted the webmaster to post this stuff so it didn't really catch on.

I kept the code all these years and, when I decided to do this web site, I dug it up and modified it to work as conventional blogging software. So I will use this area to spout off about whatever is on my mind. Comments can also be made to these posts. One does not have to register in order to leave comments.

The app consists of 2 main areas: my posts and an area to leave comments. There are also other areas but they have been disabled. The app has numerous security features built into it. Additional features will be added as time goes on.

So enjoy the app. Any questions, comments, feedback or bugs, please use the

Contact Form.

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